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Lady Anything For the D, This is for YOU!

ladies this is for you

Two matured adults would want to have s*x, dude will say he likes it raw so you should not use condom, but you can at least get yourself pills and after every beautiful rounds of s*x, you use pills while he does his business and never mind if the pills you are consuming will have any side effects or not.

After sometime, pills started reacting to your system and you were told to stop.

Just because your boyfriend likes it raw you keep doing it, even to the extent of aborting like 4 pregnancies. This kept on going on for years. Now, Uncle now want to marry, and he doesn’t want you again because of the series of abortions you have done and the numerous pills you have consumed. He isn’t sure if he is the only one you have aborted for before.

Uncle has introduced a new girl he met few months back to you as his fiance, telling you he is sorry for breaking your heart, and that his pastor told him to marry a virgin¬†😂😂.

You are now jumping into the inbox of Facebook Celebs telling them to hide your identity that men are scums.

Aunty, sweet unprotected s*x is for two, abortion is for one.

The earlier you start using your head more than your heart. The better for you. Save yourself the future tears. No one is saying you shouldn’t have unprotected s*x but ensure you are ready for the consequences. I won’t join to blame anyone. When you were riding on the D, No one was there to enjoy with you.

Anything for your D oo🙇??🙇

– Lexy Fisayomi Oshiga!

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