5 Layering Tips For Spring To Try Now

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The seemingly warm spring sunshine may make every summer enthusiast back in his home. Not only is weather in spring utterly unpredictable, but the sheer fact that we so badly want to get out of winter clothes may result in catching a cold. As the temperatures tend to vary in spring, don’t get fooled and resort to the good old-fashioned trick – layering.

The key is to wear garment pieces that add warmth, look vivid and chic, and which you can easily take off and show a little bit of skin when the nice sunshine kicks in. Here are all the tips you must try to master spring layering.

1. Denim up

For the awkward spring weather probably the best way to keep warm and till look superb is to put on a classic denim jacket. You can wear a t-shirt or sleeveless bodysuit underneath or long thin shirt, and when the warm afternoon sun hits you can without much trouble just take off the denim jacket. Nowadays you can find cutting edge denim jackets in various patterns and colours to rock with any look.

2. Opt for a light cardigan

Both October and April are the trickiest months in the year for dressing up, hence you need to layer up smartly. If your birthday is in October, for instance, you can hold an outdoor birthday party without worry and wear a long low-cut maxi dress with a neatly layered black cashmere cardigan and your signature opal birthstone ring. For those born in April, you can also go for the same look, only choose a floral-patterned dress with a blush-coloured cardigan.

3. Break the tradition

If you strive to follow trends and not freeze during chilly spring wind, your best solution is to wear a fancy long striped cotton dress under a warm grey copped hoodie.

Breaking the tradition and mixing tracksuits with dresses is a fantastic way to show your top-notch fashionable preferences. Another option is to go for an opal springy long skirt, a white tee, and break the look with a sports tracksuit grey jacket.

4. Short shorts (or not)

Once the temperatures skyrocket most of us have an instant urge to wear shorts, that’s until we feel the chills of changeable spring weather. However, you can still wear shorts if you layer up wisely. Match denim cutoffs with a long-sleeved shirt and lush oversized checked blazer and stunning ankle-length boots to keep your feet warm. Next, pair up skinny waist-length shorts and emerald or monochrome lightweight jacket with chic tights or warm leggings underneath the shorts for additional lower body warmth.

5. Dress over

One of the easiest and most extravagant ways to layer up and look ravishing is to combine jeans with a dress. This ultimate transitional-weather duo is hard to beat as you will at the same time look like you’ve just stepped down a runway and remain warm.

Wear flower-print dress over jeans and top the look with three-quarter length blazer. Or try a reverse option, and choose a long timid coloured shirt under a long V-neck dress.

When both warm and chilly air hits in the spring you won’t have to worry anymore as you will use up these layering tricks to look dazzling and heated at the same time.

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