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Top Tips for Building Your Online Dating Profile

Tips for Building Your Online Dating Profile

The digital era has ushered in an enormous amount of changes and innovations to how we navigate our lives. The world of dating is not exempt from this. There are now hundreds of dating apps available on both smartphone and desktop. Despite this variety, each proclaims to be the one that can find you the one.

Online dating has seen a revolution in the past decade. It is now central to social culture almost worldwide, which is actually what makes certain websites so popular. The ability to meet with people around the world is a crucial selling point for a lot of dating services.

These apps either provide access to multiple countries or have a specific focus on a particular nation such as VietnamCupid. Whether you’re looking for a local date or something further afield, you need to start by making sure your profile is the best it can be. First impressions matter and this is especially true for online dating.

We’ve compiled a few of the key things you need to include on your dating profile to improve your chances of making a meaningful match.

Be Honest About Who You Are

Everybody has heard of catfishing, where someone poses online to be someone they’re not, which also means a lot of us have become adept at spotting lies on dating profiles. Your profile shouldn’t stretch the truth beyond recognition. Of course, you want to paint yourself in the best light, but don’t take it too far.

Be honest about what you’re into and who you are as a person. Talk about your interests, your hobbies, maybe even some of your pet peeves. Create a profile that tells someone who you are without sounding boastful. If you really struggle with this ask a friend how they would describe you and use what they say. Imagine what questions you want the answers to when you visit someone else’s profile and answer them for yourself.

Provide Real-World Examples to Back Your Statements Up

Specificity is key to creating a dating profile that feels interesting. Writing ‘I love to travel!’ in your bio is pretty bland and doesn’t really tell a reader anything. Instead, talk about the last place you travelled to and why you enjoyed it. You don’t have to write a mini-review of a holiday destination, just provide some compelling detail. Alternatively: describe your dream vacation.

Similarly, don’t just write ‘I love having fun on weekends!’ in your profile. Everyone enjoys having fun, but what does your fun look like? Is it all-weekend partying or is it a night in with a pizza and Netflix? Share that information! It’s a great way for a potential-date to start a conversation by identifying some common interests.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Highly cliche, I know, but this couldn’t be more true for your dating profile. You need to be aware of what your photos are saying about you. This can truly be analyzed down to the last detail, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Start out by making sure your entire profile isn’t selfies. A couple of group pics are a good way of showing that you have interacted with human beings in the past.

Of course, the opposite is also true. If all your photos are group pictures how is anyone supposed to know who you are? This is your dating profile remember. Strike a balance. Smiling is also highly important. Your blue steel might be the hottest thing about you, but human psychology doesn’t change, and we all respond well to a friendly smile. The same goes for showing your eyes, leave the shades behind!

Building your first dating profile can be daunting, but as long as you’re authentic and upfront about who you are then you should have nothing to worry about.

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