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Pre wedding shoot ideas: Creative pre wedding photo ideas

Pre wedding photo ideas

Pre wedding shoot ideas: A lot of Nigerians are still skeptical about whether or not to jump into the whole craze and fazz for pre-wedding photos. I would say that pre weddings photos have come to stay and so it has been for years now.

In the last decade, a lot of pre wedding photos have allowed us see why it is important to capture the chemistry between two love birds. Yes, a lot of you would say that there is no point dwelling so much on pre wedding photos, but I beg to differ. The chemistry so built between the lovers over the years should be captured in beautiful clicks of the shutter and that is the idea behind pre wedding photos.

While a lot of couple focus more on the wedding photos itself, the beauty behind pre wedding photos can not be over emphasized. During wedding, the couple attain more familiarity and closeness. However the case is different, days, weeks before the wedding. The space for self-discovery and pulsating emotions is set weeks before the wedding and the pre wedding photos helps to capture this.

While weddings portrays a deeper level of love and acquaintance, the pre wedding gives the couple a chance of making wild all their romantic and lovely fantasies. They want to tell the story of how beautiful their relationship had been in the clicks of the shutter, right before the white gown and black suits and all the rituals that comes with formalizing the holy matrimony comes in.

Do you agree with me?

Pre wedding photos give couple the opportunity to grow into love and get passionate and romantic about each other; a creative gesture that most white wedding photos obviously lack! This is the reason why you see a lot of couples scout for locations and themes in order to make it a photo shoot to remember for eternity.

You see?

I have noticed in my experience as a photo-blogger and checking out intricately most of the pre wedding photos I have seen, that after sourcing for location and themes for the pre wedding photoshoots, the couple tend to leave the creative part to the photographer.

I would therefore expect a photographer to not only think think about the various creative pre wedding photo ideas but also leverage the location and theme to capture the exciting love story of the couple before the formality of the white wedding sets in.

Now to the real deal: Ways to achieve creative pre wedding photo ideas

I will first have to deal with the couple.

In order to portray very good candid shots, a lot of couples get too over-excited and tend to over do things too much such that when the photo shoots comes out to social media, it gets a lot of bashing as being too acted out and plastic! While I would say pre wedding photo shoots are exciting moments to capture your love and in some cases ( infact most) needs to be acted out. I would advise that couple leave the creative aspect to the creative photographer who knows exactly what to do to get the best experience from the theme!

Pre wedding photo ideas

1 The Bridal MakeUp

When you want to get your make up done! Don’t over do your make up. A lot of couples tend to over do make up and therefore gets the pre wedding photos all plastic and too acted up. I have seen a couple of make overs for prospective brides by Seichiz Makeovers. She is really good and very efficient in her delivery of subtle and theme recognized make overs for pre wedding and bridal shoots!

2 Shyness is also a real deal

For you to get the best out of your creative pre wedding photos ideas, you need to eradicate all form of shyness!

Hey it is your wedding, it is your pre-wedding. You are not acting for anyone but yourselves. You know the force behind your love. Only you know how you feel being in the arms of your fiancé/ fiancée. Therefore, you need to first push away the shyness and allow your photographer create the creative pre wedding photo ideas he wants to achieve. He clicks the shutter so as to tell a beautiful story! Why not allow him?

You also need to relax your nerves and ultimately your body. You must make sure you find ways of relieving stress before the D-Day. I am sure you would have been up and down getting all the vendors’ attention because it is your wedding for sure, however few days before the pre wedding photos, be prepared to delegate your responsibilities to either a family or friends so as to push the weight away from you and get you ready for the pre wedding photos.

You need to enjoy and relive the special pre wedding moments between you and your partner, it is therefore important to make the mood of relaxation shown in all of your pictures. Nigerians are very good at knowing when a couple is stressed and would not hesitate in calling you out when a pre wedding photo goes bad. Nigerians! ‘We are Good Like that’.

Pre wedding photo ideas

3 Don’t get too excited

For a lot of people, even me as an example, when I am shy and I try to deal with the shyness, I get all worked up and over-excited!

This happens especially when my shyness is mixed with nervousness. I can therefore imagine how a lot of would-be couples feel when they are shy and nervous in front of the camera!

In this situation, there is nothing you can do about being shy and nervous, and this is where the creative photographer comes in. As a creative photo-blogger myself, I would ordinarily ensure that you get as comfortable as possible to eradicate all form of nervousness  in my shoot. My mantra is ‘Your photo shoots must be great and my shutter should tell your beautiful love story!’

Whenever I think about this, I realize that it is my duty to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This can be achieved by having a wonderful personality and building up chemistry between both of us. This is one of the most important rules of creative pre wedding photo ideas. A photographer must build a chemistry between him/ herself and the intending couples. This way the couple will feel comfortable acting their love out and eventually you obtain great and creative pre wedding photo shoots.

You will notice the reason why a lot of couples decide to go with the same photographer who handled their pre wedding for the intimate and precious moments on their big day?A chemistry created has eradicated the nervousness exhibited from the couple.

I hope I am making sense to you?

4 Pre wedding outfit should tell the story

Where do you intend to tell your love story! What theme are you looking at? From simple blue colour gowns and sexy outfits to traditional attires that reeks of every sensual and traditional? You should assemble outfits that reasonably puts a match to your pre-wedding theme.

The would be couple should first understand the photography is art and now there is the mix with a little bit of love story telling. Every outfit should match the theme of pre-wedding!

If you are lost in the middle of this all, you can talk to a fashion designer or an experienced photographer who would guide you through his portfolio of creative pre wedding photo ideas. You need to get it right and make your pre wedding photos awesome!

Pre wedding photo ideas

Pre wedding photo ideas

Image credit: PreWedding Naija

5 Location is King

What story are do you intend to tell? You would need to check out the importance of your location to be able to allow for synchronization into your pre wedding theme.

You want a village setting theme and you are at Oriental Hotel Pool Side for your pre-wedding shoot? Does this exactly play into the story you want to tell in your pre wedding photos?

Or you want to possibility of a green image, and instead of leveraging a park with green and lush flowers you intend to use an hotel lobby with green lights all splattered over you and your partner. You need a good location for a good story! See a typical example of my photo shoot with Tuke Morgan where we took advantage of the lush greenery of Eko Hotels in Lagos.

Your location is as important and your dress and your mood! They all must work in sync! I am available for consultation on the various locations to use for your pre wedding shoots. Be rest assured you would create a story out of it!

Pre wedding photo ideas

Image Credit: Pre Wedding Naija

Image Credit: Pre Wedding Naija

Remember that it is all about YOU

The essence of your pre wedding photo shoot ideas is to tell a story; A story that is timeless.

See, the earlier you realize that your pictures are more like art than just pictures, the longer your pre wedding pictures will live.

Sometimes we see a lot of wedding pictures that we ask if there was pre wedding pictures too? This allow us recreate the beautiful love story through the years in our minds!

For the creative photographer on pre wedding photo ideas:

it is your duty to capture and tell the story as hell, well. You need to stop bothering about how cheap your camera is, as I have noticed a lot of budding photographers do and focus more on the story you intend to tell. You need to create the chemistry between you and the couple.

Trust me, an introvert photographer will not do well on the long run!

I am not saying you will not overcome being an introvert, but always remember that photography has gone beyond mere taking pictures. This differentiates you from a ‘WAIT AND GET’ photographer. YOU need to tell the love STORY with your candid shots!!

Tell the STORY so well and you will become a celebrated photographer in no time!

Finally to couples out there, your Pre wedding pictures is as important as your wedding pictures, and trust me from research I have made with a lot of brides, when they see the beautiful pre wedding photos before their weddings, it gladdens their hearts and the feeling of love is reciprocated on their wedding day and forever!

Some other pre wedding photo ideas seen on PreWedding Naija and shot by amazing Nigerian photographers:

Deedee, the photo-blogger with the pre wedding photo ideas

I am a budding photo-blogger and avid story teller and I am building a great portfolio of pre wedding photo shoots leveraging my creativity and content developing qualities!

I am presently open to some creative pre wedding photo ideas and story telling. I can capture your story within my lens and tell it to the world. Let’s have fun together!

Are you looking for a great story teller for pre-wedding photography? Then you can hit me up on 2348067484109 and let us tell your love story in the most amazing way ever.

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