Exploring Your S*xual Fantasies And Boundaries

s*xual fantasies

As our society evolve, the desire to explore our varying degree of s*xual fantasies increase by the day. I even wonder why a lot of relationship counselors shy way from discussing s*xual issues nowadays. Or have they started already?

Our relationship gets boring because we have at most failed to go beyond the ordinary and engage in activities that stimulates our relationships.

For me though, I realize one of the major ways of breaking boredom is exploring my s*xual fantasies with my partner. Mind you, exploring s*xual fantasies does not mean engaging in penetrative s*x anyway, but truly it is surely important to explore as it is.

You want to me to further explain what I mean by exploring, right?  I know you know but we will get there.

As I continue to age and grow in love, I noticed that I get bored easily with the normal and the ordinary. I feel I am used to doing a whole lot of things in my relationships the same way.

Truth is, at some points, we get bored of our relationship and think of better ways to breathe life and spark up the relationships. Have you ever thought of discussing and exploring your s*xual fantasies with your lover?

I have realized based on conversation with young men and women that a lot of lovebirds do not really discuss their relationship boundaries and ‘just’ wait for the lovemaking to happen not knowing that communicating whatever their thoughts are before hand brings the excitement and kills the boredom.

Hey! Wait a minute. I know relationships should not just be about S*X, but then does that mean we shouldn’t discuss one of the biggest issues plaguing millennial relationships?

Engaging in s*xual discussions stimulates relationships and makes it better than ever before and does not make it seem on person is a s*x freak and all he/ she thinks about is s*x.

Mind you, this is a topic for the mature minds

Learn to discuss s*xual behaviors and boundaries

I have gotten to a point in my life where I find it freely to talk about s*xual boundaries with anyone, even those I am meeting for the first. Maybe it’s based on the fact that I am a relationship blogger/counselor and I don’t see it as too much of a big deal.

As much as you want to have a pretty decent relationship, learn to explore your s*xual fantasies. Before I thought these things were incomprehensible and unreasonable till I realized s*x is not meant to be an activity but it is meant to be explored.

As a young bachelor in a relationship headed for marriage, I would implore that you discuss your s*xual boundaries and fantasies with your lover. If you decide to engage in them, all the better, just be just to engage in activities that would make your relationship better.

Meanwhile I’ve got a couple of s*xual fantasies that I have been nursing and I would share some of them with you.

Try having s*x in a public place

Allow your partner to dominate

Give your partner a head

Spanking won’t be a bad idea

Blindfold your partner during your coital activity

Wear something provocative to make him hard

Try car s*x

You can to integrate food in your coital activity

You can visit a strip club together

You can try s*xting, its really great

Once you have decided on the fantasy to engage in, you can become more intentional and working on a date to try one at a time. There are loads of other provocative fantasies that you can also discuss with your partner. The above mentioned list has not done enough justice to fantasies and boundaries though.

I have always nursed the idea of having s*x in a public places, but I know I am going to try it one day. Maybe at a park, a cinema hall, or even the toilet of a shopping mall. You never can tell where it would happen, but it would surely!

Do you have s*xual fantasies as well. One you have engaged in or trying to engage in? You can share with me in the comments below.

Have an exciting and exhilarating relationship!




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