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(This is part of a 3 part article on the different types of love in existence; this is the first part of the trilogy)

Kemi met Charles at a friend’s wedding reception and it was ‘love’ at first sight. It was like two elements coming together to form a perfect molecule.

It was clear to see that they both desired each other; in a Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert kind of way. There were endless stars in Kemi’s eyes, she couldn’t seem to take her eyes of Charles’s well-toned body, he was her roman god and she is his goddess.

Charles on his part kept glancing in Kemi’s direction hoping and wishing to get another glimpse of her, their eyes met and it was like the world stood still for a minute (like professor Xavier doing his freeze thing in an x-men movie).

Nothing else mattered but the two of them, the passion, attraction and desire was indescribable and in a matter of seconds they were standing in front of each other, talking and laughing.

Charles just couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful she is, how well rounded and firm her boobs were, how perfect her behind was not to talk of those killer hips of hers and those delicious sumptuous lips…she has to be an angel.

Kemi on her part couldn’t stop checking out Charles’s abs as they showed through the tight top he was wearing, she imagined rubbing her hands all over it, she couldn’t wait to lie on his chest. She imagined how small she would look in his hands and she loved it.

She couldn’t help checking out his tight jeans as well; she imagined how big he is down there and soon enough she was wet than she’s ever been before.

Kemi and Charles spent the night that same day in Charles’ apartment, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other immediately they got there and what transpired after was the most magical and passionate sex in history.

They both moved in unison as if they were brain synchronized, they kept going at it until dawn and both of them called in sick at their office so they could continue the hot, wild, passionate romp.

Three months after, Kemi and Charles were still attracted to each other if only sexually. They found out barely a week into their relationship that all they had between them was sex, the attraction and passion between them only points to sex nothing else. They couldn’t talk like normal couples do unless they are talking dirty or doing some naughty chatting.

They both can’t seem to figure out how to really connect without sex. It seemed to be all they have, none of them wants a breakup because of the attraction and passion between them. They were both stuck in a complicated relationship.

Along the line both parties started cheating on each other, trying to find something more real and when they both found they went mad on each other, injuries were sustained and they both ended up in the hospital.

The type of love described above is termed Eros by the Greeks; representing the idea of sexual passion and desire.

The Greeks fear this type of love because it is a dangerous, fiery and irrational which usually takes hold of you and possess you. It is a consuming love that makes one loses control. This type of love is purely physical and very sexual. It makes people do crazy things.

Eros love is selfish, inconsiderate sometimes abusive. It is a kind of love that looks and seems wonderful at first but the end is disastrous…….(to be continued next week)

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