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Why A Lot of Men Do Not Marry The Women They Love

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Most men do not necessarily marry the women they love, they marry the women that respect them. Do you know why? It’s because every “male” living on earth is born with some kind of ego and it’s what every same man strives not to lose.

The average man prefers to be humiliated by his fellow man than by a woman. Most women don’t know how the male psyche is programmed and I’m going to talk more on it

Have you ever wondered why a man can go to the length of borrowing his fellow man’s boxers or trouser just to impress and boost their ego in the face of a woman? Have you also wondered why a woman will walk into the midst of men and they’ll start comporting themselves in a pleasing manner in the face of the woman?

Do you even know that some guys are into fraud today not because they actually want to break free from the bond of poverty but because of the way they’ve been ridiculed by women? Even if you check the animal kingdom, the “ego” trait is forever present in the males. At least we see cocks, dogs and male lizards around us and we see how they behave around the females.

And mind you, having an ego is different from being “egoistic” While ego is the sense of being important, “egoistic” on the other hand is the tendency to talk excessively about oneself because one considers himself superior or more important than others. Ego is “I don’t know how to beg people for a favour” while being “egoistic” is “nothing can ever make beg anyone for favour”

Any man who tells you he doesn’t care if a woman doesn’t respect him has self-esteem issues. Every man on earth (even animals) crave respect from their women just that some dunce who doesn’t worth it always go the violent way about it.

Men place respect higher on a scale of rank than love and it’s the only thing a woman can use to massage a man’s ego and get back love in return.

Even if a man is jobless and does not have money, the way his woman accords him with respect is enough to keep him out of depression.

Although, nothing feels good like when love and respect work in sync in a relationship, but if a man can’t get these two qualities in a woman and he’s asked to choose one, he will most likely go for respect.

The reason behind this is because both men and women perceive things differently especially when it comes to emotions. A man craves respect more than love (yeah you can call it an African thing) while women, I think might prefer a little bit of love and affection to respect.

Do you even know that most men even mistake respect for love? A man can dump a beautiful woman and end up with just an average looking woman as long as he’s getting his due respect, that’s enough to keep some men feeling loved

Some of us don’t even see beyond our noses. We attending weddings and look at the bride and next thing we say is “the bride no even fine” Haba! As handsome as this man is, look at the woman he eventually ended up with.

If a man will earn respect and get peace of mind from an average looking woman then who are you to criticize the woman based on outward beauty?

Do you even know that if some men are not loved but respected, they won’t feel the absence of that love?

Respect does not mean you have to worship a man neither does it mean you’re a slave, and this is the area ladies who parade themselves as feminists brainwash and mislead gullible girls and eventually ruin their relationships.

Love is respect, humility, unselfish, trusting, believing, forgiving, hopeful, enduring, long-suffering. It’s not rudeness, pomposity, anger or arrogance.

You can’t claim you love a man and not accord him with respect. It’s an oxymoron!

If you don’t love and respect yourself, you can’t possibly love and respect someone else. It’s as simple as that.

In life, you treat people accordingly as you feel about yourself and that’s just the way it is and always will be.

A man craves for respect because if he doesn’t get it, at least within the circle of his own home or friends, something in him will die and if that thing dies, it takes God to bring such a man back to his usual self.

You wanna know what that thing is? You already called it by its name, “ego”.

Civilization can’t rule of the fact that men so much value respect and that’s one of those reasons why a man’s friends play a very significant role in your relationship. I’m talking about “good friends” not frenemies

The way a woman relates with a man’s friends goes a long way in strengthening her relationship and it will probably give it a more solid ground. Remember we are talking about good friends, not fake friends.

Good friends will fight for you in your absence. They will quarrel with their friend if he wants to leave a woman that respects them.

A woman who needs a man she can always disrespect and still bear his surname should pray for such it. There is an abundance of everything in this world, but she will most likely get a dummy as a husband.

In as much as respect is earned and not commanded, if you want to be respected, go for those who can offer it. But if you don’t mind being disrespected always, there is a massive pool of disrespectful girls out there.

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Tosin is a versatile and creative content writer, endowed especially in areas of life, relationships, and motivation.

Tosin is a graduate of Office Technology & Management and has a wealth of experience in sourcing and writing creative content for various online platforms.

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