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Monday Blessings Quotes Just For You

Monday blessings

The following Monday blessings quotes and prayers are all you need to have a perfect beginning to a new week. Ready for the quotes I have for you? Then jump right in.

Powerful Monday Blessings Quotes for You

1. When it is time to count your blessings, you will never be found wanting. When it is time for people to scream your name in praise for what God has done for you. You will never be searched for, not to be found. The day of your true manifestation is here, receive it in all the glory of the almighty God. Have a blessed Monday.

2. Hail Jesus, the king of kings and the I am that I am. He is the one who will always make his promises come into fulfillment in your life. Why are you worried. God has got it all covered for you. Rejoice and be glad because the joy of the Almighty God is your strength. Have a great and amazing Monday.

3. When people say you will fall, you are just starting to rise. When people say you are dead, you are just beginning to live again. The people in the world do not have dominion over your life because you are the son/ daughter of the most high God. Walk in his way, thrive in his path. He is the beginning and the end for you. No one can stop your sun from shining.

4. The spirit of the Lord will live in your life today, and you will just dance the way David danced. The glory of God is shining on you today and you will just jump in goodness and excitement to what he will continue to do in your life. Look up to him for his blessings and grace. Have faith because your moment of fulfillment is just around the corner. The week is yours already. Happy Monday!

5. It is good to praise the Lord, isn’t it? It is amazing to worship and live in his glory because he that God who will love you with everything he has. Walk in his ways and trust in him for everything. He has got you already. Rejoice, I say Rejoice. Have a blessed Monday and a great week ahead.

6. When the road seeks for blood, you will never be found on the road. When the powerful forces of the earth are on rampage, God will always protect and guide you. He will be with you when you sleep and when you are awake. He will be with you when are walking or when you are running. God will always support you all through the days of your life. He never changes! He will not leave nor forsake you. Have a great week.

7. Hey, why the worry? You believe that God cannot do it for you! He had done it for so many people in the Bible remember? Abraham, Job, David? He will remember you and do great things for you, such that you will dance like David danced. Your time for greatness is close. Believe in God and he will believe in you. Have a great week ahead. Happy Monday.

8. Receive the blessing of the Lord on this special day of the week full of love, success, happiness, and endless joy.

9. I am sending you a bunch of endless success and prosperity on this Monday morning as a sign of my love for the entire family.

10. Wishing each of you long life and prosperity as you wake up this morning to see the light of the day, may you find fortune and luck.

Monday blessings for Family

Monday is one of the days most people don’t like at all probably it begins the working days. This is the reason why I decided to write this special article as a means for everyone to send good wishes messages to their loved ones so that they can at least cheer up before going to their working place or after their arrival from work.

11. Monday greetings to my beloved family and friends, I pray for abundant success in anything you undertake from now on.

12. Through love is when you can’t just stop wishing those close to your heart well. I send you lots of good wishes this morning. God bless every one of you.

13. May you find lots of love this morning marking the beginning of a blessed day of the week. Lots of love for you guys.

14. Lord, I beseech that you should bless the entire family member and achieve for them their entire heart desires.

15. May you find this day as beautiful as the most beautiful treasure; you shall never come back home with an empty hand.

16. As you step out of the house to search for a greener pasture, the Lord shall make it easy for each one of you to find whatever you desire.

17. Blessed are my family, I pray that this day favors you beyond your imagination. You are the best companions in the world.

18. It is my pleasure to wish my entire family members and good friends a wonderful and awesome Monday ahead.

19. As you woke up to see the sunshine, I am wishing you lots of good happenings and an achievement that will leave you happy forever.

20. There are lots of blessings with my Lord, may each of them descend upon every one of you as you aspire to start the day in good omen.

21. As the daybreak to name the entire hours a Monday, may you find your lost glory and then be increased in health and wealth.

22. Wishing you all the best now and forever. As you set to embark on today’s quest for a better living, may your heart be filled with endless joy.

23. I aspire for an ample of success in your life; Monday is a blessed day I ask the Almighty to release His favors upon you.

24. Your success from today will have no bound because you are the most beautiful gifts that I have ever been given.

25. Thank God you are all up and awake today marking the beginning of the working days. I searched my heart and found lots of blessings gushing out for you.

26. The day is bright, may the Lord bright up your days in life and gives you sound health and ability to achieve whatever you have wanted in life.

27. Endless success to those who really matter to us, we appreciate the love you showered upon us, your days shall be blessed more than you expect.

28. May your handwork be blessed for you; may your day and night be filled with lots of comfort you can never imagine.

29. A happy new day that sign in the beginning of the working days, I beseech the Lord to protect you and increase your means of livelihood.

30. May the Lord protect your interest, bless you with your wishes and embrace you into His Mighty light that never ceases to shine.

Monday blessings for friends

31. As the sun shines, this day of the week shall favor you shining lots of love, luck, success, abundant achievement into your life.

33. I pray that everything you ever must have conceived in your heart is fulfilled for you. I bless this day in the power of the Lord.

34. Have a wonderful Monday morning full of extra success and comfortable lifestyle all for you alone. Happy Monday full of blessings.

35. May this day favor the entire family members, well-wishers and my entire friends who never turn away from me when I need them the most.

36. I pray for a voyage of success for you this blessed day, I ask the most merciful to achieve your entire dream. Be blessed this day.

37. Your accomplishment this day shall have no equal; your ability to succeed in your entire endeavor shall be crowned with ease and love.

38. Wishing you the most interesting things in life; may your job this day be blessed to bring you in return lots of income you never imagine.

39. Shall we give thank to the Almighty who made this day a blessed day for everyone to make a good living? Blessed is the Lord.

40. Sunshine and beautiful smile shall be yours as you set to begin the day. Your happiness shall find no limit.

41. Love among the family and friends is a blessing that can never be overemphasized. I am saying happy Monday to you.

42. Blessed are your hands today. I pray that the Lord should be pleased with you and your entire heart desires.

43. As we open the door of a new week, may your vision and mission be fulfilled for you; have a nice day ahead.

44. Have a fantastic day ahead, may your mission to fulfill your livelihood this morning be easy for you now and forever.

45. A blessed day for blissful people. I have a wonderful wish for you, may you find peace on this day; may endless smile find your way soon.

46. You shall find today one of the most interesting days in your life; your entire dream shall be fulfilled without any hardship from your angle. Blessed Monday.

47. God has chosen you guys as my beloved family, and it is always my wish to see you move up in life; may you find this week one of the most beautiful ones.

48. It is my wish to send this special messages for you as a sign of the happiness I derive by knowing that you are part of my life; may the Lord bless your hustle today.

49. We are together today because the Lord has brought us together as one family; this is my blessing for the family—to live happily ever after.

50. You are the reason why I am happy today, I love you guys in every second of my life; you are simply the best.

Monday Blessings for everyone

51. Wishing you all the best now and forever; hoping that this special day of the week will favor you beyond your expectations.

52. I love you all and that’s why I am always happy to be with you guys. I will always pray to God to bless you with everything you need.

53. Your happiness shall be increased on this special day of the week and there will be no reason for you to fail in life.

55. I will always love you for the rest of my life because you all are the strength the Lord assigned for me. I wish you all the best.

56. May your life be filled with lots of wonders, may your entire life activities be blessed with a fortune that has no bound.

57. I just want to quickly let you understand that everything you must have ever dreamed about in your life will come to a fulfillment by His Grace.

58. I am sending you lots of favor of the Lord, may you find peace in your heart. I love you more than you can ever think.

59. May the favor of the Lord be bonded upon you for the rest of your life; I love you beyond an extra reason. Happy Monday.

60. Wishing my good friend a very peaceful Monday, I ask the Lord to protect you with all His Might and raise you above your colleagues.

61. As the dew of success drops today, may it form an ocean of prosperity around your home and make you the best in your endeavor.

62. Happy blessed Monday to my beloved family and friends; I am wishing you the most interesting things in life.

63. Loving you has been the best reason why I am always active in life because to see your face is an endless joy in my heart. Happy Monday family and friends.

64. You guys are the most interesting people in my life; I will always love you until the end of time. I will always be yours forever.

65. The blissful day is around once again, I hope that its air will reach you to cover your entire activities for the day.

66. You guys are special, lovely, sweet and you are the most beautiful gifts the Lord bestowed upon me. Happy Monday guys.

67. The freshness of the day will spread its fragrance upon you all. It will never stop descending upon you until eternity.

68. Happiness will not stop clouding upon you; good fortunes will never stop raining on your household. I love you all.

69. I will always be there for you guys no matter, I will always take good care of you all because you are the most amazing people ever. Have a blessed Monday.

70. This morning, my happiness is based on the fact that you all are in good condition. I pray for more of it. Happy Monday things.

Monday Blessings and Prayers

71. May you all continue to be relevant to yourself and the entire society! You guys are great, may you find peace in your heart always.

72. A mind at rest is a mind with God, may the Lord draw you close to Himself and make this day of the week a blessed one.

73. I will always, be there for you because when I was nothing, you never for once ceased your support and kindness in my life. Have a wonderful and blissful Monday.

74. May the blessing of this nice day be filled with lots of love for you, may you excel for the rest of your life; happy Monday, be blessed.

75. Cheer up this week and find lots of success in your life; find an endless trip of happiness and prosperity that’s already with you.

76. I love intelligent people because they easily understand one’s feeling. As you never stop been there for me, I pray that your prospect in life shall always find its course in a good direction.

77. My love for you is not for a joke because you are to me like the rest of my family. You are a blessed person. Happy Monday.

78. I will always want to be yours for the rest of my life; you are a superhero. I love you because a special family like you is yet to come. Blessed is your Monday.

79. Do not fill your Monday with sorrow; rather see it as another opportunity to explore this world. See it as a means to achieve a lot in life. Have a fortunate day ahead.

80. I am happy for you all because you made up till this blessed moment in life; may your entire life be filled with endless love.

81. I will always be grateful to the Lord for bringing you guys into my world. I pray that everything you ever dreamed about will be fulfilled from this start point.

82. Monday is a blessed gift for everyone to fish out the best he can; I ask the Lord to bless you with a mighty hook cash lots of fish.

83. May your basket be embarrassed with lots of fish this special day; may you find endless passion in everything you need.

84. I love you all the way but you are just simply the best; I wish you an ample of success this day. I pray for your quick promotion.

85.  From the kindest part of my heart, I am wishing you a blessed Monday that will rub your hands on the dust of success.

Monday Blessings Quotes

86. I will always be happy whenever I see you excel in life; the One that sits in heaven will always empower you forever.

87. I just want to quickly say big happy new Monday things; I beseech the endless favor of the Lord upon your endeavors.

88. May you find it as easy as tearing a paper as you hope to be promoted in anything as you wish to accomplish in life.

89. I just want to say good morning. I hope you will find endless peace on this special day of your life; happy blessed Monday my dear friends.

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