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Love Messages after a Fight

love messages after a fight

You know why you need love messages after a fight? This is because no relationship is perfect. We all have our issues and most relationships are riled with ups and downs. One way to reduce the hurting of your partner is to send the love messages after a fight.

To reduce the tension and friction that may have arrived from the arguments and fights, sending cute love messages after a fight would sure go a long way.  Your love messages after a fight can be in the form of a short note scribbled on a piece of paper and passed to her, on a piece of I am sorry cards and even in text messages. This will assuage all emotional hullabaloos that may have come to play during the fight.

I know you love your partner, but nobody is perfect. Arguments and fights will always occur and it is important that after every fight, irrespective of the fact that you both are angry. You should always endeavour to take the first step in sending your love message. It passes the information that regardless of what has happened, you still value your relationship and want to resolve the conflict so bad.

VALUE is very important in every relationship and sending love messages after a fight sure place a measure of VALUE on your relationship.

Now, I know you are looking for ways to patch things up by sending the love messages right? I have put together some thoughtful, sweet, heartfelt and romantic love messages after a fight to help your relationship.

Continue reading to find the love and apology messages you will need to pull your relationship right back on track.

Sincere love messages after a fight

1. I did not want us to keep arguing day in day out and I am sincerely sorry that we had this fight today. I want us to go back to the way we were before. I want you to forgive me.

2. I was mean in my utterances, I should not have mentioned those words. They were hurting. I am sorry I was angry and said stuff out of proportion. Please I take it all back Love. I am sorry

3. I ask you to forgive me. I am sincerely sorry,  for my words and the way I talked to you. Will you forgive me?

4. I failed to act properly. I was angry and you were the punching bag to assuage my anger. I should not have done that. I accept my mistakes, please accept my mistakes as well.

5. So many things I wished I did not say, but now that I have said to them, I can’t just take them all back but to apologize. I made some disgusting remarks about you and our relationship. My actions are totally unacceptable and I deeply regret saying those words. Please forgive me, my love. I feel terrible right now.

6. I was angry. I should not have made you angry as well
I was hurt, I should have made your hurt as well
I was dumb, I should not have made you look stupid as well
I know I do not warrant you forgiving me right now
But all I seek for is your forgiveness, I am sorry for my actions

7. I am stupid and so insensitive. There is nothing I can say to you that would make you feel better right now. I know I don’t deserve anything close to your forgiveness right now. But to be sane I just want you to forgive me, please. I am sincerely sorry my love.

8. Whenever we are happy I am happy, but this week, I have been feeling so terrible due to the fight we had. I should have tried to calm you and everything down instead of getting giddy and acting so naive and dumb. I am sincerely sorry for the pain I have caused you, please forgive me.

9. I should have known you were not as perfect as I am. I should have worked on our love rather than trying to scatter all the things between us. I ask for your forgiveness today. Please give me the opportunity to make us work again!

10. Emotions are like eggs, handle them delicately so that they don’t break. I am sorry to have broken your emotions because I have failed to handle them delicately. I broke them with my hurtful words and assertions. I feel so sad and terrible for doing that. Please forgive me and give me a chance to make it up to you.

Emotional love messages after a fight

You have toyed with your partner’s emotions by being difficult and insensitive, now try to send these emotional love messages after a fight to make your partner see reason and get back together:

11. I have hurt your emotions and I feel so bad for doing that. I wish to take everything all back. We will make the best perfect couple ever.

12. I will never try to do anything to hurt you. What happened between us was in the heat of the moment. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

13. God said that even if his people realizes their mistakes and ask for forgiveness, he would forgive us. How much more we humans asking for forgiveness within ourselves. I know I have hurt you and I can’t take those words I have said to you back.

14. I crave for a chance again Baby. For us to talk this out once and for all. I promise to make it right this time. I am sorry

15. Know you are my best friend. The best thing that ever happened to me. You know you are the shoulder that I can rest all my worries on. You know you are my life, the one person I want to live with every day of my life. My life is just hopeless without you. Please forgive me and give us another chance

16. See let me tell everyone that cares to know. All rights are reserved on you. Infact, copyright as well. I love you with everything I possess. please forgive my utterances earlier and I promise to make it up to you.

17. Please always know that fights and arguments are signs that our relationship is better than before. it shows that our relationship is healthier as well. I want you to forgive me this time, and I will always find a way to work on our difference now and whenever it happens.

18. My darling, I am sorry for all my wrongs, Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

19. I truly love you from the depths of my heart. Whenever I hear the sound of your tears, it breaks my heart. I can’t stand it no more my love. I am deeply sorry because I regret everything I said to you.

20. I promise to work on myself, to sort out my issues that could wreck our love. I promise to clear all senselessness in me and sort my emotions out to be a better person for you. I promise to treat you with all the respect and love you deserve. I promise to learn to take things as easy as they come and not always blow situations out of proportion. I promise to always love everything about you. Please forgive me.

21. I will so much love it if you can forgive me. I will so much appreciate it if you can forgive me in spite of my rudeness and insensitivity. I know you love me but you are hurting from utterances. I am deeply sorry my love. Please find it in your heart to forgive me

Cute love messages after a fight

These cute love messages after a fight can be the ideal messages you need to put your relationship back on track:

22. No matter how mad you will be at me. Remember our relationship is the definition of cuteness overload. I am sincerely sorry for today dear.

23. Hey love, please can we kiss and just move on? I miss you already. I am sorry, I love you

24. I am sorry I flipped unnecessarily and I sincerely hope we can put the events of yesternight behind us. I am sorry baby. Please forgive me

25. I am sorry for being so arrogant and selfish. I know you have had to deal with that part of me for the past year, and I want to thank you for being so selfless and understanding. I love you so much to be away from you for so long. Please honey, forgive me. Help me work on a better me.

26. I know I am not the prettiest girl around but I promise to share all my pretty dreams with you. I know I am not the most reasonable girl in the world, but I promise to share all my reasonable moments with you. I know I am not the best girl around, but I promise to share the best part of me with you. I am not perfect, I am riled with flaws but with your help and support, I will get the best part of me with you. Please forgive me of all the fights, the jealousy and the nags. I promise to be better than yesterday and be the best for tomorrow. Please forgive me.

27. Your love is my drug sweetheart. Please forgive me

Sweet love messages after a fight

Why not decide to share the following sweet love messages after a fight.

28. I know these words cannot undo the emotions that went flying yesterday. I know my statements cannot recall the tears, arguments and fights that surrounded the incident of yesterday. I know I cannot take back the selfish utterance and the indifferent attitude to your point of view. I don’t know how heavy my words were until I sat down to really think about it. I feel so heartbroken for having said those words. I feel so terrible and disgusted with myself for being mean and unrepentant at that point. I am so sorry for being totally insensitive and inconsiderate. Please forgive me my love and help me get better.

29. Please consider the time we have been together. Our relationship is still new and fresh. Give us time to get better. I will learn to make compromises and deal with my personal issues rather than bring it into our relationship. I will always get better for you and for us. Please give our love a chance to get better and grow stronger. I will never take our love for granted, not for anything, not for anyone. Please forgive me my love and let life come back into our relationship.

30. You love is the best thing that ever happened to me. Your support is what I will always crave for. Your prayers go a long way in becoming a part of me. I wish to see you every day, I wish to kiss your lips and wrap you in my arms all the time. I can’t even stand losing you because you complete me and make me a better person. I am sorry for being a bad partner, please forgive me.

31. I wish that we stop fighting over trivialities. I wish to feel amazing sitting close to you. I feel that we both need to be considerate and patient whenever we have fights and arguments. I am willing to take the first step of being sensitive and considerate. I am willing to check myself when uttering statements and be very subtle and less vocal when entering into a discourse with you. Please forgive and forget. Let us move on with our loving relationship.

32. The look in your eyes this evening told me I had said it all wrong. I know you were shocked at my utterances and felt sad and dejected. I would do anything to take back all that I have said. I would do anything to try to retract those stupid words. Please remember all our pleasurable moments and forgive my naivety. I feel so terrible and bad for starting this fight once again and I love you too much to allow anything bad come between us. You have been the best thing to ever happen to me and I would never take that for granted. Please forgive me and let us move away from all of this. Thank you baby.

Best Love Message After a Fight for Lovers

33. I am sorry, please forgive me for what happened the other day, I will not forget you for the rest of my life. I will be your pillar when you need a place to rest your back.

34. The moment we fought, it baffled me that such a thing actually happened. I will be careful next time and make our marriage the first priority.

35. Sorry for the things I did not do, those actions I should have taken to make you happy. I love you so much.

36. There is no angel like you because the wings of your beauty are the biggest I have ever seen in a woman. I love you.

37. You have to forget the past so that we can continue our love of passion and love. I want to be where you are to take good care of you.

38. Do not allow the fight that transpired between us cause a problem between us, I need you all the time and this should be your priority too.

39. Let us come together in peace and harmony so that we will not have to fight again. Remember how much we used to love each other.

40. You have changed and that’s why I was finding it difficult to live with you. I hope you will go back to your normal ways so we can love each other better.

41. I will be there no matter what happened between you and me, I will be there to show you, great love. I love you.

42. You look more beautiful when you are angry I would have a love that you are angry forever but the pain of knowing that you are angry drives me mad.

43. Your love has changed the way I think, it has made me happy that sometimes, it looks like I am running mad in love with.

44. Do you know that you have been selected as the most beloved angel on my mind? I am so happy because you gave me a lamp to see through the valley of love.

45. Anytime I look at you, tears of passion roles down my cheeks but what I love most is that they end up in my mouth.

46. The kindness of your heart is so special, it is my pleasure because you have been so nice and lovely. I wish you all the best.

47. The most beautiful things in life are found in the deepest part of the world, when I met you, I quickly understood how lucky I am.

48. When others take their wife for granted, I will treat you more than I will take good care of my diamond. I love you.

49. Whenever you smile, I see 32 sets of diamonds that spark my head with joy and happiness. I love you so much.

50. You are my dream comes true, the most beautiful wife in the world is the one that is always patient with his husband.

51. The great angel love passion, how have you been since these years? Why is it that I didn’t meet you 1million years ago? I am sorry for hurting you.

52. Give me love that makes me smile, give me pleasure that brightens up my face, give me peace that suits my soul.

53. I want to be your princess that will take good care of your kids and you. I want to be the woman that cares so much about you.

54. Loving a gem like you is my pleasure because you are a very responsible man. I wish you comfort that will last forever.

55. You are the one I wish to live the rest of my life, you make me feel like a princess because you are the best for me.

56. I wish to be with you all the time and so I will be happy because the effect of having you in my life is the reason why I am always happy.

57. The day of love has come, please embrace me with acceptance, hug me with patience and kiss me with passion.

58. I have finally found the love of my life whose love gives me confidence in light and hope in the darkness. I love you.

59. A love that is found through divine means is the most beautiful love on this earth. I will always be there for you all the time.

60. The way you smile is so unique that I am scared of doing anything without you. I will be there all the time no matter what.

61. The hope of my life, you know you have been so cute and now my life depends on the plan of God and you are that plan for me.

62. Day and night, I will always be there for you. I will not let you down at any moment. I will always be the one you love the most.

63. The love of my life, don’t forget the fact that you will always be the flower of passion in my love garden. I will water you with care. I am sorry.

64. The brightest star of my life, this night is smiling at you. I wish you know what I have been thinking of you since the day we met. I am sorry.

65. I have nothing else to say than to say I am sorry. I am sorry for hurting you, I am sorry for causing you pains. I love you.

66. I need your lovely presence in my life. I shall be with you all the time because you are the most wonderful woman I have met before.

67. O dear love, the one that gave me joy all the time, I want to be yours all the time. I wish to be yours all the time.

68. Good morning dear, sorry for what happened in the morning, I don’t want us to sleep with grudges on our minds.

69. You are my joy, the only beloved angel of my life, may the Lord keep us together for long. I miss you as though my life depends on you.

70. Wishing you the most wonderful things in life, may the Lord join us together in a place that will accommodate us forever. I love you my heartbeat.

Now that I have shared all the love messages after a fight that you need. What are you still waiting for? get on with it. Pick as much as you want and share with the man/ woman of your dreams.

Don’t allow it to wait for too long, get your relationship back on track now with love messages after a fight!

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