Nigerian Man Rejects Girlfriend’s Proposal At Ikeja City Mall (ICM) – A Lagos Big Babe proposed to her boyfriend at the Ikeja City Mall but got a shocker! Her boyfriend rejected her proposal!

The Shocking proposal at ICM

The unknown lady and her boyfriend just looked like they were about making their exit from the mall after an hangout on Sunday 4th January 2017 when she went down on her knees, baring her ring and proposing to her boyfriend. (A man in black).

In what was going to be viral video, passerby had no choice than to commence filming of this strange proposal, with the hope that they will bare witness to a landmark proposal at the mall but I am sure they left disappointed when the boyfriend rejected the engagement.

How did it all all go wrong? 

In what appeared to be an embarrassing proposal on the part of the gentleman, he stalled for a while before requesting that the lady on her knees get up. While the bent lady could not get up, the man moved close to her and helped her up, whispered into her ears, displayed his disapproval at the august and shocking proposal and left the lady in her wake, leaving a hysterical, sad and disappointed girlfriend battling with the event that transpired at that time.

Watch the video below:

Updates on Proposal gone wrong at ICM:

As new went round on social media, there were updates on the part of the lady’s girlfriend known as Christy Glo on Facebook posted on the reason why the man rejected his lady’s proposal. According to Christy, who claimed to be a friend to the lady who proposed. She revealed that the man whispered that “I am already married” into the ears of the lady!


She posted this on Facebook

“This lady is actually my friend, but not close friends and we just spoke on phone… She said the reason she cried bitterly after her boyfriend rejected her marriage proposal in public was that when he came close and whispered into her ears, he actually said he was already married. My question is why are men this wicked and heartless? Tufiakwa.”

Nigerian Man Rejects Girlfriend's Proposal At Ikeja City Mall





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