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Happy Armed Forces Remembrance Day Messages 2019 Nigeria

happy armed forces remembrance day messages

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The armed forces remembrance day 2018 is here. The day the Federal government sets aside for the remembrance of our fallen heroes. This is the year where different regiments, parade officers and ratings would come together and rehearse vigorously to ensure that it is a beautiful day. Asides this fact, the wives and families of the fallen heroes are invited to be part of this historic occasion.

Armed forces remembrance day 2019

How far have the families of the fallen heroes fared. Are they lives better? Have they been supported or neglected? Have the government been true to their promises by empowering families of soldiers who died protecting the country?

Away from the ‘senrenre’ of the Remembrance day and back to the true essence of the day, what has been support to ensure that the memories of our fallen heroes are enshrined  in our hearts forever?

I bet I leave that to you and the government to answer!

Happy Armed Forces Remembrance Day Messages 2019

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You want to send inspiring happy armed forces remembrance day messages to family and friends today? Then check out these beautiful collection below and start sharing:

1. On the armed forces remembrance day, I have no choice but to know you that you are not alone. I know that the tears and sadness of losing the one you love is overwhelming but you should know that support will come from different places and in different ways. I am sure the support cannot replace that one person you love, but be rest assured that God is with you and his support alone is enough for you.

2. I remember the sacrifices of one of our family members as part of the armed forces and I am sure he is resting in the bosom of the almighty God. Let us celebrate his life and times while he was with us. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen.

3. Who is a hero? A hero is that ordinary person who decides to take up the responsibility of a whole country to put in his life on the line in order to protect the great country. A hero is someone who fights and endure crazy situations to protect our country. That is a hero!

4. We remember our selfless heroes today. Those that gave up their lives to make our country great and greater. We celebrate their amazing selflessness and we pray that their gentle souls will continue to rest in peace. Amen. Let us celebrate our fallen heroes today, everyday, forever!

5. It is better to die for fighting for freedom that become a slave for the rest of our lives.

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Happy armed forces remembrance day quotes Nigeria 2018

6. We should use the past to look at how our future should be and make proper implementations on how to make our country great again! The armed forces remembrance day is here. The time for deep and sober reflection is here again!

7. Our dear fallen heroes and the living great minds, we are celebrating you today been your day of respect and honor. Your memories will never end in our life.

8. These great men have been sacrificing their time, power, strength and energy to defend our nation. We are proud of you all.

9. Great people of the armed forces of Nigeria, you are the men of honor that we have around us, and you have been the defensive mercenary for us.

10. Our great soldiers, we mourn your death, you lost your life in the process of fighting our enemies. May your souls rest in perfect peace.

11. We cannot forget so easily; your blood that poured on the surface of the earth. Your names shall never be forgotten forever.

12. I want to use this honorary day to celebrate our great heroes who have been fighting for the liberation of our nation.

13. Our great nation will never forget the heroes of love and power that keeps it working. May your life benefit you and your family.

14. We cannot do without blessing you every day; you are the father and mother of someone else, and yet you decide to die for the nation.

15. It is not easy to face the war front and yet you have been busy taking this risky job as your routine.

16. Your sweat and your blood will not touch the floor for anything, you shall be celebrated forever. You will always be the symbols of our liberation.

17. God knows we love you guys and you shall never be forgotten forever. You are the heroes of sympathy for you love life but decided to risk your own for us.

18. The gallant army of the sea, you shall never be forgotten for the rest of this world. We will always honor you.

19. Your strength baffles us, your courage make us amaze and your sacrifice is very uncommon. We celebrate your honor.

20. You are the heroes of the nation; your efforts have been the reason why we live peacefully. You are supposed to be celebrated with great sympathy.

21. A great nation with great soldiers, the army of our nation, the great heroes with a great mission. Happy armed forces day.

22. I honor every one of you for your great mission to end the insurgency in our country. Your sacrifice for our great nation will never end in vain.

23. You all shall be blessed with all you wish for; you are the greatest people in this world for us. We love you.

24. Our great nation, our great home, and honor; we bless every one of you because you are the best people in this world for us.

25. Great honor to those who defended our nation from the evil of the evil people. We love you all for the sacrifice you made for us.

26. We love you all for the fight you fought for us. You are the best in this nation for us; happy armed forces remembrance day.

The Prayer for our Fallen Heroes

27. You led your life to defend our nation until dearth; this really pains us because you never enjoy your stay with your family.

28. Everyone loves life but you were cut off of life in the battlefield just because your good heart wants our nation to live in peace.

29. Your great heart has always been the reason why we live in peace; you are our nation defender and your faces shall shine in your graves.

30. We honor the fallen heroes today; their blood, their tears in pain, while they were captured by their enemies in the battlefield, shall not perish for anything.

31. You guys are the greatest being we have ever seen before because you summon the courage everyone cannot summon, you do the things all cannot do.

32. Your day is here once again, may you find it peacefully reaching you in your various graves. We bless your death. Happy armed forces day.

33. Your family missed you; your love will always reign forever in their heart and everything will live forever in your life.

34. Happy Armed forces day to the great soldiers, your blood will forever be blessed. You children will not suffer behind.

35. Your great sacrifice has always been a great impact on our nation; may you continue to rest in peace in your gentle graves.

36. The pain you felt on the day you were massacred will not go in vain. Your Lord shall reward you and give your family the ability to withstand the pain.

37. It is emotional that you were all dead today; we miss you all and pray that the reward of your effort in defending this nation will profit the wives and children you left.

38. Great indeed are the fallen heroes, they are rarely selected set of people for this world. Their actions cannot be done by everyone and their courage cannot be summoned by all.

39. Happy armed forces day to the entire family of those who lost their parent or siblings in the battlefield. They shall be remembered forever.

40. The gallant army is not for everyone, we acknowledge the courage of our great heroes of the past. Thank you for laying down your life to protect us.

41. God is the greatest and you guys are the selected great ones whose courage has been protecting our interest by the leave of God. Happy armed forces day.

42. We shall love you forever; your memories will not easily vanish from the eyes of humanity and your courage will last.

43. Whoever knows the consequence of war, and the pain that comes with it will never want peace to go even for one second. Our heroes died defending us, let’s honor them forever.

44. The best of people are those who can fight for the benefit of the nation. They are the strong men of honor that should be remembered forever.

45. Heroes are rare, you always see them in the forefront; they never if something will take their life, as long as it is for the benefit of humanity.

46. I salute our fallen heroes, may their back be set aright for them for they have done what everyone cannot do.

Consoling those who lost their loved ones in Service

47. May the Lord give you the strength of bearing the lost of your husband in the service of the nation; may their children be blessed for them.

48. The effort of the fallen heroes will not perish without being honored; it shall be a grace for them forever.

49. May the sweat of your brother who died in the mission to deliver our nation from the hands of the evil ones. Happy armed forces day.

50. To be called a man does not really mean that you are one. A real man is the one who died fearlessly for the development of his nation. May the Lord heal your pain.

51. Happy armed forces day; today should not be for tears and pain; we know you love your husband but the Lord loves him more.

52. Happy armed forces day to a brave woman, the day you lost your husband was terrible and yet you were able to handle the pain with maturity.

53. No matter what always remember that this life is just a temporary stage, one day it will collapse and everyone will be no more.

54. I want to console you for the heroes who lost their lives serving the nation; may your heart find the strength to bear the pain.

55. While we are busy enjoying at home, you people have been here fighting for us to live in peace. You lost your life or got permanently injured in the course. Happy armed forces remembrance day.

56. The power of the love you have for this nation pushed you to take the strongest of the decision. Your blood was shed on the battlefield; you are indeed a great man. Sister, bear the pain patiently.

57. Our soldiers will forever be blessed. We miss each and every one of them because they have the heart that everyone does not have.

58. Our patience has always been the reason for the life live today. If we are to look at the pain the fallen heroes went through, this world will have been set ablaze. Happy armed forces remembrance day.

59. You have always been a good mother, happy sister and best aunty. I am sad to remind you of this great day.

60. I love you so much and this is the reason why I dedicated every year to celebrate your able husband my gallant brother who lost his life on the battlefield.

61. Your heart will no longer be saddened; your expectations will be changed from today on. We are celebrating our past leaders who lost their lives for our own security.

62. If they didn’t die for the nation, at least they die for their family; this shows that you got a husband who was ready to die for you.

63. Dear sister, I am honoring our father today; he is part of the soldiers who made this country a better place for everyone to stay.

64. God knows I was so sad today have realized that today is the Remembrance Day for that army who fought for the freedom of our country.

65. Today we are free from the evil attack of the wicked souls because we have been given the great past heroes who gave up their lives for our wellbeing.

66. Only the capable ones suffer whatever they suffer. Your heart can carry the pain of losing a loved one. May the soul of the fallen brave men live forever.

67. The honor we have for you today will always be observed because things you did could not possibly be done by a coward. You never show your backs to the enemies.

68. Your watchwords were no retreat no surrender and you died serving your fatherland; may your name never be removed from the list of the honorable ones. We love you so much, dad.

69. I am happy that you are part of this mission that your dad died to pursue. This is the sign of a brave child fighting for the dream of his fallen hero.

70. You all were brave, standby and gallant. You were all not afraid of death because you have dedicated your life to serve humanity.

71. Great things have occurred on the surface of this earth and it is because we found a brave heart that decided to defend every nation for us.

72. Without the fallen heroes, our life will have been at stake; but these great warriors never gave up until we were led to the promised land.

73. Everyone likes a good thing, but our soldiers chose to be in the war front fighting for how we can become great as a nation.

74. We are so happy that today is a day of celebration of the gallant men of battle and defense we have lost their lives for the mother nation.

75. In the midst of pains, you suffer and there was no one to say sorry; no one to bring help for water or food. May your soul rests in perfect peace.

76. Our honors will not pass by not acknowledging the effort of our fathers and brothers who are no more on the surface of the earth. They were heroes and will always remain so in our minds.

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