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The armed forces remembrance day 2018 is here. The day the Federal government sets aside for the remembrance of our fallen heroes. This is the year where different regiments, parade officers and ratings would come together and rehearse vigorously to ensure that it is a beautiful day. Asides this fact, the wives and families of the fallen heroes are invited to be part of this historic occasion.

Armed forces remembrance day 2019

How far have the families of the fallen heroes fared. Are they lives better? Have they been supported or neglected? Have the government been true to their promises by empowering families of soldiers who died protecting the country?

Away from the ‘senrenre’ of the Remembrance day and back to the true essence of the day, what has been support to ensure that the memories of our fallen heroes are enshrined  in our hearts forever?

I bet I leave that to you and the government to answer!

Happy Armed Forces Remembrance Day Messages 2019

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1. On the armed forces remembrance day, I have no choice but to know you that you are not alone. I know that the tears and sadness of losing the one you love is overwhelming but you should know that support will come from different places and in different ways. I am sure the support cannot replace that one person you love, but be rest assured that God is with you and his support alone is enough for you.

2. I remember the sacrifices of one of our family members as part of the armed forces and I am sure he is resting in the bosom of the almighty God. Let us celebrate his life and times while he was with us. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen.

3. Who is a hero? A hero is that ordinary person who decides to take up the responsibility of a whole country to put in his life on the line in order to protect the great country. A hero is someone who fights and endure crazy situations to protect our country. That is a hero!

4. We remember our selfless heroes today. Those that gave up their lives to make our country great and greater. We celebrate their amazing selflessness and we pray that their gentle souls will continue to rest in peace. Amen. Let us celebrate our fallen heroes today, everyday, forever!

5. It is better to die for fighting for freedom that become a slave for the rest of our lives.

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Happy armed forces remembrance day quotes Nigeria 2018

6. We should use the past to look at how our future should be and make proper implementations on how to make our country great again! The armed forces remembrance day is here. The time for deep and sober reflection is here again!





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