Seven tips to save cash in Seattle

tips to save cash in Seattle

Seven tips to save cash in Seattle: Seattle has been known to be a costly city to live in. This has been attributed to the high cost of transport, housing, utilities as well as food. It has been shown that if you are earning a basic salary of $50000 annually in a typical city in the country, you would need 24% more to maintain a standard living in Seattle. For this reason, it is essential for you to learn on tips that will help you to save on some money. The following are seven tips that you can use to save some money in Seattle.

Skip the space needle

Space Needle is known to be quite pricey with the price ranges going up to $16 per adult. This is quite overrated considering you can opt for $7.50 when you visit Pioneer Square neighborhood. This will be a cheap venture as you will get to have a view of the Puget Sound, Mount Rainer and downtown Seattle.

Travel by bus

Due to the increasing cost of fuel per liter, hectic travel and very high parking fees, opting for a bus can be very cost effective. Seattle metro buses are effective in ensuring that you can visit anywhere you want and tend to be available through the day and night. Their price ranges between $1.75 and $2 depending with the time. You can also opt for downtown core buses which enable you to travel freely between 6 am and 7 pm.


 Seattle is compact and easy to navigate. You can decide to take a walk which will enable you to exercise and enjoy the scenic views of the city. However, you should ensure that you wear very comfortable shoes due to some parts of the city with hills.

Hike locally

National parks tend to charge a fee to enter but you can opt for the urban parks won’t cost you a dime. For instance, Discovery Park downtown comprises of up to 12 miles of hiking trails, forest, streams, dunes, beaches, and mountain views. If you are tired and want a relaxing way to spend your evening, Golden Garden’s beach is the perfect place. It has views of the Olympics which are breathe taking.

Eat in the international district

You can search through the internet for eating joints in the International District. If you don’t have a way of having access to the internet, you can visit DigitalExits to learn on the available options or plans. You will be able to learn about delicacies such as the Vietnamese sandwiches which are cheaper.

Get into museums for free

A lot of Seattle museums are usually free of charge during the first Thursday of every month. So, when planning your visit, always ensure that you keep this date in mind. Such museums include the Museum of Flight and the Seattle Art Museum.

Tour the landmarks

Seattle’s major tourist attraction include the Pike Place Market, which is known for selling fresh local food, window shop through 200 craft vendors, be entertained by street performers and the most interesting to me is watching the “Fish Guys’ as they toss seafood. It also has a Ballard neighborhood with coffee shops and pubs which is quite charming and fun to walk through.



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