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How To Catch A Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

How To Catch A Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

How To Catch A Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

Suddenly you begin to feel neglected by your husband. He’s online – you can see that he is. Right on the top of your screen below his name, if it’s on WhatsApp, it says ‘Online’, and if it’s on Facebook messenger, the blue dot that says he’s live and active appears beside his name. Yet he is not texting you. This began awhile ago, perhaps after a small argument. Or even when everything seems to be going on just fine. You aren’t sure but deep in your guts you feel it and you ask: why is he not texting me? Could he be cheating?

This is not a plot for some movie script. It is an all too familiar introspection in the love life of so many folks, old and young alike. And is it painful when you are ignored? Oh, it sure is. And for good reason. Why, this is someone you have both enjoyed each others company for some time, months, and even years. Just when it looks like you both are getting somewhere with this ‘things’ you begin to feel they could be up to something.

How can you tell if your husband is cheating, especially with their WhatsApp?

How To Catch A Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

Well, in certain countries. Partners who can not stomach their suspicion hire a private investigator to do the job. However, this method while it almost always yields fast and reliable results, can be quite expensive. I mean, what if it turns out that your suspicion is only that, a suspicion, and you have already shelled out all your savings for this little espionage?

Well, it’s worth it, at least I’d rest assured I still have my husband to myself alone.

Or you could go the way of technology. There are applications that run on Android and iOS phones that can be used to spy on suspected partners. The most efficient and popular one is the mspy app. But using it comes with some hassles.

First, you have to have it installed on the suspected husband’s phone, furtively. And you have to pay a token for its use. I don’t mind a token as long as I get to know the truth, you might say. And what did they say about the truth setting you free?


Thing is, with mspy you can see who your partner chats with, sends and receives voice notes from and many more. Exciting, right?

Here let us recommend other less shadowy methods of detecting a cheating husband on WhatsApp

He uses a password now, huh

How To Catch A Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

Everyone, whether they are married or not are entitled to a measure of privacy, and it’s okay. But he’s your husband, and now he has a password on his phone? And he didn’t use to? Alright, breath. It’s just a password. But he locks his WhatsApp with a password as well!? That’s a most definite ground for suspicion if you ask us.

There are reasons why your husband could have a password protecting his mobile phone, and we can only think of one: the baby.

Yeah, the other time an uncle got a ring thinking your husband was calling. But your baby had been playing with the phone. So he decided to use a password. This is a plausible reason for your husband putting a password on his phone. But it could also mean he is hiding something. Watch out.

The Chat is all Emojis, Oh no!

How To Catch A Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

Now here’s where things begin to get interesting in this whole debacle. And if you’re conversant with emojis and what those little emoticons mean, a combination of them in a chat can set your mind racing in a certain direction: codes.

Let us assume that your husband is a smart man, and whoever he is texting is crafty as well. That’s the only way they could converse with emojis alone. But a cheating husband could do just about anything to talk to whoever they are cheating on you with especially if your spouse ordinarily has great writing skills. We suggest you find out who is getting those messages, they may be the one taking all your husband’s attention.

The Conversation is all Codes!

And when we say codes we mean, right off the bat you can’t tell what the conversation is all about. But it kind of feels off, and it kind of feels like your husband’s trying to say something suggestive to some female. Well, without getting to the point where we’d say paranoia is getting the better of you, its got to be a consistent run of coded messages for it to pass the test.

Darn it, More Codes!

How To Catch A Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

A cheating husband is likely to save the names of side chicks and girlfriends with an anonym, or some fake name. So the name ‘Jay’ on his contact list may well be a code name or an appellation for any female name from Jess to Joan. Funny, right. We think so too.

But it isn’t funny anymore when you discover that what’s saved on his contact as Mechanic is actually an anonym for your husband’s chick, Michelle, who lives downtown along his route to work. We recommend a high level of caution though, it’s your marriage that’s at stake here, not our stats. So be sure you have real rather than imagined reasons to doubt any name on your husband’s list.

Watch That WhatsApp Status

That is if a cheating husband isn’t smart enough, though. Status settings can be adjusted so only certain persons are able to view it (Mark must know a thing or two about cheating, lol). So in the event that a cheating husband does not bother about settings, his status may also provide a clue if he’s cheating or not. It may appear far-fetched and a little bit like stretching the issue but when a husband posts mushy stuff about the time when there is an unresolved disagreement that lingers, then it may well be that the sentiments expressed there is entirely meant for some other woman. Just saying, you know.

But the point is when the status is just a queer arrangement of emojis, or the wording is just out of whack, the object of which just comes off as uncertain or vague, then maybe your husband doesn’t want you to get it. One cheating hubby posted something saccharine on his WhatsApp status and concluded it with the phrase, “You know who you are —”.

Of course, she does.

Those Deleted Messages, though…

Deleting is a function that comes with the use of chat apps. It comes in handy for times when you have too many typos in a text that might really distort the context. In that case, to avoid misunderstanding, some users just go on and delete. Or on rare occasions when by some freak mistake you send a text meant for someone to an entirely different person. You’d rather delete the text than go through the awkward explanations.

Folks, at other times a cheating husband would delete text they know would send their wives throwing fits. And good thing, WhatsApp leaves behind the bones of a dead message for all the world to see. It says, “This message was deleted.”

Check His ‘Last Seen’

You are seated in the living room, watching a TV show together with your husband but half the time he is on his mobile phone tapping away. You do not want to be nosy but you can’t help thinking ‘who the heck is he talking to!?”

Does this scene look familiar? Many women have experienced it.

And then you ask him if he’s chatting on WhatsApp but he says the last time he used that app was a couple of days or weeks ago. Lady, he could be lying. And for all the wrong reasons. It could be easy for a cheating husband to say this if the couples seldom chat with WhatsApp. If you use the app too you should have him on your contact list. If he hasn’t changed it in his settings then the last time he was active on the app should be displayed under his name. If his ‘last seen’ was just a few minutes ago then maybe he has something to hide.

On the other hand, if his ‘last seen’ is not visible, this may also be an indication that he is hiding something.

A rain of Notifications?

An actively cheating husband would get notifications a lot from his WhatsApp. The screen will often show a pile of them. This may not be the case all the time, mind you. If for instance, he is into sales and marketing you’d expect him to always be on his mobile phone, keeping up with his prospects and replying queries in chats. A suspicious wife would have to decide if things are really off, depending on how much she knows her husband.

Check Archived Chats

How To Catch A Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

To check Archived Chats you have to scroll down the list of chats. It is usually down on the last rung. And why would he archive a chat?

We are wondering too.

An act of infidelity can cause so much heartache, we know. And nowadays, spouses are able to creep around and cheat on each other easily on account of all the messaging apps that now abound. It is hoped that if a wife suspects the husband the tips we have provided may help set their mind at rest. Or not.

Do you intend to catch a cheating husband? Or have you been suspecting him for quite sometime and you need professional help in catching him red-handed? Reach out to us then, we can assist you.

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