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Youtube Video: What girls say and what they mean


You know girls are one of the weirdest, funniest and the most interesting beings alive. Yea?

I remember when my friend’s girl came rushing to me for advice because she had a little altercation with my friend (her boyfriend)

After advising her and settled the disagreement, she still sulked for some time. Like she was moody for the next week even after sorting out the ‘ish’.

Imagine me asking her over the phone if she was fine and cool, her response was she was fine.

The next conversation ensued between us:

Ronny, Are you sure you are very fine?

She responded

Yes I am fine, I will be fine

I asked again:

You will be fine? I need to know that you are fine.

She responded:

No, actually, I am not fine and I will continue to act like fine until I am fine!

Excuse me? What does this mean really?

This Harjit and Jaz of YoutwoTV’s video actually made me understand that ploy by most girls is usually an attempt to make the guy/ boyfriend to feel bad or guilty. LOL!

Do you get my point?

I will leave you to the rest of this video so you can really see what I am talking about.

Over to you. Have fun!

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