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Pidgin Love Poems You Should Share

Pidgin love poems

Pidgin love poems: Do you love poems? How about we bring it to you in the Naija Pidgin way? You’ll love it right?


1. Love na like alcohol, he de shak, anybody wey fit withstand the power of love go withstand all pain.

2. Love na something wey dey make two people do good for each other; if you get person wey like you true, true, no use am play at all.

3. Everything get reason why he happen, anybody wey sabi better go know sey, when pesin do good because of love, he go see the reward.

4. Many people no know sey, if love no dey for this life, everything go don dabaru. Na love na’im human being dey take live together.

5. Make we live together as one so that love go dey reing for our mind for each other. If you show me true love, why I no go happy?

6. If you need peace for somewhere, just make sure sey everything wey you dey do there, dey always come with love.

7. To love nalike charity, you go surely see the reward as time goes on. Love go bless anybody wey dey show love to everybody.

8. Everybody sabi sey, people wey dey show true friendship dey end well with each other. If we value ourselves as friends, things go fine.

9. We love each other na’im good pass make we dey hear each other. You be my padi and I be your padi, together make this life better.

10. Love na life, life na love the two of them na’im human be dey take live together. If you dey show love, God self go dey like you.

11. Things wey we need for this life na’im be correct love. People wey show true love for each other go see things wey others no dey see.

12. Na love dey make things dey better; if brothers and sisters show love for each other; their parents mind go rest.

13. People wey dey fight war don forget one thing, love no dey between dem. When love don commot for your mind, mercy go follow am waka.

14. The people wey dey do evil, if you check their mind, you go see sey, psychologically, dem no get heart again. The force wey dey bring human pity don wash throway.

15. If we go fit dey live with each other with love, I bet sey our matter go begin dey get head every day and night and forever.

16. Love n’im be the power wey God take join two people together. If you get am, you don get one of the most valuable things for this world.

17. When love no dey exist between two people, he go come be like sey, the motto wey dey drive passenger na’im go soon kill am.

18. Make we try dey live with love for each other because people wey live with hatred yesterday no gain anything.

19. Love na’im be the pillar of good relationship. Love fit make your marriage last long as long as you dey show am to each other.

20. If you know the power of love, you go use am take reach great heights for life. Let make love drive your destiny to your destination.

21. You no fit take love for granted. As you see, love na one of the most beautiful things wey God create for this life.

22. If you see person wey truly love you, I beg make you no take that pesin for granted. He possible sey you no go get pesin like am again.

23. If you look carefully, you go realize sey the on;y reason why this life still stand na because people wey still love each other dey exist.

24. I never see community wey go fit live in peace when love no dey exist. You must firstly show care for each other before things go move well with una.

25. Na love na’m dey motivate to give, and to love na’im dey make human dey quickly forgive pesin wey offend am.

26. Life dey always come with one thing—love! without love, peace no go reign at all. Love and mercy dey wakka together so make we show mercy for each other.

27. We fit no like each other today, but tomorrow we fit need our help; if love no dey how we wan take help each other?

28. Things dey happen for this life wey be sey the only thing wey we no get na the zeal of love. How dat thing go betta when he lack mutual understanding.

29. He get things wey ordinary knowledge and wisdom no fit do until una apply love. Make we make love reign for once.

30. Country wey love no dey, that kind country no go grow. Time don reach wey we suppose begin dey do things right.

31. Our love for each other na’im go determine how we go fit relate to ourselves. If we dey put wisdom and understand for our matter dem, love go show face.

32. Even between husband and wife, if love no exist, marriage go scatter. Make we dey try as much as possible dey do the right thing for love.

33. The reason why people dey live together for long and in peace and harmony na because love dey between them.

34. The weight of the impact of love na something wey pesin supposed dey run after. He go surely make life better.

35. Love na money, pesin wey get am don get everything for life; the only thing wey money no fit buy na life and love.

36. The best way to make things happen nato show love for each other. Friends remain with each other because dem they live with love.

37. I never see where love na foundation, and the people wey dey there come begin dey beef themselves. He no fit happen.

38. Love dey always bring joy for human life; if you sabi play am well, anybody wey dey behind go fit benefit from you.

39. If member of one group dey love themselves because of the common thing wey dey between them, this life go better.

40. The only thing wey fit put things together among us, na the kind of love wey we dey share. If hatred dey between us, we no go fit survive together.

41. Great people dey live with one thing, and nathe love wey dem get for each other. If you emulate dem, you go become oga too.

42. Doz wey dey live with love get plenty better story to tell their children. Dem no go ever regret the kind move wey dem carry about love.

43. If love na happiness na because you dey among us for this world. You too good. You too nice because no guy like you.

44. If I go fit come back life for the second time, I go begin dey love you from the pregnant level so I no go fae pain before meet you again.

45. Anybody wey get you as lover come go dey use you play, na’im go finally lose because girl like you no dey this world.

46. The reason why I like you like say tomorrow no dey na because several time you don prove me wrong say truly, no woman like you.

47. Anytime wey I dey lonely, I dey always look for something wey go make me happy. If I see your face, my sorrow dem go run.

48. If I go fit let you know how you dey always make me feel anytime y see your beautiful face, the thing dey always make me cry like baby.

49. Love dey make human dey happy because naone of the force wey God put for human mind wey dey bring peace and relaxation.

50. Love matter no be small thing, na like nation, if you run am well you go enjoy but if you no run am well, you go fail.

Pidgin Love Poem for Him or Her

51. You be my dream, my love and the most adorable shenkes wey dey blow my mind. If I don know you since, my life for don better.

52. God know sey, I like you sey I dey chop bread and butter, and everything wey you do me wey dey make me dey happy no go ever comot for my heart.

53. I go always dey happy for this world because I get person like you; your face na like treasure and I love you with my heart.

54. I wan let you know sey, every night and day, your matter no dey comot for my heart. Na so I dey always dey dream about you all the day.

55. Always your love dey my heart, and I no know how to tell you until I get the courage wey later favor me. Thank God sey, I get you as my babe.

56. Babe wey dey give pesin correct advice na’im na she be the best. I get you as my life and love. I love you like honey.

57. Your face na chamber of love, anytime I look am, he dey give me serious joy wey I no fit deny. I love you more than you fit think.

58. Love na the best medicine for sad heart. Since the dey wey you enter my life, my pain of past don go patapata.

59. If I know sey na like this your love go sweet, I for don dey date you since when you dey your mama belle. I love you.

60. As I dey love you so, I wan make you understand sey na sweet thing he be for me. I go dey love you like sey tomorrow no dey.

61. Everything about you dey make me dey smile. I come dey look sey this world na one of the most beautiful place wey dey exist.

62. If you get pesin wey like you from he mind, you don get better thing for this world. I love you so much so tey, I no fit stop to dey love you forever.

63. You be my happiness, my love and the best guy wey dey make me dey jolly from inside my mind. I love you.

64. Happiness na when you get pesin wey like you with one mind; you see, when things dey go fine for your mind, the meaning be sey you get true love.

65. I dey pray to God make Him make us husband and wife, so that you go become the mama of my children.

66. Everybody get who he love with all he heart; as for me, na you be the reason why I dey always happy. I love you.

67. I fit do everything just to make you know sey, all my heart na for you. I love you more than you fit think. You be my dream come true.

68. When things dey go fine for your life, all the things wey you dey fine go come your way. I go always love you no matter what.

69. The way you dey make me happy na him sweet pass. I like your way, your smile and your beautiful face.

70. If this life don already join me and you, the best thing na to dey happy like pikin wey dey chop chocolate.

71. I like you so much and the wey I dey see you be like sey tomorrow no dey. I love you like never before.

72. I wish you so much joy for your life because you be my angel and the kind feelings wey you dey give me dey sweet my heart.

73. I love you so much so tey every single moment of my life dey come with things wey dey make me dey fresh.

74. The love wey dey my heart for you no be wasa, he dey do me like pepper soup and isi ewu. He dey turn my head like shakabula.

75. Honey dey sweet and he no get any disadvantage, na so your love be for my heart. I love you like pelepele.

76. I like you like kilode, want you like kilo sele, and need you like gbenu san ohun. Omodge, no be play.

77. Your love for my heart dey bite me like butter fly dey bite flower; the bite dey sweet me like woman body.

78. You be the reason why I just dey happy today; your love na my happiness and I go dey jolly forever.

79. Good to know sey pesin wey dey understand like you namy husband. I go dey follow you till the end.

80. Thank you for the sweet love wey the make my heart dey do shawihawi, I go dey bless you with kisses wey no get mate.

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