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Prayer Points For Financial Breakthrough

Prayer Points for Financial Breakthrough

Prayer Points for Financial Breakthrough – Breakthrough is all about being victorious. As the word implies, “Break-Through”, it’s like breaking through a previously disturbing barrier and sailing through it. Hence Financial breakthrough would mean to scale through financial barriers. Everyone wants to be financially free.

You know there is something about having lots of money.

It gives you a lot of self confidence. Not to say, you should have low self esteem if you don’t have money, but, money just gives you a better self image. Not only you can spot this, but outsiders as well. They can tell.

Money is very important. Although, the Bible preaches against the love of money saying it is the root of all evil. But, without money, it will be really hard to cope in this world. Money is necessary to live a comfortable life in this world. Hence the need to pray for enough money. Once a person has financial breakthrough, they are sure to have a whole lot of money, which is really good.

Are you short on prayers to say to God to be financially free? Look no further! We got you on that one. Below you will find a really epic list of financial breakthrough prayers you should start praying on. Scroll down and enjoy the list!

Prayer Points for Financial Breakthrough

1. Dear God, I commit my finances into your able hands. Take control of it. Every of my actions towards being financially independent and free, let them pay. Don’t let me waste my efforts.

2. Dear God, let my hustle pay. I ask for breakthrough in my finances O God. Help my finances soar. My business, let it prosper, blossom and flourish.

3. Lord God, don’t let the devil have power to control my finances as from today.

4. Lord you said in your word that I shall be the head and not the tail. Lord, help me to be on top in terms of my finances Amen.

5. Dear God, I ask that you bless the work of my hands.

6. Dear Father, I ask for uplifting in my job, help me to get a promotion O God, so that my financial needs can be met. Amen.

7. My Father in heaven, I ask that You cater for my wants according to your wishes.

Prayers for Financial Breakthrough for Business Owners

8. O Lord guide my business! Protect me so that I don’t do business with rascals and dupes, Amen.

9. Lord God, do not allow my labour and investments over my business go in vain. Let them give me abundant fruits for they are my seeds.

10. Dear God, help me to plant my business and investment seeds in the right places.

11. Lord Jesus, help to not allow my business to go bankrupt, Amen.

12. Dear Lord, help me to be a very cheerful giver both to you and to the people around me. For it is he who gives that receives.

13. Father in heaven, I ask that You bless my hustle today and all my business days. Amen. Let my business prosper exceedingly Amen.

14. Dear Lord, help so that none of my labour goes profitless in Jesus’ name, Amen.

15. Dear Lord, send help to me in my business. Divine help from above. Whosoever looks upon me to help me, shall not regret in Jesus’ name.

16. Lord help me to find a good and steady job that pays well.

17. Dear Father, don’t let me keep carrying CVs all around instead let me find a good job with good salary. Amen.

18. Lord, whosoever decides to help me, let the person never regret his action in Jesus’ name.

19. Dear Lord, for all those that will be believing in me, believing in my potential, let them not be put to shame, Amen.

20. Lord, send me divine helper from above. Help me to find assistance.

21. Lord, don’t let my helpers be ever disappointed in me in Jesus’ name. And help me not to disappoint them as well.

22. Lord, lead me to the right places, the right companies that will accept me, that will employ me. Guide my footsteps towards them.

23. Father Lord, I refuse to give in to frustration, help me not to be frustrated O Lord, put me on a leveled path, help me O God.

24. Lord, help me out of this phase of famine I am in and lift me into abundance and prosperity. Lift me up O God!

25. Dear Lord, I lift up my eyes to you, from you comes my help. As I look up to you for help financially, don’t let me be put to shame O God.

26. Father Lord, help me to have abundant faith in you, because with You all things are possible. I believe that my financial uplifting is possible through Christ that strengthens me.

27. Lord Jesus, I commit my job into your hands, help me to reap huge returns. Help to reap returns that will be more than sufficient to take care of my family, for I am the bread winner.

28. Lord, I ask for your provision for my family. You are the God of provision. Help us and provide for us so we don’t go hungry or be found wanting.

29. Dear Father, I thank You because You have been assisting me in the financial upkeep of my family and I now ask that you keep helping me, never leave me me Lord, never leave me.

30. Lord Jesus, I ask for your hand, Your mighty hand to bless my business. Let my business prosper and flourish, Amen.

31. Lord, do not let the power of the evil ones have power over my business.

32. Lord, help my business Lord. Let me sow business seeds in the right places Lord.

33. Help me Lord to reap the fruits of my labour and investments.

34. Lord, I am a job seeker, help me to find job that pays well, Amen.

35. Dear Lord, help me to be able to speak among my peers, bless me abundantly.

36. Dear Father, release me from the bondages of self doubt, worry and fear over my financial life. Help my financial life to soar.

37. Dear Father, release me and deliver me from the bondages of procrastination and inaccountability. Help me to start being accountable for my business and finances. Amen.

38. Lord, bless the work of my hands.

Prayer Points for Financial Breakthrough for Contractors

39. Lord, send me more valuable clients, O Lord. Help me to be able to land more jobs.

40. Lord help me to be able to deliver my jibs efficiently and effectively. Let my clients be impressed by the quality of my work. Amen.

41. Dear Father, send me connections. Meaningful, life changing and healthy connections that will see a turn around to my financial life.

42. Dear God, help my financial life to shift from, “Okay” to “Excellent”, Amen.

43. Dear God, help me to leave the “famine-feast” cycle that is common among contractors. Let me always be in the feast phase.

44. Dear Father, just as the famine in the days of Joseph contributed to His uplifting, let the current global economic crisis be a upward push to my financial progress.

45. Dear God, every of my actions towards financial freedom, let them come back as huge profits for me. Do not allow any of my actions to go to waste. Don’t also let me regret my actions.

General Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

46. Dear Jesus, I ask that You turn these days of famine in my life into days of forever feasting. Help me to never go hungry. Amen.

47. Dear Lord, bless me with excellent skills to be able to turn these skills into a means of earning money.

48. Father Lord, please bless me so that my purse never goes empty. Help so that my hand never touches the bottom of my pocket!

49. Lord bless me well so that I also can help those in need.

50. Dear Father, bless me with courage and perseverance to be able to keep going even when I am about to give up. Amen.

51. Lord Jesus, help me to have both a great name and great wealth. Bless me in both ways.

52. Father in heaven, turn the mockery parts of my life and finance into points of celebration. Let people come and celebrate my success with me. Amen.

53. Jesus, reunite me with my lost financial glory. Let me always be a giver.

54. Lord, every spirit of barrenness in my life, turn it to fertility in Jesus’ name.

55. Father, destroy every opposition to my breakthrough today! Don’t let the enemy have the remote or control to my financial breakthrough.

56. Lord, all the great visions and missions I have for my life and finances, let them all come to pass.

57. Dear Father, help me to stand firm financially and not struggle.

58. I ask of You God, that You frustrate the efforts of enemies and catapult me into my full wealth today, Amen.

59. Father turn over a new chapter of success in my life from this moment onwards. Let the world feel and see your beauty in my life.

60. Lord, let me not know poverty again, instead I want to always know prosperity, wealth, happiness and achievements in Jesus’ name.

61. As I step into my victory today, the Lord will clothe me with a garment of wealth and righteousness today!

62. Father, mighty one in Heaven, I ask that You attend to all of my wants and needs according to Your riches in glory Amen.

63. My business will be exceedingly fruitful and buoyant in the mighty name of Jesus!

64. Lord, I call You into my business. I want You to be the Managing Director of my business. Turn my ill financial story around for the better.

65. May I reap bountiful where I sow, Amen.

66. Every spirit of scarcity of business ideas or knowledge of how to move my business forward, I rebuke such spirit in the name of Jesus.

67. Dear Father, I ask that You multiply my profits by a hundred fold. Help me to generate huge profits.

68. I pray right now for total and complete financial freedom. It is entirely possible because You said in Your Word that through You, I can and will do all things.

69. I dismantle all resistance to my financial breakthrough in Jesus’ name.

70. Dear God, let blessings and money, lots of it, follow me wherever I step my feet.

71. I shall never fail but always succeed.

72. Bless me well Lord so that I also can reach out to those who have not.

73. Dear God, help me to see and spot potential for business in the society and help me to act smart to tap into such potential.

74. Dear God, teach me to know and do Your Will so that You can make my financial path straight.

75. Dear God, answer all of my prayers, don’t leave me waiting.

76. My Father and my God, You are my redeemer Lord. I ask that you help redeem all my lost glory both in general life as well as financially.

77. I ask God, that You give me the most powerful grace and strength to scale through all financial barriers that might present themselves. Help me be a Victor!

78. At the end of the hustle and struggle to be financially free in this world, let me not have cause to regret my life or the paths I took in order to be financially free. Help me to walk paths that are totally free of sin. Amen.

We hope you enjoyed this list of prayers for financial breakthrough. Be sure to share with your friends as well. Pick a prayer and talk to God. Start your journey of being financially free today! God bless you! And may you from today onward get financially sufficient! Amen!

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