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2020 Happy New Year Texts You Should Share Now!

happy new year texts

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Ready for our best collection of happy new year texts? Jump in!

General Happy New Year Texts

1. All things are bright and wonderful, every soul is fine and beautiful, and all eyes are shining and glowing fine. It is a New Year they all are rejoicing.

2. The trees are happy because the year has come to an end and yet they are not uprooted. Everyone is cheerful; all are in beautiful clothes celebrating the New Moonlight.

3. Let’s hold our hands and sing like the birds’ sing. Let loose love among us so that we can enjoy the smile of a New Day in our life.

4. Share your love this season so that the flowers will smile once again. Enjoy yourself because life is too short to waste. Happy, happy New Year to everyone.

5. The year came in like a stranger and then lived with us all through 365 days. We will miss you and never see you again forever. Happy New Year.

6. My friend is gone and will never come back again, I have no choice rather than to embrace the new friend that has arrived before me. Things are meant to finish.

7. In as much as we never wanted the last year to go, we still can’t afford to celebrate the new one before us. Celebration, jubilation is all ours.

8. 365 days are gone, many failure, many sorrow, and many rejections were conquered. A New Down is here smiling at us with the hope that we find it compatible with us.

9. When the day cries, the beautiful birds sing to console it. When the day darks, it comes with lots of comforts but when the year goes, it takes its days away. Happy New Year.

10. Not today, not yesterday but every day, we are meant to be together as one family. To celebrate good days in unity. Thank we are alive to say happy New Year.

11. The year is like a cloud, it moves gently in a speed of light. Suddenly it vanishes and the opportunity taken for granted is gone forever. Happy New Year.

12. A year is a castle; it housed the entire event that takes place in it. If you are still alive today, it calls for a big celebration because it rained a lot and the earth has been fed.

13. Just like the jungle, the trees around clap to welcome the new tourist. We are happy to embrace our new friend. We hope to excel in it forever.

14. Happy New Year. Congratulations on the celebration of life. We are happy today as none of us died during the journey through the Year.

15. No matter the condition, just try and smile, who know the beautiful roses around will find an interest in you to celebrate the year with you?

16. What else will be so fascinating as to see us happy together? When the wind blows, the trees bow to honor the power of the Lord, when the rain falls, it revives the earth, may the year favor us ahead.

17. The air speaks a love language that is understood by everyone today, no wonder the whole world is happy. Let us celebrate the New Year together in peace and harmony.

18. The presence of the New Year is like the ray of light. It shines on everyone’s face making it glow with a smile. My heart dances because the Year is New.

19. Celebrate the blessing of the Lord this season and put a smile on the faces of those around you. Take the bliss that stretches its hand to you.

20. Happy New Year, it is another opportunity to write another story of our life. Forget about what has transpired in the past and never fail to correct your mistakes.

Happy New Year Texts for Lovers

21. I am a sun and I need a moon to take care of my weakness in the night. You are my moon and then you are my strength. Happy New Year.

22. In your eyes are jewel, if I can get right into you, I will explore the entire treasures that dazzle my heart when I set my eyes on you.

23. You walk gently like the smiling wind and your heart has a heartfelt feeling that can’t be taken for granted. Your face glows like a sunshine that lights the whole world. Happy New Year my soul.

24. There is a garden in your face as beautiful as a paradise, and as shining as a glorious lamp. You are a treasure that speaks the love language. Happy New Year.

25. This year has come; I pray that it puts a smile on our faces so that the people will see happiness written all over. Happy New Year to my heartbeat.

26. And here comes the year as we tiptoe in the valley of love. I saw her smiling because we were together sharing the aura of love. Welcome miss New Year we love you.

27. Welcome this year with a smile and embrace it with bliss. Love it like never before and take good advantage of the fact that it is meant for you to succeed.

28. Hold my hands whenever we see again and tell me you love me. Let the world understand that we are lovers and no one should come between us. Come over, and let’s celebrate the New Year together.

29. You are my happiness and the air that supports my life. This means I can’t live without you by my side. Your face is a celebrity; I cherish it like never before. Happy New Year.

30. The sun shouts and the moon consoles, the year has come to an end, and another one has begun. What we need most is rest of mind.

31. You are a star among the branches of love. You are a pillar in the midst of birds and silicon in the realm of joy. Happy New Year darling.

32. Happy New Year star! How was your night with the moon? Angels are always happy to put a smile on your face as we celebrate the year.

33. Don’t delay dawn, it never waits for anyone; make hays while the sun shines, chase your dreams while the year turns around. I love you.

34. I love the girl in my life; there was none with me but her. There was no light in the room until she came around. Happy New Year my love.

35. I’m not scared to die. I’m not scared to live. I’m not scared to cry. I’m not scared to fall in love. I’m not scared to excel in life. I’m not scared to be alone but I’m afraid to stay in a minute without you. Happy New Year.

36. I am happy but not sad. I am sad but not happy. These are not my words but of those who lack true love in their life. Happy New Year guys.

37. The year so cool and I froze like a milk good to drink and a comfort to the heart. The sun is hot but the day is bright because it exists. Happy New Year.

38. You are soft in the eyes and brave in the heart, this is my dream. You are nice in the voice and lovely in the heart; my heartbeats fine because you are here.

39. Whenever I look into your eyes, I see ten million passions at once. Whenever I see your face, I see the light that does not exist. This is amazing because you are not alone. Happy New Year.

40. It takes two to blend. You are my heart and I am your soul let’s celebrate this year together. Let’s make the day a smiling one.

Happy New Year Texts for your wife

41. You are not bad. You are as beautiful as a diamond. Your smile is as powerful as a diamond gate. Hope you will find all the best in this year.

42. I want to be with you forever as a flower wishes to die with the mother plant. No one should pluck me away from you because I can’t leave without you. Happy New Year.

43. My heart is a lonely hunter hoping to meet you as soon as possible. Your eyes are a chamber of beauty and it is the reason why I can’t stop watching them. Happy New Year.

44. In your eyes, I see the flutter of passion flying around in joy and happiness. If you could understand my stand you will appreciate the love I have for you better.

45. Happy New Year to the most loving eyes in my life; you are a great queen and your lips speak the language of true love. If I can tell the moon to smile, I will have done so for you alone.

46. The year is smiling, searching for the most beautiful face in the world and then I suggested your charming face. If I can tell the world just one thing, it is the fact that you are my love.

47. In your eyes lies a paradise. I want to live in it this year so that my heart will cry no more. Anytime I pass by your side, I see the flowers smiling at me.

48. Truly, you are the most well trained red rose flower that my eyes have seen before. Your smile is so powerful that only a sun ray can overshadow it. Happy New Year.

49. I keep on smiling and smiling. I keep on happy and happy. I keep on loving and loving. I keep on singing and singing. You are my pearl and love. Happy New Year.

50. She opens her heart and the door for me to love her better. She makes me happy because she is the most beautiful bird in the nest of love.

51. Happy New Year to the apple of my eyes. I wish you a colorful engagement in this new beginning. If the world can see my heart they will have seen the chocolate that is contained in it.

52. In you dwells a light of peace. This is a sign that the year will be bright for both of us. If I could think of a better day for us to be together, it will be a picnic for you and me.

53. Happy, happy I am the year makes me happy. Lovely, lovely I am, the year makes me lovely. I want to be close to you because you are the life of me.

54. This life is but bliss with you in it. This life is a pleasure with you in it. This life is a grace with you in it. This year is a great achievement with you by my side.

55. Just like the taste of milk in a thick tea, you affect my life with your presence. Just like a pearl your eyes shine and make me happier whenever I see you. Happy New Year.

56. This year is a treasure, only beautiful people can see it. This year is a taste only nice people can experience it. This year is gold, only those close to my heart can wear it.

57. Whenever I see the jewelry that is most close to me, my heart shed tears because they are so adorable. I love to see their face forever. Happy New Year.

58. I look up to see the joy in my life, however; I see your face smiling at me in the sky. Aren’t you that moonlight that smiles at when I was lonely in the night? Happy New Year.

59. It is my joy that God is the One in charge of our destiny and he brought us together as one. I just want to say happy New Year.

60. You are my love. A great impact that can be replaced by anyone on the surface of the earth. Happy New year to you. Take your cake on the platter of gold. I wish you all the best.

Are these happy new year texts worth sharing? Then get on with it. Have a prosperous new year.

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