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Prostitution in Higher Institutions – Nigerian Lady Shares Her Experience

Prostitution in higher institutions

Pretty Nigerian lady Oluwatoni has decided to share her view on Prostitution in higher institutions in Nigeria and also advised young undergraduates on the dangers of selling one’s body. Read her story below:

Often times we forget how much of God’s grace we enjoy. There is something about peer group and its influence, sometimes we get it right but often times we get it wrong.

Looking back over the year, I can gracefully share a little experience from its impact. I would have been a proper “runs girl”/ prostitute but I couldn’t keep up with the tempo, you want to know why?

I feared God and most especially tarnishing my family image. Sometimes, we often pick wrong role models, and since I was living very large in the University, I could afford whatever it is I needed.

I had men around, some helped out of free will while others did because we shared something. It was fun while it lasted until I almost lost my life on a journey, I had told my sister I was going to church ( redemption camp) precisely but my destination was different. The car tumbled like 3 times, nobody died but we were hurt.

That moment it dawned on me, I could have died, I could have died for no reason, But God saved, he wanted me to learn a lesson.

The funniest part was, all the money I made threading that part was never used on any tangible purpose. So when you decide to embark on a journey, review it wisely, some journey are of no return.

Some have lost it, some are loosing it and some will still loose it, Why not look inwardly, you know that thing you are doing wrongly, not everyone would get a second chance to review the chances life has thrown at them.

My View on Prostitution in Higher Institutions in Nigeria

You might not be that lucky, whatever is ill gotten cannot stand the test of time. Whatever decisions you make in life can make or mar you. Please do not give up, no matter how bad life is treating you, stand tall and firm.

There is usually a reward for genuine hard-work. Do not get carried away by material things you see, nothing last forever.


A lot of people do not have the opportunities she had to be alive to tell the story. What if she had lost her life in the process of chasing vanity and running after things that were unnecessary? A word they say is enough for the wise.

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