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S*xy Quotes For Him And Naughty Quotes You Can Send

sexy quotes for him

Quotes for him: How do you maintain consistency in your love life? How do you keep your relationship growing? It is very easy to fall in love, but is it easy to stay in love? I know you have your ways of making the fire in your relationship burn continually. I have a question for you though. Have you ever sent s*exy quotes for him?

Not just s*xy quotes for him, naughty and seductive quotes are sure fire ways to make your relationship unique and different. Apart from the usual things we do kike going to the movies, having a regular hangout, going for dinner dates or having a daycation together. A very cheap but consistent way to make your relationship grow in a unique is by preparing s*xy quotes for him your man and sending to him numerous times.

No matter how beautiful your relationship is, a little spice added or a little budge to make it more beautiful and better would not be a biggie, especially if it is in the most inexpensive way ever; sending s*xy quotes for him.

I don’t want you to ever get bored in your relationship. I don’t want you to ever feel tired of loving. I don’t want you to feel like there is nothing to get out of your relationship or nothing exciting is happening in your relationship anymore. That is why you need this s*xy love quotes to spice your relationship up. You need to know that one of the sure-fire ways to lighten up your love is by sending s*xy love quotes to your partner. Noe this, a lot of people envisaging a relationship, about to start a relationship or even started and fresh, get to use these s*xy love quotes to give their relationships a new theme and definition, how much more you relationship that has been around for some time.

The ball is in your court, all you just need to do is make your relationship, do not allow the lighted fire dim, send s*xy quotes for him your man and your lover.

Naughty and S*xy quotes for him

1 Can I just feel me on your fingers?

2 I want to suck myself off your fingers

3 Make me scream in ecstasy on this floor now!

4 Please bite my shoulders and lick my ears so I could moan so loudly.

5 I want to get drunk in your arms.

6 Please be nice to me, be gentle and don’t go in too hard! Please make me moan in a bad way

7 Can you just come, hold and squeeze me so hard?

8 Tell me dirty things, I am your dirty thing.

9 I just want to say one thing to you. Your lips get me drunk in love

10 Can we just kiss, cuddle, hold one another so tight and make out in your car?

11 What you have in between your legs belong to me. You need to know that!

12 Pelt you wet kisses on my back, bite my thighs, lick my neck, hold me with all the face you got and get me wanting you more

13 Let your eyes always be close to mine

14 Can you just stay inside me and don’t come out?

15 I want you to hold me like you’ve never held me before. I want you to kiss me like you’ve never kissed before. I want you to hug me like you’ve never hugged before. I want you to do everything to me, like you’ve never done before!

16 I just want to do crazy stuffs to you.

17 Spank me in a crazy way. It is the only thing I want!

18 Listen to me now! When you get here, I will pull out all your clothes and touch everywhere

19 Push my back to the wall and do weird things to my body

20 I want you to stay happy in love and I will do anything to make that happen!

21 Stay with me tonight and we will be alright

22 Slap me sexily. I ant to stop being naughty!

23 I will make sure I driver harder and get you shaking all over. I’m that bad!

24 Can you kiss me until I say stop?

25 I need you naked before I get there!

26 Your love intoxicates me

27 I want you to scatter my bed sheets with me

28 Kiss me in a consuming way because you own all of me

29 I want to see the worst thing you can do so I can do the worst thing to you!

30 I have always wanted you. I will forever want you. I long for you, you are my sweet craving. You fill my hungry stomach with love food. You are passionate and filled me with so much passion. A passion that I want to be rekindled forever. You are pure beast of true love in your own form. I am happy I ended up with you.

Sending quotes for him is just to pass the intense feeling of deep and sultry love such that your partner will just not have a choice than want to be with you anytime. S*xy quotes for him is the intended part of sexting that deals a huge passionate blow on your partner, to make him yearn and crave for you in a really s*xy way. When you send s*xy quotes for him, he feels your sexiness in the most passionate way; inside his body and outside his body.

When you find the one person that makes your heart beat in a s*xy way, do not hesitate to forward your s*xy quotes for him. Men love ladies who can take ‘S*XY’ decisions, why not get on with your s*xy quotes for him then. Make your decision s*xy!

31 I just want you and no one else. I just want to fall for you and no one else. I just need you by my side and smile like no one else. I just want to be with you and no one else.

32 I will love in such a way that no one will be able to grab you from me

33 You know I saw the best and worst of you the last time, and I can deal and live with it

34 I may not have been your first, but I am prepared to work so hard so I can be the last.

35 I want you to set my body on fire!

Incredible S*xy love quotes for him

36 Pull off your undies, show me your curves and your edges. I want to be sure when I will start from and where I will end at? I want to savour your banging body and want to see what is making me go crazy about you! I want to love you and your body!

37 I just want to cuddle you so bad right now

38 Will your lips prevent me from tasting you right now?

39 Let us break all love rules, let us break all love barriers, let us break all love instructions. Bending the rules makes love crazy and doing crazy things in love makes love more fun. Let us forgive each other quickly and learn from our mistakes everyday.

40 If you need a crazy bestie and a naughty girlfriend. I am all yours!

Naughty quotes for him

41. I will be your naughty babe if you are my naughty man!

42. I will hold you close and do naughty things to you in the most craziest way

43 Some of the best moments I enjoy with you is usually when you get naughty with me.What about today? Let’s get naughty together!

44 I am not crazy about you because of your thick and muscular frame! I am crazy about you because you are so naughty, lively and smart. I love the way you talk and think situations through. You are truly God sent.

45 Find the stimulating part of me. Push me beyond all boundaries. Let us explore together so we can reach the depths we both want forever.

46 You own my love and my bum

47 There is nothing more crazier than a man saying he wants you so bad. There is nothing more fascinating than a man who craves for you and does everything within his reach to make sure he gets you all to himself. You are my crazy lover!

48 When my friends told me to do what I want yesterday. I just told them I want to do you so hard!

49 I want to grow naughty with you for eternity

50 I love you when I catch you staring at my body!

Now that you have all the s*xy quotes for him! What are you going to do? Send to him, share with your friends? Or maybe you have more s*xy quotes for him that you want to add in our comments section below. Fell free, the floor is yours!

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