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Reasons Why Love is Not Enough in Your Relationship

Reasons Why Love is Not Enough in Your Relationship

Reasons Why Love is Not Enough in Your Relationship – Falling in love is perhaps the most exciting and wonderful thing that could ever happen to an individual in a lifetime.

That wondrous feeling of admiration, that butterfly feeling you get in your stomach every time you see the person you are in love with, the never-ending promises you both make to each other and the prospect of spending a lifetime together. Falling in love can be very beautiful and for any relationship to pull through, there has to be a certain level of feelings and emotions involved.

However, most people tend to think that love is enough to sustain a relationship. But this thinking is faulted, to be honest. Perhaps, most people reason like this because of all the movies and fairy-tale novels they grew up watching and reading.

When you first fall in love with someone, you promise never to let the person go even if the world is against your love. You feel like you would do anything for this person, even go to hell and back for them. You are optimistic that you would walk over any obstacle that threatens to serve as the hindrance to your love, be it religion, parent factor or anything whatsoever. You are familiar with the phrase that says “Love conquers all” and you believe firmly in that phrase. You think that the love, emotions, and feelings are all you need in your relationship and everything else would be fine.

What you do not know however is that these things are never enough for a relationship. Be it love, passion, feelings or emotions, none of them is enough for your relationship to work. A relationship needs other attributes like commitment, loyalty, trust and understanding to actually work. Here are some of the reasons why love might not be enough in your relationship;

1. Compatibility

Many people believe that once they are in love, nothing else matters. But the truth is other things matter too. To be in a relationship with someone, there has to be a certain level of compatibility between you two. And for there to be compatibility in your relationship, your level of maturity has to be in almost the same range. The way you both view life, your personal beliefs and your perspective of the world are all factors that contribute to compatibility. If the way you both reason is on a widely different level, then it is safe to say that love might not be enough in your relationship. This is because having contrasting views on issues most of the times can always result in an argument which is unhealthy for any relationship.

2. Communication

Another reason why love might not be enough in your relationship is if there is a lack of communication in that relationship. Many people believe that falling in love somehow creates an automatic supernatural bond between them and the person they are in love with. They think that because they are in love with someone, the person should be able to understand each and all their needs and feelings without communicating it to them but this is something that is quite impossible.

Your lover isn’t psychic so you can’t expect them to know your needs without you telling them. So, ensure that communication isn’t lacking in your relationship. If you need something or if your partner is exhibiting some behavior that you aren’t comfortable with, let them know. If you keep mute instead, it will surely create problems in your relationship and love won’t be enough to salvage that relationship.

3. Compromising for each other

For any relationship to work, you need to be ready to compromise some things or beliefs for each other. The belief that love should be able to overlook all shortcomings, behaviors, and characters is a totally wrong one. True, love should be able to overlook but this is not in all instances. Thinking that because a person is in love with you is enough reason for them to look past all of your faults is not so cool. The thing is, you should be ready to compromise some of your beliefs if they are going to affect your relationship. You should be ready to do away with whatever your partner doesn’t like as long as this doesn’t change your personality. A love that is not ready to compromise is a love that is not enough for a relationship.

4. The Belief that Love solves all Relationship Problems

First things first, you absolutely need to do away with this belief. Love doesn’t solve all your relationship problems, love is never enough. There are certain problems that when you face them in your relationship, the best thing to do would be to let go of each other. However, when some people face these kinds of problems in their relationship, they want to hold on strongly to this relationship with the belief that their love would pull through. But the truth is, there are some cases where no matter how much you try, love won’t be enough to salvage the relationship. You know strong factors like religion, tribe and parent agreement are some of the problems you might face in a relationship. So, in these cases, it is best that you end the relationship.

5. Making Sacrifices

There are some sacrifices you just shouldn’t make in your relationship no matter how crazy you are about your partner. Sacrificing your dignity, self-respect, self-worth, dreams, and ambitions for your relationship in the name of love is something you should never do. Do not stay with someone who doesn’t share same interests as you and don’t ever think of sacrificing all of these for that person. In all honesty, love could actually be blind to that popular saying but love’s visual impairment should have a limit. Never go out of your comfort zone to please a person you are in a relationship with just because you are in love with them.

Frankly, if you have to give up things that make you happy just because you want to keep your relationship, then this is a sign that yours is not a happy love and it won’t be enough in the long run.

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