We were just about concluding our second hymn for the service when she walked in. That was the first time I saw her. She isn’t a first timer as I noticed how some church members exchanged pleasantries with her. Oh my! Isn’t she a beauty?

She should be in her mid thirties or thereabout, makeup mildly done, the matte pink lipstick delicately lipped around her lips.

The brows neatly done, eyes curvy in this cute way, her ‘gele’ tied in a way that pushed her dark natural hair out at the top of her head.

Her pink colour lace clung so hungrily to her body. The fashion designer did a good job with the cut. (Let me leave the fashion part to the fashionistas to do fashion police on the babe).

Her gait held me spell bound, she wasn’t walking too fast nor too slow. She is beautiful, I must say.

It was the cry of Kunle, the one year old son of our church steward that jolted me out of my misery. LOL!

I noticed I wasn’t the only one staring at her, even some married men as well!..Jesus Lord! In the church of God? Over crushing worrying Deedee.

I started thinking, What if I flirted with her? Got her interested in me? Maybe the 21-23 years old girls are not for me? Maybe the older women are bae.

So many thoughts coarsing through my brain, that I couldn’t concentrate in church. Should I hit on her next week? Dear God, forgive Deedee, save him out his singleness misery, mbok!

The thoughts of hitting on and dating ‘misery lady’ reminded me of certain privileges I enjoyed while growing as a young man ( still a young man though…) I had the opportunity to date about 5 older ladies!

Don’t scream, YES! DEEDEE did date ‘em all!

The youngest among the five was 3 years older than I am, It was fun along the way. I sure learned a lot and was welcomed into the world of adulthood even as a teenager. Unfortunately, Deedee is single yet, which means I’m no longer with any!

I’m sure you guys are not new to guys having to date older women. This was however not a case of being a gigolo though, although a thin line could be drawn, but believe me, I wasn’t a gigolo nor a sugar mummy individual.

The thoughts of dating someone older apparently excited me back then and since I was way bigger and presumably mature for my age. I got away with so many exciting relationships.

I may give it a thought now! Maybe that’s the kind of woman for me. Who knows? This post is just to bring you guys into the different older babes I dated and the reasons I dated them.

Don’t criticize oh..Just read and enjoy..LOL!

LADY 5 – Desola (St. Louis Grammar School)

I was 14 year old and in SS2 in High School. There was this girls’ school that myself and my bad ass male friends used to go learn ‘handball’. For those who don’t know handball, it’s a game of ball, played with the hands. chikena!

An attacker whose got arm power then, I did a lot of scoring and in no time I was nicknamed ‘Utako’. Desola ‘a 17 year old’ defender was always manning the other’s team defence and I would glide past her Desola effortlessly, scoring lots of goals.

She was fascinated by my scoring skills that anytime my team has a match against hers, she usually feigns injury and would be substituted..Feeble of her, you say?

Desola and I became close friends and I realized she liked my personality off field. So after each match, we would hang out outside the school gate at a shed and discuss other issues asides handball.

We realized that we talked about loads of things ranging from academics to sports, entertainment, love and relationships. Desola was apparently surprised that I had started dating since I was 12. Minor, yea? But that’s the way it is. Growing up for me was crazy!

We were very close at that time, my friends termed us lovebirds, and Desola was unconcerned. She actually knew I was a year below her in class but she did not care. She was comfortable with that and we decided to ‘date’. It wasn’t a surprise to many because they expected us to have dated earlier.

I liked how Desola handles situations, how playful and very youthful she was. She loved my love letters and encouraged me to keep writing for her. Her friends who dated older boys then did not do traditional things like we did.

I learned a lot from Desola, from pecking to french kissing, to other levels of intimacies. **You want me to mention, bah? You are so on your own**

Well that year was one of the most amazing years of my High School year and I enjoyed being a full fledged lover and some one that had the opportunity of dating older Desola.

There was a particular ‘Visiting Day’ I went to visit Desola in school and gisting as usual, asked her if she knew how old I was. She just laughed and told me she thought we were age mates , and decided to confirm through my friends, who told her I was 14.

She was shocked then but just liked the fact that I did not demonstrate being a **youngie**, and I handled the relationship like I was a 20 year old. Whatever that was then, I could not fathom its meaning till now…

Well, after all said and done, Desola graduated from High School and travelled abroad. We lost contact and that was how my relationship with Desola ended!

Lady 4– Sandra ( The Ibo Babe – Chris SuperMarket)

Mom sent me to the supermarket to buy groceries that fateful day. It was a Saturday morning, 6 months after High school graduation, and 2 months after JAMB results came out. I failed apparently, hence was relegated to doing chores, Dolapo, my younger sister handles.

Grudgingly but with no choice obviously, I set out with the wooden basket we usually use to buy grocieries from ‘Chris SuperMarket’, N150 naira bike away from my house.

I was 17 years that year with no hope of gaining admission into the University. I became the house boy of the house, running errands and doing chores. I deserve it shey?

Still bemoaning my fate at scoring 196 in JAMB, knowing fully well I could have passed if I worked harder and feeling too pompous for being the one sent to buy groceries. I stepped into the Mart.

I bought all the groceries on the list but one.

An hair cream, Mom told me to buy which I have searched everywhere for. I was just about heading down to the payment when I saw a dark hairy girl with back turned on me, mention the name same hair cream I was looking for to another lady I couldn’t see.

Oh..Nice, I thought, Let me just move closer and find out if she knew where I could get the cream along the shelves.

I moved closer to her and tapped her from the back. In shock she swirled round facing me, an inquisitive and midly angry look on her face. Lo and behold, I stared down at the most beautiful dark eyes I’ve ever seen in my Life!…..(at least that was the way I felt at that time)………………..



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