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How to flirt with a girl you like

How to flirt with a girl

You can either do it and get the piss off response or get the smile when you know how to flirt with a girl the right way.

Whichever  way you choose to have your bout of fun, I am sure a smart, adventurous girl will understand exactly what it is you want to achieve and she may proceed to give you the ‘If you want me, come and get me message’.

How to flirt with a girl

The question is, what exactly do you intend to achieve by knowing how to flirt with a girl: A fling? Sex? Or the potential for a date? Or even love? It is important that you try to find out what exactly the reason for flirting before you proceed on your mission!


Yes, we get that you’re trying to convince her that you’re worth her time, but you do not want to seem ridiculous while doing this. Trying to hard to impress a girl is a huge turnoff for girls and is against the flirting rule.

All girls love when guys are being themselves while trying to get their attention.  Girls want to get to know the real you!  This is the only way they get to decide if you’re worth giving an opportunity.  No girl wants the stress of having to deal with multiple personalities.  So next time you hit up a girl, please be yourself!


One of the major things you need knowing how to flirt with a girl is that your body language matters a lot when it comes to the flirting world.

With your body, you can pass those flirty signals to her, then pause to see her reaction. It doesn’t make sense if your body language/signal is one of a pastor,  and you want to be flirty with her!  What signals do you want her to interpret?

Ever wonder why most guys end up in the bro-zone when it’s obvious that they want to be more?

This is because they are passing the wrong body signal to the girl.  A girl isn’t a prophetess who’d be able to know what you want when you pass wrong signals.

Save a girl the stress and start giving out the right body signals. Body language also helps a girl to determine if a guy is serious or not.


Nothing more screams sexy than a guy who is bold and confident, and sure knows what he wants to achieve. You don’t expect a girl to take you serious when you are unserious. The way you approach a girl really matters a lot.

First approach goes a long way.  From the way you speak,  to the way you’re dressed;  a girl would use less than 20 seconds to evaluate  everything about you.

No girl wants a man who won’t be confident of himself when he’s speaking in public.  So guys, it’s time to step-up the game and build your confidence level so that next time you’d want to flirt with a girl,  it would be successful.


Honestly,  weird pickup lines need to be scraped out because the use has become crappy, bland and unnecessary.

I have seen quite a number of guys who approach the girl with a ‘baby did you fall from the sky, because you look like an angel’

Most of these pickup lines have become like our national anthem and will make every smart and enthusiastic girl lose interest in every other thing you mutter.

Believe me:

Pickup lines are just useless because they have no significance and doesn’t help in leveling her interest in you. You can check my post on creative ways. You can read my post on the dating first message for the woman of your dreams here. It will surely help you with your lines.

If you’re a guy and you’re used to using weird and stereotyped pickup lines on girls,  please you need to stop!!! Those lines might be the reason why it isn’t working out with those girls. Get creative with your lines and you can get that woman to enjoy your flirting game and who knows, she may decide to get into the ride with you.


Maintaining eye contact is essential when having a conversation with a girl you’re trying to flirt with. This action reflects confidence.

You need to show her that you’re serious about what you’re talking about and having fun at the same time,  and maintaining eye contact is the best way to establish this.

Yes,  we preach maintaining eye contact in trying to establish a good flirty relationship, but do not do this to the extent that you become a creep. Some girls get freaked out by the eye contact thing. So,  modesty is needed while doing this.

Next time you see that girl,  be sure to make sharp eye contact and send a message.


Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.  Yes we know that you want to flirt with this girl and need to be something more with her,  but you need to tread softly. Understand the type of girl she is; this goes a long way in determining your course of action.

She might be one who loves sweet talks,  or one who loves direct talk.  Either ways,  you need to be gentle with her. Being slow and consistent wins the race. There’s no need of going head rush to her when the end result won’t be favorable to you.

Getting a girl to a date is a gradual process that you’ll fail in if you don’t have enough patience on knowing how to flirt with a girl


Want a quick flirty idea?  Give her a pet/nickname!

Girls really dig the nickname thing. It makes her feel special that you took time out to carve a special name for her.

In order to achieve the nickname thingy, you need to have established a sort of relationship with her.  You just don’t walk up to a girl,  ask for her name,  and then decide to give her a nickname out of the blue.

No! It doesn’t work that way. I am sure a lot of guys are guilty of this.

Build a friendly relationship with her,  then give her a nickname and start calling her those flirty nicknames you love on a girl.


What’s with guys becoming overly emotional nowadays?  Is this a new trend or what?

Yes,  flirt with her but please do not become too clingy.  This is just a huge turnoff! Being too clingy just leaves her in a confused emotional state,  and girls hate being in this state. So, they choose the easy way and walk away.

How would you be overly emotional and go to flirt with a girl?

If things eventually work out,  who do you want her to turn to when she’s having mood swings?  Girls dig tough guys and not the overly clingy type.  So guys stop wearing your heart on your sleeves,  and put on your tough guy game on when you’re flirting with her.


In order to know how to with a girl,  you first have to concentrate on building a friendly relationship with her.  This is the only way things are going to start looking up for you.

Yes you want to flirt with her,  but you don’t want to scare her away.  You don’t need to go at her with full force all in the name of ‘flirting’. There are other ways around this. Be her friend,  then start making moves on taking it to the next level.

This way,  she is already comfortable with you,  and even if things don’t work out,  there won’t be bad blood between you both. Trust me,  she won’t accept you or take you serious if she doesn’t see you as someone she can be comfortable with.


When ascertaining how to flirt with a girl, you have to find a way to ease yourself into her heart.

In line with building a friendly relationship,  you have to know things that make her comfortable and also those that make her uncomfortable.

There might be attribute of yours that piss her off and you got simply need to know these attributes and then try as much as possible to curb them.

Also,  there might be certain topics you need to avoid in a conversation with her, so keep conversations light and simple. Avoid certain controversial topics till you guys reach a serious point in your friendship.

Do not try talking about sensitive topics when you know that she isn’t comfortable with you yet.


There is nothing as enjoyable and fun as being with a guy with a very good sense of humour.  You know you’ve got her when you have her laughing at all your jokes. One way to keep a girl is when you’ve got a good back to back sense of humor.

A girl will start considering you and giving you the time of the day when she’s sure that there’ll never be a dull moment between you both.  Let’s face it,  no one fancies awkward situations and dull  moments. So,  no girl will fancy you if you lack a good sense of humor.

So guys get your humor bags and start knowing how to flirt with a girl!


Every girl is a queen, and expects to be treated as one. It isn’t right for you to flirt with a girl one day,  and ignore her the next day.

How do you expect her to react? Why mess with her emotions?

You just don’t flirt one day and stop!  Trust me nothing will work out that way.  Once you start flirting with a girl,  you’re saying that you’re ready to start paying attention to her.  Not just any attention,  but your full undivided attention.

If you aren’t ready to treat her with undivided attention, then don’t even think talk less of bothering to flirt with her.


Most guys never take the hint. Most feel it’s cool to keep pestering the girl,  but I feel it’s a dumb move. If you go ahead with your flirting game,  and she gives the red signal saying ‘no’,  please back off.

There’s nothing wrong with trying your luck another time,  but you have to give her space and time before you try your luck again.

Ladies do not fancy when guys become pests and bugs.  Taking the hint and backing off when she says no makes you more responsible and you earn points which increases your chances of you decide to try again. However, choosing to be a pest brings you nothing but insults and instant rejection. Don’t miss out on knowing how to flirt with a girl.

How to flirt with a girl


As said earlier,  flirting is a process.  Once you notice she’s comfortable with you,  tease her once in a while. Let your purpose be known. Slowly build up sexual tension.  Do this in a way that is noticeable,  but not too much to make her feel uncomfortable and ultimately scarce her.

A very smart girl will get your message and will return the gesture as a flirt back move on you.

It is essential to do this so she’ll know your feelings for her.  Keeping her in a dark corner about your emotions would do more harm than good to you.

Start building sexual tension soon today and get closer to her.


As earlier stated,  you do not need to be clingy as a guy.  Once you guys get to a point where you’re comfortable with each other,  start doing things to make her miss you.

Let her know that you need to know her decision already,  as you don’t plan on staying in the corner forever.

Give her space most times,  let her know what it feels like when you’re not around. Some girls are fond of giving mixed signals just to keep the guy around. Let her know that you’re not down for such at all.

This way, you’ll know if your feelings for her are reciprocated or not.

All you need to do in knowing how to flirt with a girl is to apply the necessary  techniques and all will work out considerably well, and finally you can eventually do this:

How to flirt with a girl


Now that I have taught you how to flirt with a girl. What do you think? Do you have other additions on how to flirt with a girl? Drop in the comment section below.



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