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Sad Love Series: Episode 2 | I Was Used As A Lab Rat

Sad love series

Sad love series, Episode 2:

Hey Guys, Welcome to the Second episode of Sad Love Series ! If you also have stories to share on the Blog, do not hesitate to share. Let us all build a community of fiction, non-fiction writers, alright? 



We met at your friend’s wedding. You were my friend’s friend and I kind of were into you that day. I remember? The jokes I made, the way everyone laughed made me alive, happy and different.

Then you laughed! Oh that heavenly laugh, that sounded like beautiful birds chirping in the trees. You were gracious and the way your body shook made me tremble in pure bliss and ecstasy.

I wanted to know more about you and your laugh.

My eyes kept locking with yours and I remembered that it was the fifth time our eyes locked that I jumped from my seat to make my move before it was too late. I remember all our discussion like it was yesterday, how I told you I really liked you and you told me I could not be serious.

I remember how I kept my straight face and told you I was serious about seeing you again and starting something with you? That if you want us to see again, you should just flash my line when you get home.

Oh that heavenly feeling I got when you called. I thought you would just flash, but you made the call. My heart fluttered, my soul trembled, my excitement level was top notch, second to none. I felt so delighted having a beautiful lady call me at that time of the night.It felt like the heavens were with me on this one!

But were you with me?

We started our everyday talks which lasted for more than two months. It felt like love madness to me. We were so intimate that we would make our discussion from anything to everything. I felt blessed to have you as a convo deliverer! I was in a dreamland, I never wanted to wake up!

But you woke me up, didn’t you?

Remember how we started seeing every weekend? How I would rush from Lagos to Ijagun to see you, even got to Ijebu many times at midnight? Remember all the waiting out late for me, walking on the road, trying to find out where I was, praying I got to you safe?

Remember that night we took a stroll out of your house to the burial ground 500 metres away because you told me the breeze there was different and cool when there was too much heat and we needed to get fresh air? When it was like a ghost zoomed past us? I remember all those dangerous nights. All those times! WoW!

Remember the spurious love making and the fear that I would get you pregnant because we were too sweet to be true? Remember the night you woke and cried and told me ‘You were sorry’? I asked you why but you just said it’s fine?

Oh, you broke my heart Lade!

Only if I knew what was coming! Only if I had an inkling, Only if God had just shown my tender and loving heart that I would be devastated. Only if! Just only if!

I thought you were the love of my life. I thought with you everything will be perfect.

Remember that night I came to your house you told me about your boyfriend, how you guys broke up? How he has been calling to get back to you. How your family loved him so much, and I showed you love. I was happy you mentioned me and I never felt more relieved.

I never knew that you set the pace for the devastation you would cause me.

I remember that night at Equity Resort Hotel, you dropped the damaging and never to be forgotten news, that you were not really in love with ME from the start. You only used me as a LAB rat for your STD experiment.

My heart bled when you said this, but you did not stop there!

You told me your boyfriend accused you of infecting him with STD and you needed someone to prove that it was not YOU, so you used me.

You freaking used me LADE! Good Lord!

You told me you started having feeling for me, but I damned your feelings and cried like a baby. I was so in love with you. So blindly into you.

You told me I could hang around, but it was never my plan to be a side-dude.

I moved on in pains and a broken heart!

Thank you for playing me, for making me think your love was mine for keeps. Thank you for the devastation. I hope you find happiness just the way you have brought me sadness.







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