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Happy Mothers Day Messages And Mothers Day Text Messages

happy mothers day messages

11 You are the anchor that has supported me throughout my growing up mom. Happy mothers day to you! I love you so much!

12 The best thing children can do to their mom is to continue to appreciate their presence and how much positivity they have brought into their lives. I value your presence mom. You are truly special. Happy mothers day to you.

13 You heart is the heart that cares and love. Your heart is the heart that is sensitive and prays for success. Your heart is truly Gold mom. Happy mothers day to you. You are the best ever!

14 Your hug remains forever mom. Even after you left me to work my way through life. You are a special mother to all of us. Happy Mothers day.

15  Try to look deep into the heart of your mom, you will see that indeed they are the best philosophers of this life. They fill your heart with so much beautiful stories and lovelies memories. They teach you values and how to respect another. They teach you how to be a perfect man for your woman and how to never hit your woman. They are truly the best philosophers. You are the best philosopher Mom. Happy Mothers day to you!

16 When I grow up Mom. I pray and hope to have a very beautiful woman like you as my mom! You turned me into you a brother as I see you as a sister. You have made conversation and inter-relationships so amazing that I could sit and gist with you for hours. You are the best gift of God to me mom. Happy mothers day to you! You are indeed a special being Ma.

17 If I come back to this world again! I wish pray to have you as my mom. You are truly a gift from God to me, and I will not wish for a better mom but you. You have showed me how to be merciful and love selflessly. Thank you for everything and more mom. Happy mothers day.

18 Your love for me is something out of this world. It breaks all boundaries and barriers. It shows that there is no law when it comes to motherhood. Your love is daring and destroys any type of negativity that comes its way. You love is counseling and supportive. Your love is so flexible and sensitive. You are truly a great mother mom! Happy mothers day to you!

19 Dear Mom. You have grown up with me. You have told me countless times to lean on you in days of trouble. You have told me to run to you when I have questions. You advised me to never be scared of anything in this life. You have always told me to face my demons and deal with them. You mentioned to me that when the going toughs, it is only the only with the tough heart that gets going. You even went an extra mile to teach me how to be tough. Your ways and manners have inspired me mom that there is no other special mom in this world but you! I love you so much Mom and I thank God for giving me you! Happy Mothers day to the best mom in the world.

20 I love you so much that you have become a lyrics to the songs in my heart. You have given me peace, love, and comfort to deal with and tackle all situations. I will keep this lyrics of song in my heart forever that it will remain ingrained in my heart. Thank you for giving birth to me mom. I will never forget YOU. Happy mothers day to you. You are amazing!

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