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Deedee’s Best List Of One Word Compliments To Say

one word compliments

Looking for the perfect way to compliment your lover or your loved ones? Then try out my best list of one word compliments you can ever come across.

Do you have to go over the top to compliment your man or woman? Why not try my best list of one word compliments to say to your loved one? One word compliments will play right into the words you want to say to your boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister or even your partner. One word compliments may suffice at any point in time that you feel you need to use them.

You do not need to write a host of words to pass a message across. Why not try with my thought out ‘keeping it short and simple’ or my ‘little is more’ one word compliment? When it comes to praising people that you love, less words can go a long way in passing your messages across. Don’t you think?

No, you don’t need to think, I would do the thinking for you! LESS is surely MORE!!

What type of one word compliments would be appropriate?

For me, I would expect something other than the norm. You know? Not the usual on word we hear every day along the way. Hey, wait a moment, it could even be the regular words, but said in a unique way. Right?

Guys, rather than call your babe ‘hot’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘sexy’ there are other ‘charming words’ you can use to pass make your compliments be in another league of its own.

Ladies, instead of calling your man ‘handsome’, ‘6 packed cutie’ or ‘bae’. There are other ‘appealing’ one word compliments to make your lover unique.

“Note that when passing your one word compliments across, a lot of us do not like to hear a word different times. If you try to work hard on your relationship by making your one word compliments stand out, then you need to state one word compliments that are unique. If you throw a compliment that someone has never heard before, I am sure they are not going to forget the compliment forever.

According to, you can start a conversation with a question that is deep and personal to get your crush to open up, and then use one of these thoughtful and meaningful words to establish a closer relationship with your significant other.”

Here are deedee’s best list of one word compliments to pass across to the ones you love without having to write a whole epistle to pass your thoughts across.

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Let’s get started with it!

My best list of one word compliments to say to a lady

1 Alluring

You meet someone who is kind of attractive in a unique way. Not that they would pass off as extremely attractive ‘like in a beautiful queen kind of way’. But there is a mysterious beauty associated with her. It could be her eyes, or her bodily figure. What is key to note is that you find her attractive in a unqiue. Then the words is a sure bet for you to use.

2 Stunning

I could remember the last time I met a beautiful lady at a hangout at Victoria Island. I told her she was stunning and guess what, I got a number to text to on WhatsApp. You need to realize that telling a beautiful woman she is stunning is way out of her league, and you have passed a simply ecstatic message that you are astounded by the way she looked!

3 Amiable

This goes beyond the normal ‘Friendly’ compliment that you pass whenever you meet a lady that is very sociable and gregarious. When you say, a lady is friendly, it means you value them just above the fact that they are beautiful. Sometimes ladies appreciate when we value their social skills and attributes more than the way they look. So ‘Amiable’ it is. Way to go!

4 Graceful

This is a quality that looks beyond the facial qualities of a lady. Sometimes one word compliments can the tone of words that a lady needs to fall in love with you repeatedly. When you compliment all other physical attributes rather than the facial look into her demeanor, then you are just on the next step to

5 Confident

I love confident ladies. If your woman is confident, then just go ahead and compliment her. A lot of guys I have met bother so much on other less intense qualities rather than looking at the innate ones that are weaned over time. When you tell your woman that she is a confident lady, then you are passing the information that she is indeed trustworthy in thoughts and convictions. Send her your one words compliments today. You will see the value you have added to your love life.

6 Appealing

When you have an interesting lady then appealing is the right one word compliment to use in describing her. Who would not love to call his babe, ‘an interesting’ babe! She will love you and appreciate you for the compliment.

7 Unique

You may have met a lot of ladies in your lifetime, however there is something striking and totally different in your woman that you can’t just wait than to say she is special, and different in a way that you can’t imagine. I have met a lot of guys who ‘claimed’ their ladies are one of a kind. If you are on the lookout for the best one word compliment to use on your special lady, then ‘unique’ is the word.

8 Wondrous

You have a babe who delights you all the time, then saying ‘wondrous’ is the right compliment to use. You have a wonderful babe who makes you happy and brings you less drama, then the best one word compliment to use is this one. Thank me later!

9 Angelic

When you are looking at all the words to put together for a lady that is kind, innocent, Beatific, and radiant. Then Angelic is the perfect word tonic for you. A cool, calm and collected lady is the perfect one to fall into this amazing compliment. If you have a compliment that fits all this criterion, the go ahead and compliment her.

10 Electrifying

A lady wants to be sure that you are happy around her and she also wants to do things to make you happy and exciting. If she gets you excited in a very exhilarating way, then the most appropriate and best one word compliment to use is simply electrifying!

11 Spirited

When you have a determined, feisty, filled with bursts of energy, very naughty and bubble, then the spirited woman is just the right compliment to use. Go ahead and term your woman a spirited lady and see how much she would appreciate the one word compliment.

12 Sophisticated

When your lady is purely refined, urbane, classy and chic, saying she is sophisticated is not far-fetched. For instance, you can say ‘You are a very sophisticated lady, and I love it’.

13 Regal

When you have an elegant lady, who is royal in her way and her attitude, then saying she is majestic will not be improper. She is beautiful, has great esteem and deference. You need to use the word regal on her and she will appreciate you for it. Why not go ahead then?


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