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There are apology quotes specifically crafted for you to read in order to understand that you need to apologize for your wrongdoings to keep your relationship back on track. In this post, you will find a couple of sincere apology quotes, funny apology quotes, sensitive apology quotes, honest apology and apology messages that you will need to send to your loved ones.

You are very proud, yes I know. You believe you can earn his/her forgiveness for your wrongdoings without doing the needful. You think you can eat your cake and have it! He/she loves you enough and so should be ready to forgive you for all your wrongs. Right!


Hey Dear, you may be that lucky to find such a man/ woman who forgives you even before you apologize, but trust me, your inability to say sorry or apologize sincerely could be the major undoing in a relationship you have painstakingly built.

Let’s have a little scenario to represent all these, shall we?

Daniel had a very rough day at work; a very nosy and terrible superior has continually shredded him on some mistakes he made at work, and during the course of having the bad day. His girlfriend Beau continually called him to pass across some information.

Imagine that you were the one!

Having a rough day at work and then girlfriend calling you incessantly. I am sure that at some point you may found the ring of the phone too bothering and you would need to shut it off, because of your state of mind at that time – An angry man staring angrily at a  phone that was ringing incessantly.

Exactly, what Daniel did, shut off his phone in order to clear his heads and thoughts and then provide the necessary efficiency to work through the day.

On getting home later in the evening; he met ‘Beau’ already pissed and disturbed that he did not picked his calls, and while she passionately expressed her anger and anxiety at Daniel’s inability to pick his call, Daniel flared up, not yet gotten over the bad day at work, which led to an argument between the partners.

The arguments reached a crescendo and Daniel in his rage requested that Beau leave his house in the night!

You said Wow? Yes he actually did, it was really bad and he could not keep his emotions in check. I do not blame him though, and I’d say you shouldn’t.

We all have our inner demons, done we? When they come rearing, the way they did for Daniel, rash decisions would be made in the heat of the moment!

Now put yourself in Daniel’s position? Would you apologize and send apology quotes to beau immediately or not or you would just believe that she should come running into your hands after failing to control your anger and consequently chasing her out of your house?

Some of us would sit still and believe that she would come back to us even after what we have done is unspeakable. You may be lucky to find some babe who would waltz back into your life even after doing the despicable to her! However, what you may not know is that you are doing your relationship more damage through your naive actions.

It is understandable if apologizing is a very difficult thing to do! In fact some of us are so filled with too much ego and pride that we wave every single situation by like a pinch of salt and think it is all sorted. Is it? Really?

In several cases in a relationship, you must have hurt someone in your process of trying to be right or in the middle of your mistakes. Your boyfriend/ girlfriend wallows in sadness and confusion based on what you have done.

As soon as you realize this, apologize and send some apology quotes and apology messages almost immediately. You have solved what could have led to a catastrophe!

An apology does two important things to a relationship:

1. It shows regret over the actions you have taken to the detriment of your relationship
2. It acknowledges the damage these actions may have led to

There is the need for an apology in everything we do. This allows people to understand that you are just human and imperfect.

Humans are wired in a way that shows how imperfect we are, which could lead to a lot of mistakes being made and optimally hurting people through our actions.

An apology is one of the most difficult things to do, it is, however, the best way to earn trust and balance in an already impaired relationship.

Every partner in a relationship must be able to accept his/her own wrongs and be humble enough to tender his/her sincere words of apology.

You are not so fond of apologizing. Going giddy-headed and feeling like what do you really care? Do you even understand what it means to apologize? Wait! I’ll show you:

Apology quotes help you to rebuild the trust and commitment in a relationship. It shows your partner that you are not perfect and that you acknowledge your mistakes, creating a pathway to working on yourself. An apology helps you to set principles in your relationship and aids easy understanding and acceptance by your partner.

Apology deepens your levels of communication with your partner. When you apologize albeit sincerely in the course of your wrongdoings, your partner easily understands where you are coming from and displays all readiness to talk to you.

Your partner will be more than interested in helping you walk through your differences, and this opens up communication between both of you.

Apology quotes and messages help your partner to heal. He/she has been hurt by your actions. It is natural for humans to demand an apology for any wrongdoings against them. In fact, your partner might be so hurt by your actions that he begins to blame his/herself for being the cause of the hurt – Outright self-blame as a result of a situation you totally caused.

Your apology quotes and messages help the relationship by allowing you to take responsibility for your actions and displaying all readiness to help your partner heal from the repercussions of what you have done.

Apology quotes and messages help you garner respect and confidence as a responsible partner. There is this sigh of relief that you heave after you apologize to your partner. Your self-esteem and honesty is restored when you come out clean and apologize generously to your partner.

I have put together 50 apology quotes to guide you on your journey to apologizing and saying you are sorry to your partner. These apology quotes will show you all there is to our lives and relationship that is devoid of apologies, signifying the importance of apology to the success of your relationship:

Sincere Apology quotes

1. In the past, they say there are some situations in life that they haven’t invented the right words for. Now there are right words and ‘apology’ is one of them.

2. I am sorry for you if you are in a place where you feel so sorry and stupid for yourself. You need apology quotes to beg sincerely from the depth of your heart.

3. Before, I say to myself. What is there to apologize for in my relationship? Now I know better, my relationship is not just about me. What about you?

4. You think ‘I am sorry’ or ‘ I apologize’ is the worst phrase in the world? Try telling it to your partner, you have saved one more relationship


5. It is better not to feel sorry for anyone who is not an ounce sorry for you. Feel sorry for that person who goes out of his way to acknowledge his actions and apologize profusely.

6. I am unbothered if you claim you love me. What is the essence of love if there is no forgiveness, and how do I forgive you if you don’t own up and apologize

7. The sooner you apologize, the better for the strength and depth of your relationship.

8. Where are my apology messages? Oh! They still lie in your draft folder!

9. You want to come with clean hands?

Then write me a 1000 worded apology letter, telling me how sorry you are and how you are ready to change your ways.
Then I would accept and love you forever

10. When you say ‘I am sorry’. You are just concerned about you.
When you say, it won’t happen again, then you are concerned about us!


11. Words that should not be lost on you…
I am sorry
Please forgive me
I apologize for my wrongs

12. Love allows you to forgive when you have been apologized to.

13. Sometimes, when you forgive someone who apologizes, it doesn’t mean he deserves it,
but just because we intend to allow serenity to reign.

14. I want to hate you so much, but I can’t
You have always exemplified maturity by saying you are sorry
I love you for it.

15. Do not ever think you are too awesome
Too important, always right and never wrong
That you failed to acknowledge your mistakes
And offer an apology that is modest and genuine

16. Whether I am your friend or your lover
You can never go wrong when you wronged me
And you decided to apologize

17. You say you are sorry, I agree
You say it won’t happen again, then I accept
Sorry and not happening should be equal and same
Not equal and opposite

18. Hey! You love me
But I quit because your love
Lacks apology

19. Your quotes are becoming like an anthem
But I’ll keep forgiving you!

20. When you say ‘I apologize’
Then I see your perfections in your imperfections

21. If you made your man say sorry, know that it isn’t the fight that is won
But a love that is genuine and forever

22. One of the best statements you can ever make is knowing
Saying you are right, but acknowledging that you may be wrong

23. Sorry cannot fix me, but it can mend me

24. Say sorry and I won’t give up on you

25. You fail to apologize
You pay the price for your ego
As I walk away into oblivion

26. Why do you keep saying sorry?
Because I need this more than ever!

27. Stop! Apologize again
Continue! Stop!
Are you done?
Apologize forever!

28. Act contrite
And I would give you a second chance

29. Be remorseful and apologetic
And I would forget every wrong and hurt

30. When you say,
Never will I apologize today,
You are deepening a gash in the toe
Widening the sore in the legs

31. Does sorry really change anything?
How will you know
When you have not even mouthed the word!

32. It is one thing to say ‘I am sorry’
It is another to act it
For speaking without acting
Is like
Saying without trying to fix the cause!

33. Looking for the super glue to mend all brokenness
The apology is that which you have been waiting for
It repairs everything!

34. I am sorry you got angry
Is such a patronizing word!
You never really meant to apologize

35. Apologizing is a good deal
But doing the same thing over and over again
Makes your apology worthless

36. He who apologizes has the last laugh

37. Better late than never
An overdue apology can be more important
Than no apology at all

38. Life is such an irony!
So I bumped into someone accidentally
And unconsciously by reflex
Apology escaped from my mouth!
But I got into a fight with her
And caused her so much pain deliberately
Yet I found it difficult to apologize to her

39. I make mistakes, people get hurt, that makes me human
But know for sure
When I say I am sorry
It is true and genuine
Straight from my heart

40. There are four parts to a sincere apology
I have caused you hurt
I am sorry
I recognize my fault
How do I make this right?

41. I am sorry, that my sorry
Will never be enough sorry for you

42. I have led a life of chastity
I have dealt with a lot of people
I have been wronged in so many ways
I have accepted their apologies so many times

43. I love genuine apologies
It enhances togetherness
And fosters a love so amazing


44. I have an affinity with certain sets of people
Those who are keen on an apology

45. Want to be my best friend?
Have a track record of apologizing and forgiving

46. You make no apologies?
Then you deserve no apologies

47. With apologies to all my ex-girlfriends
I realized I loved myself more than I loved them!

48. Apologies are my lyrics
I am sorry is my song
Please listen to the chords
I have played from my well of remorse

49. I make no apologies
For being a fan of love songs

50. Kiss me, I would
Touch, I should
Love, I could
Apologies and it’s enough
Even when the first three are not mentioned

Now you have seen the apology quotes, let us head to the apology messages you may need to put your relationship in order again:

1. I sincerely apologize
Please forgive me
And stay through to me forever

2. I will never be right if I don’t apologize
I am sincerely remorseful

3. Accept this apology
And you have changed my life forever

4. I have sent this apology message to you 15 times,
And you have rejected it all the time
I will continue to send to you
Until you have accepted my apology

5. Take my hand, be my direction
Take my apology and pardon me

6. Let’s get our relationship
Back on the right path again
Please take my apology
And let’s fall in love again

7. You are my shining star
I can do nothing without
I cannot even apologize without you
I am sorry

8. If you accept my apology
We would move on from being livid
To being mischievous again

9. Place your hand on my heart
It beats of apology
I am sincerely sorry

10. I never wanted to start the fight
I never wanted to hurt you
I am sorry for causing you much pain
Please accept my apology

11. I feel bad for making you feel sad
Please forgive me, I will never go back

12. I was indifferent and selfish
But I realized my worthlessness with my giddiness
I apologize for being so unreasonable

13. My mood is bad and terrible
My mood for you is awesome and terrific
I am sorry for that little slack in thought process
And causing the friction
Please accept my apologies

14. Remember that you have always been
My one and only
Accepting my apology would make you
My forever and always

15. My head wants to fight
But my heart knows I want life
With you today and forever
I am sorry

16. I could write you a whole poem
But let me start with the first step
I am sorry

17. I apologize and I am sorry for being
A tyrant
Please forgive and love me again

18. I could paint a whole picture of your love
In the sky
But first, accept my apology

19. I have missed you every passing day
And I know that my major undoing
Were my ego and attitude
I am sincerely sorry

I apologize for being such a jackass
I know better now and
I promise it won’t happen again

20. Why did we start the fight
Why did we argue all night
We have differences
And I apologize
For my inability to manage them
I am sorry

21. They say I am proud
And that I won’t apologize,
But here I am on my knees
stinking of apologies

22. I am sorry to hurt you
You are my friend
And the reason why
There shouldn’t be discord
Between us.
I am sorry

23. My very cute friend
Loving you each day has
Given me a reason to believe in
Love and hope
Having this situation between us
Makes me feel more terrible than ever
I sincerely apologize for being so wrong
I love you

24. I acknowledge my regretful actions
And it has led to a forceful reaction from you
I know I am to blame
But then I am sorry

25. I feel I have injured you with such an emotional fight
I have failed you for having insulted you
This is not to provide an excuse for the fights
But to apologize for being naïve

26. It was my fault, no lies
But I was on fire, no hype
I crave your forgiveness and pardon
For me being so wrong

27. The deed has been done
The dice have been thrown
The mistakes were all mine
I sincerely apologize today
It won’t happen tomorrow

28. I know sorry won’t be enough
Because I really screwed up
I just needed to apologize again
To make this relationship work

29. I feel so bad and terrible right now
For making you bad and terrible just now
I sincerely apologize for what happened

30. You are my best friend
You have the right to request for an apology
I am your best friend I thereby beg for forgiveness
I apologize

31. I do not know how else to apologize
But to say I am sorry

32. I take you for granted sometimes
I promise you that won’t happen again
I am sorry for causing so much hurt
I apologize

33. I am so ashamed of myself
I broke your heart like I broke the shelf
I will never throw away your friendship
I apologize because I am sorry

34. I value our friendship so much
I would never take it for granted
I apologize for being so naïve

35. Thank you for tolerating my worst self
Thank you for accepting my apology
I love you

36. Just like the way you spotted the lie
By staring way down into my heart
Please accept my apology
And let us be just like before

37. Thank you for being such an amazing friend
Thank you for accepting my apology

38. Look into my eyes
You would apology etched deeply
Into my soul
I am sincerely sorry for being
A terrible friend

39. People like you are rare
I have heard it a lot of times in my ears

40. But now I can see with my eyes
How truly valuable you are
Forgive me for being so imperfect
Please accept my apologies

41. Our friendship was never an accident
My mistake was
Please forgive me and accept my apologies

42. Our friendship is forever
Nothing can ever be the stumbling block
Not even what just happened between us
Accept my apology friend
I love you so much

43. I will never let you down again
You are special to me
I am in this relationship for real
And I am sorry for being so wrong
Please accept my apology

44. You tolerated my moods
You dealt with my craziness
Even when I chased you out of my life
You still stood through for me
I value you now more than ever
Thank you for accepting my apologies

45. I never really meant to hide anything from you
I feel so bad that you knew the wrong
I am so sad that you lost your trust in me
I am sorry and apologize
This would never happen again

46. I must apologize for being such a pain in the neck
But I am happy you love and appreciate me in my natural

47. Kiss me and say you have forgiven me
I will love you and say ‘forever’

48. Thanks for being such a wonderful human
I am indeed grateful for the chance to be back as your friend
You are indeed special and awesome
I am indebted to you
Thanks for accepting my apologies

49. Say something and I won’t give up on you
I will always be the one if you can learn to apologize
I love you, you should know that

50. Our friendship has no rules or barriers
It’s just me, you, us together as lovebirds
I am thankful you accepted my apology
You are the best friend ever!

51.My apology to him does not make me wrong,
I want peace to flow in our veins always

52.I apologize to you because I need you more
I need you now, I need you forever

53.I am saying sorry because I have been giddy
I recognize my faults and I really am sorry

54. I have been too proud and disrespectful
I see reasons now and I am wrong
Please forgive my wrong and make me right.


55. I apologize to you with respect,
Because you deserve my respect a whole lot

56. We need apology and understanding
To forge ahead in this relationship

57. Accept my apology, love
And make me understand you more
I am sorry

58. This is my Apology letter to you
Her Baby, I know I’m wrong
I have been lackadaisical
And egoistic
I have been selfish
And self centered
I write this letter in all heaviness so indescribable
I realized I am not perfect yet I act like
It should not only be about me
I miss us so much and I’m sorry
For being inconsiderate
I love you so much
And I believe we will get better
If we sheath the sword of anger
Believe me, I am ready to work on me
And I am here to help you work on us!
Accept my sincere apology
I promise to get better, for you and us
And we will rock this world together in love

59. Apology and Understanding
Makes the world go round
Apology and Understanding
Makes us learn and understand ourselves better
Apology and Understanding
Is key to a successful relationship
I apologize and understand
That we need to work together
And set our differences aside
To be the best we can be

60. I am so sorry
For lacking obvious intuition
On stopping my arguments
When I am damaging what is meant
To be built
I apologize for hurting you with my words
I look forward to us again, being the best together
I am sincerely sorry my Love

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