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Can Someone with ADHD Fall in Love?

Can Someone with ADHD Fall in Love?

The short answer is yes. Individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are some of the most exciting people you’ll meet and easily capable of falling in love.

If you’re a person with ADHD, rejoice — you’ve got an amazing mind that is curious, keeps others on their toes, and always vibrant and bouncing with mental energy. Many of the world’s most famous artists, philosophers, and inventors have ADHD.

But, it can be a blessing and a curse. ADHD allows those to concentrate intensely on most subjects that interest them deeply. However, if the subject doesn’t pique their interest, their wandering mind might struggle against all the individual’s efforts at staying on track.

Likewise, for someone living with a person with ADHD, feelings of frustration can arise from dealing with their loved one’s forgetfulness, impulsivity, and troubled listening skills. Not sure if you have ADHD? Find out more at

Falling In Love

ADHD is a condition that affects the frontal lobe, where most executive functioning skills reside. These are skills like organization, time management, multi-tasking, focus, etc. People with ADHD may fall in love often or seldom at all. They’re just like anyone else in terms of who and how they connect romantically.

People with ADHD can fall in love and care deeply for their significant other for the entirety of the relationship. The bigger question is, can someone with ADHD stay in love?

Staying in Love

People with ADHD are all different and unique. That being said, some people with ADHD may have a more challenging time staying in love than others because of their impulsivity or need for ever-changing environments.

Others with ADHD stay in love quite easily because their significant other happens to fit seamlessly with their personality. Whether you’re the one with ADHD or dating the one with ADHD, there are several things you can do to ensure you both stay in love:

Keep It Moving

You don’t have to move to new towns every year. But you can keep your relationship moving by trying new things, new ways to interact, new activities. Explore different interests together to keep your relationship fresh and full of possibilities.

Travel to new places periodically if that’s something that interests you both. This step will look different to each couple, but it’s an important one.

Practice Patience

Regardless of who in the relationship lives with ADHD, you both need to practice patience with each other to stay in love. The one with ADHD needs to be patient in helping their significant other understand what it’s like to live with ADHD.

At the same time, the one without ADHD must be patient in understanding that many of their loved one’s behaviors are by no means personal.

Have Fun, Let Off Steam

Being in a relationship where at least one of you has ADHD can be frustrating, especially when arguments or general tension arise due to impulsive behavior, disorganized routines, or inability to stay on task. You may experience more of these types of conflict than other relationships you’ve experienced in the past.

You’ll need to offset these frustrations with plenty of opportunities to kick back and have fun with each other. These positive experiences will reinforce the love you have for each other and carry you through the more frustrating movement.

So, yes, people with ADHD can fall in love and stay in love, for that matter. The key is knowing how to make a relationship successful, whether you’re the one living with ADHD or your significant other has ADHD. Take one step at a time, practice patience, keep it moving and have fun.

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