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happy birthday pictures

Snapping off the happy birthday pictures of beautiful Ella came with with its fun. Apart from meeting a very lively and bubbly celebrant, we also met lively and friendly friends, an opportunity that made Dee connect and network with them as appropriate.

Ella is a beautiful and classy undergraduate of UNILAG, a beauty whose fiancé celebrated love and affection by throwing a small birthday for her at the Z Food Court, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere.

Displaying her happiness at the occasion, the celebrant thanked God for giving her the opportunity to add one year again to her number of years. A lot of things happened since the beginning of the year but she was grateful for the opportunity to still be here and now.

Isn’t worthy to be thankful for the gift of life?

It was an exciting day  this we have shown through our timelines of pictures as you will see down the page.

Are you about adding another year to your age? You should be thankful, not just because you are alive and here, but just the fact that the almighty has kept you sane, safe and sound. You know a lot has happened: Multiple cases of suicide, the present state of the economy. You are still here and forging ahead, it is enough to be grateful.

We celebrated Ella’s gratefulness by telling the pictorial story of her birthday. Happy Birthday Ella, God bless your new age.

happy birthday pictures

Our Special birthday wishes to Beautiful Ella:

We call you a sister, a friend, not just a client, because this is what you are to us. We are glad to be a part of your story and to document the timelines as you add one more year to your age. We pray that you continue to age in grace and that the almighty will keep you for son long on the surface of the earth.

We want you to live your new year with vigour and happiness. A lot of things will happen but we hope you stay strong and continually appreciate God in your life. Do not ever give up on problems and challenges that may arise along the way, because that’s what makes us better human as we trudge on our paths to fulfil our life destiny.

We wish you a great year, in fun and prosperity. 

Enjoy the pictures

The Sexy friends

And the guys turned up as well

happy birthday pictures

Saving the best for the last…FOOOOOOD!!!!

Birthday Cake

happy birthday pictures


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