The Basic Steps for Personal Valuation

Personal Valuation

Personal Valuation: Word on the street says you’re addressed the way you dress; does it also imply that people will see and relate with you based on how you see and present yourself? Deep?

Value is simply the worth, relevance and importance you place on a thing, on anything no matter how big or small, even your mobile phone charger (on a lighter note).

It’s amazing sometimes how people value things that matter to them, not because of the immediate monetary value or physical presence, but because of the sense of satisfaction it gives.

How do you see yourself? Are you happy with the man in the mirror? Do you love yourself? Can you love you for you? Do you judge yourself based on the opinion of others? Are you trying to be like other people? Are you comfortable with your current state? Do you want to be cherished? Are you valuable to others? Do people resent you?

It is true that people are entitled to their opinion, but would you be comfortable with people having variations of perception about you. Mr. A thinks you’re nice, Mr. B thinks you’re nice to people only when you need something. How do you get to a place where Mr. A and Mr. B are on the same level playing ground about you?

And yes! if you’re comfortable with whatever people think of you, how they see you and how they treat you, it is completely okay – If you’re not, then you need to do something about it, and it’s not skydiving or scaling a 24ft wall in the dark.

The goal here is not to attain perfection but to become a person of value on your way to destiny, to recognize the assets in you, and the asset that you are, as well as your personal liabilities daily, and then forge ahead.

This cuts across different spheres of life and different relationship engagements, be it business, career, marriage, academics, spirituality etc., it is simply coming to terms with the person of you and finding other ways to brand, rebrand, retreat and then recalibrate whenever wherever.

Just like the way companies design and populate their balance sheet when preparing their annual report for the year– highlighting their assets and liabilities, you need to create ample time to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses. This will enable you to work on your weaknesses and boost the competencies you already possess.

With the aid of a pen and a paper, you can draw up two separate columns, you can tag the first your assets (Strengths) and the second column liabilities (Weaknesses).

Under the column for assets, list out everything you are really good at, that thing that makes you feel like superman whenever you do it – this could be meeting new friends, keeping in touch, coding, programming, singing, collaboration, time management, impeccable presentation skills, meeting deadlines, paying attention to details, making people laugh, matching the right colors, showing empathy, maintaining business relationships, planning events, socializing, cooking, babysitting, drawing portraits, tutoring, the list is endless. This list just makes you feel good about yourself.

To be very honest it is not abnormal to have weakness – keeping an untidy bedroom, arriving late at work practically every day, always forgetting to pick up your laundry from the dry cleaner, bad culinary skill, spending wildly, not being able to meet deadlines, poor time management, inability to start an interesting conversation, being a lone ranger all the time, over worrying about problems you cannot solve, yes! Overthinking and imagining ‘’scary things’’ – now this doesn’t really sound cool.

The fact is – you don’t have to own them like your mobile phone, but you need to admit that they are clogs in your wheel and even though you can’t completely take them out, you need to manage them, put in more work so they don’t overshadow your strength.

After listing your assets and liabilities, you need to assess the inputs, if your assets outweigh your liabilities, you can buy yourself a drink bearing in mind that growth is a continuous journey, it requires a continuous and conscious effort every day to keep shinning – and if your weaknesses outweigh your strength, please don’t cry, just take it as one of those things and make a conscious decision to rewrite your story, take new classes, read books, seek knowledge, learn new skills, open your mind to new ideas and discussions, be positive, speak positively about yourself, travel the world if you can, relate with people who can challenge you to do much better and you’d get better with time.

Remember – we learn every day and no man is an island. Keep on keeping on.

About the Writer - Christiana Ogeleka 

A graduate of mass communication from the University of Lagos, majored in writing and editing, specialised in content, editorials and publications. I have experience in client relationship management, logistics, sales and content support. I believe in love, living, and giving, without the small things this life would be meaningless. I enjoy intellectual discussions, surfing the web, cooking and karaoke.

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