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Strong Good Morning Prayer for Wife

good morning prayer for wife

Good morning prayer for wife. You will never know how important it is to pray for you better half than when the time comes to say some good morning prayers. Whether you are on the look out for getting a wife or finding the better partner for yourself, you need to know that a number of good morning prayers will definitely come in handy.

For me though, the best times for me to pray is usually early in the morning or late at night. If you decide the go my route then a good morning prayer for wife request should be part of your daily list of early morning prayers.

Good Morning Prayer(s) for wife

1. I give you glory oh Lord,for the grace you have given me to be alive till now. I know that you are the one that gives life and blessings to your children. Your display of love is what we are fortunate enough to live in today, and I know that you are the one who gives life and eternal fulfilment.

I know that I am moving towards the path where I would need a second and better half, and this is why I am here. Dear Lord, open my eyes to see the kind of woman you have for me, and do not allow the vanity of this life take me away from your promises in my life. Open the eyes of my heart and let me see the woman who will complete me as my wife. Create in me the new heart with the right spirit and let me give you praise for giving me the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone. Let me have every reason to praise and give thanks to you. Thank you for everything, to you be the glory. Amen.

2. You are the one that supplies all our needs according to your riches in glory. I am indeed amazed as to how you have always blessed me physically and spiritually. Even though I am not perfect, you still see me as your son and you help me in times of troubles. Your glory is what I live in right now, and that is why I am here before you yet again, to pray for the gift of an heavenly wife. Please God provide unto me the kind of wife that would complete me. I cannot make the decision on my own and that is why I am looking up to you for a wife. Answer me oh Lord, and open my eyes to see the woman that’s best for me. Thank you for everything. May your name be praised. Amen.





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