3 Ways to Look Nice on Your Birthday

Is your birthday coming up soon? Have you planned to host an amazing birthday party this year to reconnect with all your friends and family members after many months of isolation due to the pandemic?

And are you now stuck because you’re worried you’re not going to look your best because you’ve gotten so used to spending the entire day in your pajamas and don’t remember how to style an outfit anymore, let alone know what the hottest trends are this season?

Well, we know exactly what you’re going through and we’ve put together a simple list of 3 rules you need to follow to look your best self when the big day rolls around. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Ways to Look Nice on Your Birthday

1. Wear well-fitted clothes

The easiest way to look neat, clean, and extremely fashionable is to wear clothes that fit your figure well.

You don’t have to spend hours trying to find a dress that sticks to your body, but simply find a bodycon dress in a color that suits your skin tone.

Minimalism is still one of the biggest trends that are ruling the fashion industry at the moment, so you probably won’t have a hard time finding a simple dress that fits you like a glove.

We suggest that you choose the colors depending on the venue and timing of your party—if it’s during the day in an open space, go for light pastel shades.

Pastel blue is one of the best colors that look amazing on almost everyone right now. If it’s a party being hosted in the evening, don’t shy away from wearing that red or black dress and looking as bold or sleek as ever!

2. Pick your jewelry wisely

You can either be a person who loves to layer up with all kinds of jewelry before you step out of the house or someone who very occasionally throws on a necklace when they’re forced to!

If you belong to the former, you may want to tone down on your jewelry, especially if you’re heading for a formal party where your outfit is sleek and figure-hugging – wearing too much jewelry or pieces that are too chunky can make you look like you’re wearing the wrong pieces for the wrong clothes.

So, it’s best to go with classy and minimal pieces that never go out of style. You can check out these ruby rings from Diamondere, the perfect addition to a minimal outfit that adds just the right amount of color and shine, without overpowering your outfit or interfering with the style you’re going for.

3. Focus on your makeup and hair

At the end of the day, it’s your makeup and hairstyle that’s going to really help you shine and look your best at your birthday party!

If you don’t generally wear makeup, this is going to be a time when you’re going to have to make an exception, because not wearing makeup will have you looking tired and dull a few hours into the party, and you’re not going to want to look that way in all your pictures!

The best thing to do is to go for a light, natural look that doesn’t involve too much foundation or concealer. Just do your best to brighten up your face.

You can also have a little fun with your eyeshadow and match it with your outfit. Also, your blush and lipstick are what’s going to really make your face look it’s best, so don’t forget it!

For your hair, make sure you go with a hairstyle that suits your hair type and won’t get in the way of you having fun. If your hair is prone to be frizzy or unmanageable, be sure to wear a messy bun or make a fashionable braid, so you can forget about it and have fun without worrying about it getting messed up!

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