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Best daily love text messages for her

Best daily love text messages

You have decided to up your love life by sending her the best daily love text messages, romantic daily love text messages, cute daily love text messages, sincere daily love text messages, honest daily love text messages, emotional daily love text messages day in, day out. Hey Man! Good decision on your part.

Love text messages have not gone into extinction as you think. Considering the fact that a lot of us still believe so much in writing and sending text messages now is the time to pass her the best daily love text messages as expected.

You should know that your romantic life should be a key ingredient for deepening the depths of your relationship. The more commitment and dedication you put into your relationship, the stronger the rope that binds your love life together.

Let me tell you a short story:

My friend Nicholas complained to me that he finds it so hard to call his girlfriend every day. Like that was his plan.

He continued by saying he doesn’t know what to discuss with her. What to excite her with. How to make sure she thinks of him throughout the day.

He voiced out his fears as to how he feels he is losing the woman who lights up his life due to lack of effective communication between them.

He asked me what to do!

There are a lot of guys in Nicholas’ shoes. Finding it difficult to sustain the fire already ignited in their relationships.

Believe me when I say that most relationships fail due to lack of communication between all the parties involved.  A noteworthy case is that of Nicholas.

It is not that there is no passion, nor commitment. But when there is lack of communication, the relationship goes tumbling down the drain.

Let us take a step backward a bit. When you can’t call your woman daily, there are other things you know you can do right?

What are they?

Sending her the best daily love text messages will skyrocket your relationship beyond boundaries. I understand you cannot call her as much as you want to. It may not even be possible for you to call because of tight schedules and the fact that you may not have the luxury of time to spend hours on the phone.

It is important for you to know that one of the major ingredients for keeping your love life alive is sending love text messages to the woman of your dreams.

You ask yourself. How do you achieve this? How do you think and get creative?

You do not need to rack too much of your brain as I have put together amazing sweet messages that will get her drooling in love with you over and over again.

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Check our collection of the best daily love text messages.


1 My Happiness

You are my happiness today, my love. I am happy whenever you smile, and I pray you keep smiling throughout today.

2 Your love is my drug

Your love is my drug and I can’t believe how much of me will remain if there is no you in my life. You are my sunshine baby. I love you

3 When you love me

When you hold me, my heart beats fast

When you touch me I am in cloud nine

You are a special comfort to my soul

I love you forever and a day more

4 My daily dose of aphrodisiac

You stimulate me beyond reasons

You affect me every season

Your love intoxicates me like a fine wine

You arouse me like an aphrodisiac

You are my daily dose of sweet loving

5 My Love for you is daily

Fire is lighted and it dies

The candles are lighted and they go off

The sun rises and falls daily, it never dies

my love for you will ever rise

My daily dose of awesome love

you are

6 Every day so long

You are the lyrics in my song

The reason  I smile everyday

Every day without you is so long

I can’t wait to have you close to me forever

7 I want to be with you daily

I want you to know this!

You are the only person I want to be around

You are the pass through to the heavens and I wouldn’t

want to leave you for anything in this world

8 You are in my thoughts daily

I think about you every passing day

I love you every passing moment

You have made my life so wonderful and out of this world

I will love you daily till the end of time

9 You are my perfection

Every day, I try to find the perfect person

Daily, I try to send messages finding a perfect one

You walked into my life and became my perfection

You perfect all the imperfections in me

10 I have been through the pains for finding love

But you showed me what love means in a different way

You are an essentiality to my progress in life

You are God’s love text message to me

11 My Love text

I want to be the light to your nights

I want to be the fuel to the fire of love in your heart

I want to be the one to loosen the knots of uncertainty of your love

I want to be your love text today and always

12 My Message of love

I remember how water falls from the fountains

Countlessly and Helplessly

Every day, timelessly

That is my love for you

Helplessly, every day and timelessly

13 You complete me

You are the ‘E’ in my LOV’E

You baby are that missing rib in my body

Each passing day I try to fathom how you have come to mean so much to but I just cannot.

Simply put, you are my completeness. I love you daily and beyond.

14 The Joy of falling in love

Like the petals of a flower that brightens up each day. Like the butterfly that spreads its beautiful flowers with reckless abandon. So is the joy in my heart when I think about you. You are the sunshine in my days, baby. You are my joy forever

15 My daily dose of prescription

Whenever I fall sick, I do not bother using the drugs as prescribed by the doctor. Your touch is simply enough to cure me of my seeming illness. Baby, you are my daily dose as prescribed by the doctor. You heal me completely.

16 Your love, my fuel

Your love is the fuel for my rocket, and I have decided to launch into space because with you I know I am covered! You are my today and forever

17 I am in love with a girl

Hey Babe, there is girl and she is so cute and amazing. I really like her a lot. Guess who she is? Just guess, don’t be mad, you try and guess. She is YOU!!

18 My day

I was having a terrible day, angry at being unable to finish up a deliverable and I just thought of you and suddenly I smiled because my love, I just came alive. I will send this message to you daily whenever I feel bad and sad.

19 Hey Baby, I just want you to know you are the woman of my dreams.


We all love lovely daily love text messages. What about you?

20 How do I become so successful in recent times? I only just noticed that it was through you my Love. Your love, help, prayers and assistance have come in handy. My heart belongs to you today and forever because you are God’s answers to my prayers.

  1. Whenever our eyes meet, my heart skips. You know why? Because you are the light in my life, the oxygen that I breathe in, because without you< I can’t simply breathe. I love you.

22 Bring your head close to my heart, hear it breathe. Bring your hands close to my chest, listen to it beat. Bring your ear closer to mouth, let me speakof your love and kindness. You are my everyday message to the world.

23 I never understood the true meaning of love until you showed me. I never knew what it is to want someone until you came into my life with the breath that surpasses all forms. You are the life in me baby, and that is why this love message is for you every day.

24 I used to be selfish ad uncaring until I met you and I fell totally in love with you. Sweetheart, you bring out the very best in me, and for this reason, your love remains with me forever!

25 I love my heart because you are in it. I love you because you are my heart.

26 People say when you fall, you get injured but when I fell in love with you I rose high up into the sky! You are the years in my life.

27 I cannot guarantee you a fight-free relationship; yes we will have our fights. But I can guarantee you our survival because through the fights we will get better every day.

28 Even though you are far from me, your love is enough to cover the distance and make it look like you are here with me.

29 Everyday you make me shed tears. Tears of joy at having found you, my beautiful queen

30 I wanted to send you all the love I have inside me, but the post office rejected it and they said it was too big for them to post across

Daily love messages

31 My Daily Dose

You are my daily dose of love and wonders, that is why I thank God daily for bringing you into my life

32 Your True Love

You have truly loved me and I appreciate this daily. You have accepted my shortcomings and overlooked all my mistakes. You are a soul lifter

33 I want to hold your hands daily

Each time I stare at my palms, I always notice something missing, your palms,  a support to my palms. I want to hold it today, daily and forever

34 People sing the rhyme: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…, but I have decided to choose one for you. Twinkle Twinkle like a star, our love will shine brighter every day.

35  I woke up this morning with a prayer that you will succeed in all you do. Just relax dear, beautiful lines will fall in place for you

36 I can say it everyday that your love is amazing. Know this is true, all because of your affection. You are my daily sunshine

37 My baby, My only one, my today, my tomorrow, my forever. These are my words for you daily.

38 I am ready for anything. Your daily prescription of love will get me through everything. You are my drug!

39 Hello Baby, it has happened again. Your thoughts remain in my mind early in the morning till late into the night.

40 Your love package is exhilarating, exciting and spirit lifting. I wish I could tell you this daily! Oh I will continue to tell you every day for as long as I live.

41 You do not need to go over the top to make a mark on me. I am in love with you the way you are.


Why not send her some best daily love text messages in form of love sweet SMS??

42 When I think of you, I think of your sweet love and its impact in my life. I am a better man today because of you.

43 I remain the luckiest guy ever on this earth because of your sweet love. You have made life worth living due to your love that is so sweet.

44 You have made me realize what love and contentment is. I am more in love and contented because of you. You are Love Sweet lady.

45 Your love gave me wings to fly so high. I want to reach into the clouds and build you a mansion where our love would stay forever.

46 With you, I can love forever. Because you are my forever and always

47 Hey baby, whenever I think of you, I realize how I would have been lost without your love. Thank you for being my love so sweet.

48 I remembered that I forgot to say it yesterday. I love you, I love you! That makes it two right? I will never forget my promise of sending you my love sweet SMS

49 Just in case you do not know how much you mean to me. Bear it in mind baby. You are the sweetest thing to ever happen to me and I would not dare to let you go. You are my sunshine and my rain

50 I could let go of my personal finance, I could let go of my health insurance, I could even let go of my personal ambition. Your sweet love is what I would not let go. I love your sweet love.

51 My love, when my arms are wrapped around you. I am in another world entirely. You are the sweetest thing to happen to me.

52 You changed me completely and out rightly made me better than what and what I am. For this, I promise you, my sweet love forever.

53 I will not love you for the rest of your life. I will love you for the rest of my own life.

54 To imagine is to love, to love is to surpass imaginations. To love what is imagine is to break forth all barriers of loving and focus on you. Your sweet love will make me break all frontiers of all what I have imagined love to be. You are my imagination come to real life.

55 I know it is important to attach time to everything we do. But with you SWEET lady, there is no time attached, because you are my everything.

56 When I miss you so much, you know what I do? I just recall our last time together and how happy you are being with me, and I just smile.

57 When I drop into my bed to sleep at night, when I open up my eyes in the morning, when I stare high into the sky, my thoughts are of you!

58 I prayed for my dreams to come true, and God sent you me, saying you are the dream I have always wanted to come true. Ever since you came into my life. I have become a different human entirely. You came out of my dreams and became the definition of love to me. You are my dream come true

59 When I first saw you. I thought you were some random girl. Then we talked, and you blew off away with your level of intelligence and emotions. You have sharpened my life beyond recognition and enhanced the person in me. I love you everyday.

60 When the sun rise, when the winds blow, when the rain falls, my sweet love will remain the same through all the weathers. You are the sun that rise, the wind that blows and the rain in my life. This our love sweet romance will never end.

Now that you have our collection of best daily love text messages to send to the woman of your dreams. What are you still waiting for. Keep texting!




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