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I got pregnant

I got pregnant so easily when I was young; if you as much as looked at me, my stomach grew.

I had a friend from my school days who got married in the same year as I did, she was married and happy but had no children. By the time I was pregnant with my 3rd she stopped visiting and rarely managed to hug me at church on Sunday. When I got pregnant with my 4th, she avoided me altogether and I understood perfectly as it was now past year 10! (I would have avoided me sef). A few years later, she almost died birthing her child but lost her marriage. She was and still is a christian and lives a full and happy life.

I have a couple of friends who got pregnant out of wedlock, birthed their children and never married or saw another pregnancy again! One of them was suicidal and depressed once but the thought of leaving her son alone in the world, kept her. They are good women, with kind hearts, one is a Christian and the other a Muslim; they both live happy and full lives.

These women mentioned above are better parents to their children than a lot of two parent homes I know; and they are father/mother to their children.

We need to get off our judgmental soapboxes and realize that sexual sin is not the greatest/only sin in the Bible. A white lie, murder and fornication are the same weight before God . So if you haven’t sinned today (like you do every day even in your thoughts) , then cast the first stone, mbok!

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47 years old, free spirited, mother of 4, divorced, writer and entrepreneur. Loves God and people. I'm a hopeful romantic and I love the idea of love.


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