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Dear Nigerian Men, Enough Already | Dionne Obodo

Dear Nigerian Men

Dear Nigerian Men,


Enough of the drivel that men are super human and cannot feel, cry or emote like a regular human being. Newsflash Bobos, if you cut yourself with a knife, you bleed like a female and hurt just as painfully.

Enough of the rubbish that drives you to think that a lady who was raised by her father, finished school and is ‘ripe’ for marriage without getting a job, starting her career, paying her own bills, learning how to balance her own checkbook, is good wife material.

Newsflash Guys, half of them are naive and are messed up in the head, thinking that marriage is the accomplishment on the list, meanwhile they haven’t gotten the preparedness to be a good partner, wife, mother and contributor to society. You marry her, she’s may just be looking for another carer so don’t complain when she starts giving you hell!

Enough already to listening to silly church people who are encouraging young people to marry quickly so they don’t sin (as if sexual sin is the only sin in the bible mschieww). H0w about changing your focus and some bloody self control please! All these naive men and women who have no business being in a marriage union are either depressed, crazy or winding up dead because this same ‘sex they married because of has been shared with other partners and they feel their lives have come to an end! Rubbish and burn with lust my big toe!!

Get a life young Men!!

Cry if you must, you are a Human Being. Feel pain and communicate it so you can heal, it’s a vulnerability that’s attractive to women and let’s us know you are alive.

Don’t marry a Daddy’s Girl no matter how wealthy her Dad is or a woman who can’t partner with you financially (no matter how little her contribution is), or a woman who is marrying you just so she can have exclusive sex on lock-down forever. Neither of you knows tomorrow so find a woman who is self assured enough to honour her commitment and if she tires, can walk away with her dignity intact. If you have emotional/mental issues (or if you spot it in your intended) especially repressed anger, don’t think “I’m a man, what can an angry woman do to me?”…go see a shrink and get some therapy you two or stay apart!

Hear Word oh! These women are not playing again and these days; it might get you killed faster than you can say I’m the head of the house, in a loud enough voice.

Best regards,

About Dionne Obodo

47 years old, free spirited, mother of 4, divorced, writer and entrepreneur. Loves God and people. I'm a hopeful romantic and I love the idea of love.

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