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Wedding Phrases to Share on Wedding Day

Wedding phrases

Wedding phrases: We have put together a collection of wedding phrases for you to share with your family and friends getting married on their wedding day. Are you ready?

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Great Wedding and Sayings

1. Wedding is a goal you have to accomplish it properly. If you don’t you will lose it altogether. Wedding is home, you need to tidy it.

2. If you both can love each other today, tomorrow can still be a better day to love each other more.

3. Show love to each other as you will never see again. if death suddenly separates you, love will still reign between you.

4. If you married, people will respect you for you have decided to become a responsible person. Love is what brings both of you together in peace and harmony.

5. The smile you cast at each other the first day you met is not too late to cast now that you are together as one.

6. Marry someone you cannot live without. You shouldn’t marry someone you can live with. This is a sign of weak love.

7. Don’t forget to always play with each other. It is the language of love. Make a joke and be in deep love with each other.

8. When you actually know what you are doing, it will give you the ability to love each other sincerely. Love is all about tolerance.

9. You need a deep love to stay together. If you hate each other, you will find it very difficult to say hello, I love you.

10. Plan your marriage better than you plan your wedding. The wedding will hold and go but marriage will stay with you forever.

11. If you must marry, try and marry your friend. She will play with you, free with you and always joke with you as necessary.

12. In no time, when a marriage has joined you together, what you need now is support for each other. This will make your stay longer.

13. I don’t know why people fight in marriage but one thing I know is that there are guiding principles to avoid conflicts.

14. Nothing can stop you from being a good person in marriage apart from your ego. Fight yourself not your spouse.

15. The harmony of marriage is the respect that the couples have for each other. It is really a big weapon to win in marriage.

16. Your aim in marriage should be to lay a good foundation. Remember, the legacy you lay down human, is really important.

17. Build your home upon love, agreement, understanding, patience, support, and tolerance for each other and peace and harmony will come naturally.

18. When you want to play, ensure that your spouse is involved. If you dance together in your room, it is not bad too.

19. Put yourself in the state of harmony with your wife; it is then you will experience the power of love. Your affection for each other will make you last longer.

20. If you are too harsh or too demanding, your spouse will look outside. In anything you do with your spouse—do in a moderate manner.

21. Manners are also good fuel to fill your marriage with. Couples that respect each other understand the virtue of respect.

22. In anything you are doing, never forget that marriage is an important institution that needs constant maintenance.

23. The goal of a marriage is to fulfill the covenant of staying together in peace and harmony. Your goal can be achieved together.

24. If you really value your marriage, forgiveness will not be hard, mercy will be easy to reach and love will be available for your spouse.

25. What really matters in a marriage is the understanding between the partners. Their motives, tastes, and opinions count.

26. The power of marriage is patience. If you lack it you will regret it. Don’t be the type that cannot hold his anger.

27. Be patient with women, they are the most crook ribs. Don’t force your rib for it will break.

28. Take good care of yourself. Marriage demands that you are mentally, physically and emotionally strong. That’s the truth.

29. When you feel that you are joined, there will be no greater pleasure than this. Is there anything that you can tell me better than this?

30. In marriage, try and strengthen each other, make yourself happy by supporting yourself in a special way. That’s just what you need.

31. A wedding cannot escape conflict but if you prepared to take control, definitely it will be an easy job for you to do.

32. I love marriage because two souls will think as one, two hearts will beat together. Peace and harmony will reign if the couples cooperate.

33. Marriage has to stand by the sacrifice of your ego. Marriage is a special ordeal that you must be ready to handle with patience.

34. You can’t escape the trial of marriage but you can always escape the conflict that will have destroyed it.

35. Your hands and your souls should work together. You can see what it takes to be greater than you think. You are a super lover.

36. The character of your spouse really matters in choosing them. Don’t be the type that looks only the beauty part of a man or a woman.

37. As long as you are good for each other, always be there for each other. You must be ready to defend your spouse outside and tell him or her truth inside.

38. Be a leader in dealing with your spouse, a navigator in moving up in life and a professor in taking outstanding decisions.

39. The reason why I chose my wife is that she worth it. Her character is calm and she is not a pretender. Believe me, that’s exactly what she is.

Wedding idioms and phrases

40. Living with a woman is a great headache. You must be strong enough to handle a family. Marriage is a covenant.

41. Marriage is an ordeal; it is an ordeal that must be faced with courage. Marriage is pain and pleasure that brings out your leadership skill.

42. The gown won by my wife the other day to me is worth more than a million dollars. You should understand that my wife is highly rated in my heart.

43. When you talk of gorgeous half, she is the one you need. A wife like never before. She is just pretty better than you can ever imagine.

44. The moment you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you are eager to begin as soon as possible.

45. Love is the strongest bond between a man and a woman. It keeps the marriage strong and love and affection between them are enhanced.

46. I have learned how to love my life because the only life I have is my wife. You can do the same to save your marriage.

47. If I get you well. You need a principle to stay long in marriage with your wife. Just have patience. That’s all.

48. The very time you know a real man is when he is married. His ability to accept his woman and live with her as she is pending when the madam herself is ready to change.

49. You cannot be in a marriage and not learn how to be patient. Even when you are not ready to fight, your wife will instigate one. Women don’t like a boring home.

50. Remember, whenever she causes trouble, she is tired of gentleness, when she is calm she will come and meet you on her own for another gentle play.

51. If you hate your woman, remember there are thousands of good things about her that will benefit you. Overlook her silly attitude and focus on her good part.

52. Marriage is a union affair; it is something that should be counted among the most precious things in the world.

53. Always ensure that your home is full of love, joy, and happiness. You are the man in the house; lead your wife and children.

54. There is a place called togetherness, if you reach there, please show true love and support to your spouse and you will last long.

55. I possess you today just as you have everything about me from this moment on. You are my missing rib and I am your better half.

56. Life is all about what you believe. I believe in a good home and it is the reason why I am trying all my best to love my wife in the best way.

57. It was after when I loved you deeply that I gain the full strength I have been searching for. You are always on my mind.

58. Loving you is a strength that keeps me stronger; it is an energy that I am always proud about in a high sense.

59. When I realized that my wife loved me deeply, it gave me strange courage. Loving her in return gives meaning to my life.

60. I look into the eyes of my wife and what I see is deep love. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.

Short wedding phrases

61. Grace will reign in your marriage only when you are ready to forgone your ego. Don’t think you are better than everyone.

62. Remember, your wife is not your slave and will never be until eternity. Your wife is a companion in a ship you navigate together.

63. If two hearts can unite as Americans they will give birth to united children that will change this world together.

64. Happiness will be attainable if the two souls that agree to come together reach a level of understanding with each other.

65. An insane person cannot be in love. Love because you are a complete person. Your mental attitude must be compatible with your spouse.

66. The very wellbeing of a family is that the couples are in good times with each other. Why then did you love at first when you know you are enemies?

67. Be careful how you quarrel your wife, it may be that you are forming a means to be greatest enemies.

68. Gradually love is converted into hatred for one and another. Try your best to remain happy with each other always.

69. Great people will always be the best in taking good care of their spouse. They dedicate half of their life helping others.

70. If you must be a philanthropist, begin from your home, if you are successful, you can now come out to the wilderness.

71. Don’t ask your spouse what can you do for me, ask him or her what can I offer you to make you happier than we started?

72. There is an agreement between you and me whom I will never take for granted—marriage is the great agreement I am talking about.

73. I have vowed never to betray you for any reason. You must believe this because I am saying it from the bottom of my heart.

74. I realized my wife is very important to me, so I decided to come closer and closer so I can hear what her mind says.

75. Don’t be too lazy to channel the affair of your family. It is the only way we can make each other happy as one family.

76. You must be a man enough to handle the toughest situations in life. Sometimes, you have money but can’t reach it at a certain period.

77. Love has always been one of the reasons why we stay close to each other. If you ever have a strong feeling to be with a person, it is because you love them.

78. What then is the meaning of marriage that lacks love? I want both of you to come up with the first reason why you got married.

79. Don’t be tired of your spouse. As you began the journey of your love, you can still rebuild it in a similar way.

80. When there is true love between the husband and his wife, there will be peace and harmony. That’s what the goal of every home should be. To stay in peace always and this will keep the marriage strong.

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