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New Week Greetings For Family & Friends

new week greetings

Send these new week greetings just as we enter in the week. Let your week be bright and beautiful by telling people that you love, you love them as well.

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New week greetings for you

1. Good morning. Life is just like a mirror that we all stare into to see how far we have come and how long we will go. I pray that you smile this new week, and you take a hit back at life if it hits you. Just as you commence this week with all happiness and gratefulness, you will receive all blessings that will make you happy and grateful.

2. Remember to do good to others and God will do good to you as well. Remember to love and support others and God will love and support you as well. Remember to pray for others and God will answer all your prayers as well. When you wish for good for others, good will come to you as well. Have a happy and blessed new week.

3. The grace of God is with you. You will emerge victorious in this new week. The protection of God will never depart from you. Just as I have shared with you, please share this new week greetings with your family and friend.

4. Start the week with a great smile and all happiness that is required to match on your enemies. Theglory of God is on you, and be rest assured that God has got you covered already. You will reap all that you have sown, and no predator will come to your farm to take away what God has blessed in your garden. Have an amazing new week.

5. A lot of people are not happy with the beginning of the week. You don’t have to be like them, rather you have to be grateful to God for making you see this new week again. May the graceof God be with you throughout today and for the rest of the week. Have a great week with love.



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