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Wedding Vows to Make Him Cry

Wedding Vows to Make him cry

Wedding Vows to Make him cry

1. Today, I have become yours, and I will always be. I have become your bone, your love and everything I do, will firstly be a consultation from you. You are a great person, a nice husband. I will try all my best to make you happy in all you are doing. You will be the only one I will always love for the rest of my life. You have become my body and I have become yours too. From henceforth, I will always be your good wife. Nothing will make me stop thinking of you all my life. You are sweet, lovely and intelligent so I find peace in your love. You are the best friend I have, the most beloved husband. I must let you know that I have concluded in my heart never to betray you for any reason. There is no reason that will make me run away when you need me most. I will be there for better for worst. You are my love, so there is no need running away from the one I said I love when the need arises. I will stand with you in bad times, and dine with you in good times. Whenever you are lonely, I will make sure I make you laugh. I will try all my best to put a smile on your face. You are the kind of love I prayed for. Now that the Lord has granted my wish, I will blend with the glory that comes to me. I will always praise God for everything He had done for me. You will be fine with me, anything that makes you happy is what I want to do. That’s what really matters to me the most. You will not regret your decision about getting me married to you. Your secret will be safe with me. Don’t forget that, I will also make you happy, I will give you everything you need in your life. I wish you the best of luck in life.

2. Lord, the best and the most merciful has joined us today, in his name I vow today that I will be a good wife under my husband. I will be submissive to him, and his good wishes shall be my commands. I promise never to disrespect him in as much as he is on his right, however, if you push me to the wall, I will do the necessary to make peace reign. I will always smile at him as a sign of the love we share. When you need me most, I will be there for you. Nothing will stop me from loving you even if your good looks fade away. You are my happiness, so I will do everything to maintain you for me alone. I will never think of cheating you not alone cheating you. Your love will be a major priority in my life. If we had a fight, I will be ready to settle with you. Success is good, I will struggle with you until we finally make it together. If care is your problem, don’t worry, I will give you care. I will spoil you with love. You will be my friend, and gist with you will be one of the best ever. Believe me, you will become my playmate, my best companion. I will never allow any harm to touch you. My responsibility will be to ensure that I take good care of you. You will be glad you married me. I hope you have the ribs to laugh, I am scared you have got a comedian as a wife.

3. I know you truly love me and of which you have shown several times, conscious and unconscious. This is the first reason why I set my eyes on you. You are the most beloved one for me and I will never forget you all my life. You are the only one chosen for me. Thank you for accepting me into your life. This honor indeed is enough for me to be since with you in all you do. I will never forget the day you decided to be mine. I was really overwhelmed with joy. This is something I can never forget all my life. You are my beloved companion, the most beautiful angel in my dream. I don’t think I can love any other man beside you. You are the one my heart has chosen, and only you, I wish to spend the rest of my life with. If the day is hard for you, it will not exclude me because I will try all my best to make sure you have a good home me. I shall build a good family with you and make sure you are always happy all your life.

4. We are not just a wedding today, we are becoming the best of friends. Love is the heart of marriage, believe me, I am going to show love to you. You will be happy I deed. Whatever will make you cry will not be from me, and I will always love you for the rest of my life. You are special, your place in my heart has no limit. It is a place that can never be occupied by anyone for now. Your love will be one of my best priorities in life because I am going to spoil you with love. If you are happy, I will be happy, and if you are sad, I don’t think it is normal for me to be happy. Your success is my concern and I will give you hand to make things possible in favor of the family. You are my queen, the most beloved angel of my life. You will forever be mine. At the time of rain, I will remain with you and when the sun shines, I will be with you. You are my heart, the only true angel that can make me happy forever. I love you to the core. In my heart, I feel a deep love for you and so, it will be my choice to always be yours for the rest of my life. Living without you can be dangerous to my health, so I have chosen to be yours for the rest of my life. I need you to know that you will be cared for.

5. Life is incomplete without you. I am sure of what I am saying, so don’t worry, I am going to be faithful with you all my life. I will reason with you and manage whatever you are capable of providing for me. I will be patient with you because patience is part of love and it makes it last longer. Today, we are joined together, my character towards you and every other person will that of a child from a good home. I will never forget you for the rest of my life. You are special, and I need you to know that everything you need, as far as I have it will make sure it reaches you. You are my chosen one, the one I will always cherish for the rest of my life. You mean everything to me, so I will be your good wife, I will take good care of your kids. Nothing will stop me from you. I love you.

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6. Leading a life without you is something I can not stop thinking about. You are the most beloved angel in this world and I am so much happy about this. I don’t know anyone that can replace you in my heart. You are the only man my heart can love at the moment. No matter what anyone does or says, you will always be the most beloved one for me. I need you like never before, you are pleasing to me. Our well-being win is my number one priority. I promise to change my bad attitudes so that we will live together in peace and harmony. This is a vow before the Lord, and whoever does so in deceit shall face the consequences in full measure You need to believe me, I am yours, there will be no need for you to be scared anymore. You are a great man, and it is the reason why I have dedicated my heart to you alone. You are my happiness, the one I love with all my heart. You are my love, the true man sent to me. I may not know how to make you laugh but I know how to make a man feel being loved. As long as I am concerned about you, I will be a good mother to your kids, take good care of you, respect your parents and relatives and ensure that you are always happy with me. I love you and I can’t even deny it.

7. When there is love, there will be happiness in all we do. Talking about joy, I have them in packs for you. My choice in life is to ensure that my husband loves me because I am good to him. This is exactly what I have started I want to make you happy. I will never let you down for any reason. You always on my mind just like your name.

8. This day, I become your love, I become your responsibility and you become my choice. Your right upon me will never be violated because I will remain a good wife to you forever. I will be your angel, the most loved one all my life. You don’t actually have the idea of how much I love you. You are my life, my idea, and the divine joy that makes me happy all the time. I see your happiness in me and I will ensure I give it to you. I will be with you now and forever. You are the best for me. I will always be with you at any moment, not even before you talk, I will always be there for you. You are my first love, and I will build all my dreams around you. I will cherish you with one mind and make you happy forever. You are my other half, the one I want for a last long family affair. I promise to be the kind of man you love, the man that will love you now and forever. You will be glad for the rest of your life. You are my life, my love and the most beloved thing that has ever occurred in my life. I promise to be the very kind of woman you see right now. I will try all my best to be yours for the rest of my life. There is nothing that will make me forget you now and forever. You are my interest and the most wonderful man I can not take for granted.

9. The kind of love I needed the most is the one I found in you. Yours I will do all my life because you make me happy. I will remain with you as I am with you right now. I will not do anything silly that may bring evil to our relationship. If you stumble, I will be there to catch you. I will carry you over, I will listen to you, here your call and make you feel comfortable wherever we are together. I will make sure your feelings are my concerns. I am more than me whenever you are with me. You are my heartbeat, for this reason, I will love you perfectly, and I will love you for the rest of your life. I will not make you sad for any reason. I will be with you for the rest of my life. You will always be the change you expected of me. I love you beyond the level of normal human love for each other.

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10. There is nothing I love thinking about the most than every moment we shared together. Today that we are, I will love you from the genesis of my heart to the revelation of my heart. I will make be your angel, I love you more and more, and your unique smile will trigger me to be a better wife and fantastic mother to your children. I will put you before me in all I do. I vow to give myself to you. I will always do this all my life to remind you of the kind of strong love I have for you. Thanks for the true love you shower on me You are the purest angel for me. I love you so much.

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