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WhatsApp Reactions: Have We Lost The Understanding of The Concept of Marriage?

Whatsapp reactions

Have we really lost the understanding of what marriage truly means? Is this why we have Baby Mama and Baby Dada thriving in this generation? Are people still excited about getting married? What is with the propaganda all over social media on the reason(s) why marriage is hell waiting to happen?

Is marriage still as beautiful as it was spelt out by God? These Whatsapp reactions from blog readers will shed more light on these questions. Read on:

Opeyemi Ade:

Marriage is an institution for synergy! Family is fading out because people lost the concept of marriage. Therefore shall a man and a woman leave their respective parents and cleave to one another and they both shall become one!

Take note of the keywords : Man and woman, Leave, cliff, one.

And the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

English Standard Version
Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

Key concept: Not good for a man to be alone

Keywords: helper, fit/suitable

So now what’s the goal – Companionship, Company

From that companionship comes every other thing you can think of… and not the companionship from other things!

Tosin Ola:

Our parents and society actually have a role to play though. When you’re born in a family where your parents marriage looks unhappy, like a prison, you will dislike the thought of marriage. It’s pretty simple, and a lot of youths don’t know how to pray and work towards having a better marriage because the ones around them have laid a bad foundation.

People need to know that the concept of marriage is amazing and not bondage. Then start to read and work towards being great people themselves. When one great person meets another, they create an amazing environment. That way, we phase out the mentality little by little.


A lot of people see marriage as a life sentence for unhappiness, so they prefer to just have a kid and then not get so attached to another person. Some others due to what they’ve seen in their parents, friends and family marriages are not even down for commitment at all. Some women just hear marriage and they are seeing slavery.

They now opt for a better position of a Baby Mama since they can fend for themselves. No too much control attachments from a man. The idea of marriage these days have been marred because most thriving stories today are either that of a cheating husband/ wife and how there is violence in marriage. There are very few example of good marriages and appreciation of it.

Another thing is that some social media celebrities add to these problems by passing very wrong messages to people and breaking off marriages.

We have misplaced priorities. Our role models for the upcoming generations wack. Young People want to be like the celebrities who lie practically about how they made it without a man or a woman.

We also have the situation where side chicks being praised in a relationship. The society is seriously messing things up for young people.


One thing we fail to consider is how the individual grew up. If a child grows up in a household of constant fight and bickering, violence sexual harassment. He or she may not want to get married. Coupled with the fact that most people don’t know what they want, they can’t think for themselves. They’ve lost sight of who they are and who they ought to be instead are now chasing after illusions of what they are and what life is. They would rather embrace the lie than face the truth and reality.

So when life hits them they don’t know what to do and they fall to the rock bottom.

My parents fought a lot. Sometimes in front of us the children and sometimes behind us. But they made up and it made them stronger. We as a generation claim we are strong when in reality we are the weakest people ever. We give up easily. We would gladly steal a man a woman has worked hard to build. We would gladly pull others down because we feel our time to shine has come.

So, they haven’t lost the concept of marriage, they don’t know what it is and are afraid to even try. Because they are weaklings.


The parents are a major deciding factor.What you see growing up makes or mares you when it comes to relationships….

I’m not saying if your parents were happy, it automatically guarantees your happiness, NO! BUT WHEN THEY ARE ALWAYS AT EACH OTHERS THROATS!!! There’s no way it won’t affect a person’s psyche.


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