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…Yes sir! I answered suddenly, awakened from my deep thoughts. I hurried to his office; my heart pounded in anticipation of what he was going to say.

He asked me to have my sit when I got to his office and started a round of apologies; he expressed regret for the overstepping his boundaries against his promise and taking me for granted.

He recounted how sympathetic and concerned I had been to him since I joined the company. He commended my availability and care at a very crucial point of his life, when he needed it most.

Regret and disillusionment coloured his face as he held the letter in his hand.

He enquired why I wanted to leave even though I had stated that clearly in the letter, he wanted to find out if he was the cause of my sudden change of mind. I was dumbstruck and lost for words.

He pleaded with me remorsefully not to walk away from the company at that moment in time, not away from my life. I felt sorry for him.

I understand that he was going through a tough time in his life and it would be appreciated if I could wait till his divorce was over before I left.

He gave an assurance to respect me and refrain from conducts that would hurt me or my relationship.

I thought I could just leave in some months’ time when I felt lesser pressure and more convinced to go ahead.

I already told Tade a lie that I have dropped the resignation letter and I just had to live in that lie as long as I could.

As far as Tade was concerned I would be leaving the company in a couple of weeks. When those weeks were over, I’d just come up with other excuses.

I didn’t want to hurt Tade’s feelings but the attraction and commitment I had to my relationship had started to dwindle.

Most times, when we got together, we had almost nothing to talk about. Yet I talked for hours while I was with my boss. My heart was disconnected from my fiancé.

One evening while talking Mr. Mark broke the news to me relating to what he gathered about his missing wife and son.

A reliable source had it that his wife and son were back in the country but no one knows their whereabouts yet.

According to the advice of his lawyer, he had filed for a divorce petition expecting his wife to come around and sign it in agreement to dissolving the marriage.

As wrong as it was, I was as happy as a clam that the marriage would soon be history.

One Thursday evening after work Mr. Mark asked me to meet him in our hang-out place to share the evening together, I met him there and we talked away until later in the evening.

Then he popped a question that took my anxiety to different level.
He asked if I COULD MARRY HIM.

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