What are your new year resolution quotes?  Often times, we know what we need to get done to achieve certain things in the new year. New year resolution quotes give something close to that. We try to make our new year resolutions to be aware of the things we need to do to make the new year better. We create action plans to make everything pan out well, but do we even make do with these resolutions? We realize that life happens and we move on to other things that may make us forget totally our new year resolutions.

The importance of new year resolutions is not that we have a brand new year. It is to make sure that we attack situations and things in the new year in a different and special way. We need to tackle ideas and theories in a new angle. This is the essence of new year resolutions and I hope these quotes will help serve as a guide to fulfilling your resolutions for the new year!

Make the New year resolution now and act on it.

Happy new year resolution quotes for you:

1. If you try to ask me what my New Year resolution is, I would tell you that it is to rediscover God’s plan and purpose for my life. What is your new year resolution. Care to share?

2. You need to remember that you must be resolute in your deliberations in order to make a success of your plans for the new year. You need to attack your new year resolution in all vigour and passion, and the new year will be yours for the taking. Happy New year.

3. Resolution one for the new year: Live your life for God. Resolution two for the new year: If no one joins you in living for God, then still do it for you. It is your new year, not anyone else’s

4. You can achieve financial freedom in a new year if you dump the action plans you made in January just in February. Infact you won’t make headway if you keep dumping your resolutions in the trash can. Happy New Year.

5. If you run away from things you are scared of, then you are not in the position to make a new year resolution for yourself. You need to face your fears, that’s the essence of a new year resolution.

6. Why do you keep making new year resolutions that you can never stay truthful to enough to keep. Why bother having a new year resolution at all?

7. A lot of people will just write new year resolution like ‘ I want to make more money’, ‘ I want to drop more weight’ – which is a perfect things to do for the new year, but what is the point of having these great new year resolution quotes without actionable steps to achieving. Why create abstract goals when you are less likely to get them fulfilled and accomplished. Why such New year resolutions?

8. Create time during the new year ever to reminisce on the past year and create a resolution to make your new year better. Improve on your self, follow your passion, work on your skill, make yourself better in all ways. Although you need not wait till end of the year to make new year resolutions but then it is always nice if you do at that time. Better late than never, Aye?

9. People need revelation before they can even start thinking of resolution. You been revolution in your resolution to bring all your plans into completion. Be resolute in your revolution and you will achieve more than you can ever think of. Happy new year to you.

10. Instead of writing down those little notes of new year resolutions, why not stay focused in the new year. Work less on your abilities to be better and reduce things that can get you distracted. Deal with all things that can draw you back and leverage things that can create the energy and vibe in you to do more in the new year. Ditch the new year resolution and act on your strengths.

11. You are concerned about another new year resolution that won’t go fulfilled right? Why bother when all you need to do is look inwardly at yourself and check carefully the various actions and steps to take. Why not reflect on the confidence of achieving so much in 2017 and focusing on the same strength and energy to achieve more this new year. Make the new resolution a better version of you. Happy new year.

12. When you fail to have the vision that you should possess for a new year, then it becomes difficult to make new year resolutions happen. You become detached from who you are and who God wants you to be. Let the new year mark a new beginning for a new you. Happy New year to you. have a blast!

13. There comes a time in your future when your decisions make for a new resolution. You need to find the relationship between every action of yours and how you can make better of whatever your conclusions are. Understand yourself, play with your strengths, identify your weakness and see if you can make them better. Let the sun shine on you and let God direct your paths. Happy new year.

14. People say the new year resolution quotes you make for yourself is absolutely overrated. What do you think? Still working on making the new year resolution?

15. If you come out of an old year better and more defined, that should not deter you from making a new year resolution. Who knows whether it would make you better than the way you were in the last year as well. Create new year resolution quotes for yourself and set plans in motion on how you will go about achieving them. Happy new year to you.

16. My new year resolution is to make your new year resolution achievable. When that happens for me then my new year resolution is better achieved. Happy new year 2018.


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