A 50 year old woman needs a younger lover – I am 50 years old, my husband died 7 years ago and now I crave a younger lover.

Ever since my husband died, I have had trouble settling down with another man. I have had my fair share of older men, having dated 3 of them in the last four years. I discovered that all three older men were after my money and the Estate my husband left when he died.

I have also had series of heartbreaks from these men as well. Two of them took my money and ran away while the last boyfriend I had actually got a younger girl pregnant and this broke our relationship.

Currently, I am heartbroken and tired of dating. A friend recently advised that I consider younger men instead of going for the older ones who have repeatedly broken my heart.

I am an introvert and as such it will be difficult for me to talk to the younger men for a date, and also society may not help me if I decide to make how I feel public.

I really want to date a younger guy, preferably between the ages of 28-35. Between 5’7 and 5’8″ is fine. He should know that money is not a problem for me and be ready for a serious relationship that will lead to MARRIAGE in no time.

Dee, I hope people won’t see me as being a sugar mummy or wanting to take advantage of the younger guy. I will be very glad if you can use your platform to reach out to your younger readers.

a 50 year old woman needs a younger lover

Are you interested in this woman? Please indicate interest in the comment section below  stating your specifics and social media handles,  and we will reach out to you.

Or better, you can shoot an email to [email protected] with pictures of you and your social media handles.


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