There is no time where we don’t make mistakes in relationships and beg for forgiveness, as the one who was wronged, you may need to send I forgive you messages to your lover, to show that truly he/ she has been forgiven.

Sending I forgive you messages may usually come at a time when you may not want to receive the calls of the one who erred you, but rather send the forgiveness messages and clear your mind. When people wrong and apologize to us, we need to show forgiveness and send the I forgive you messages to the one who has done bad.

For a lot of us we trust too much and this is our major bone of contention, really! Hence the reason why it may be a little difficult to forgive. All you need to understand today is, if your love is pure and true, then it will be easy for you to forgive.

Sincere I forgive you messages

I am thinking about what transpired and I have realized that we are all human and are prone to loads of mistakes. I know I should be very angry right now, but I realize the earlier I forgive you, the better for me. I forgive you my love.

I have truly missed you, in all honesty. I know you wronged me and have begged enough. It would simply make no sense if I continue to wallow in abject misery darling. I forgive you.

I was carried away by what friends said, I should have just forgiven you right away. I guess I am not man enough to handle my relationship on my own. I forgive you darling from the bottom of my heart. I love you so much.

You know I love you I am very sure. My feeling for you is intense and now that you have wronged me, I feel so terrible and bad. But what choice do I have than to forgive you for all your wrongs. Even God forgives, how much more we humans. We should forgive as well! I forgive you darling.

What you did was terrible and sarcastic. But since you regret all your behaviour and have apologized, then I forgive you really.

You should not have jumped into conclusions when you did. You should have waited and heard me out, but then you had to behave the way you did and now you have apologized. It’s fine darling, I forgive you for all you have done.

You are very important to me. I am sure you know that, and it will be difficult for me to continue with you this way. I know you feel so terrible and bad for all you have done. I just want you to know that you are forgiven from the depths of my heart. I love you so much.

Why will you just allow jealousy carry you away? Why will you decide to create a scene that just does not make any sense in front of family and friends. You deserve every pound of what I have meted out to you. But then just because I love you, I have no choice than to forgive you. You remain special to me and I have truly forgiven you. I love you darling!

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