‘Pring Pring’….. My Nokia torchlight phone rang. It was just a quarter past two that sunny afternoon. Ope, My Ibadan babe was the one calling.

I just got in from the parade ground, after the OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service) team for Oyo State NYSC in Iseyin were bundled into the field for the afternoon drill. The soldiers were not kind to us that day at all. OBS guys have always been ‘famzing’ in the studio. We enjoyed that privilege of not having to do the drills, but not on this day.

‘Dee, Howfar nah? There is something I want to tell you.’ She said.

MaShuga, I dey oh. WhatsUp? This one you are sounding serious. I responded.

‘I’m pregnant’, she bellowed.

I laughed and responded… ‘Abeg, don’t start jare’.

Ope was the babe my bro, Seun arranged for me when I got to Ibadan. I was lonely and bored that particular day, and Chidinma who was the younger sister to Seun’s girlfriend came in to deliver a message for my brother with Ope tagging alongside.  Seun called me and introduced Ope. Immediately we took a liking for each other. That was how it all started.

Ope is this dark curvy babe that could pass as being too sexy but too short to be a model. She has this drop dead gorgeous body that could make any sane man want to grab her whenever she walks by. I like her a lot though just not enough to be my girlfriend. I already had Temmy in Akure who I really liked too and we’ve been together since way back in University. Temmy must not even get a wind of this, it’s going to break her heart! She must not hear. She just must not!

‘Dee, I am freaking serious.’ Ope jolted me out of my nonsense thoughts.

Remember you did not use protection last month when we had sex. I specifically warned you to be careful, now this has happened. What are we going to do?

Here we are again, missed my period and decided to do a test, pregnancy strip and it was double… POSITIVE.

Now I’ve been vomiting, Mom has started asking me what’s wrong. She has even contemplated taking me to see the Doctor tomorrow!’

‘Tomorrow?’ I screamed…  My God, I’m in trouble.

‘Yes oh… Tomorrow’, she replied. ‘The earlier you think of something the better for both of us.’

While I was still thinking of the repercussions of this, pondering, sweating. How will I do this? Am I going to be a father so soon? Jeez! My father had warned me, if a babe gets pregnant for any of us out of wedlock, she is our wife! Wow!… I am so not ready to be married! Married with what job? Being a father at what age? Responsibilities at what time?

We need to find a solution, Something has to be done!… It has to be fast.

I was just trying to calm Ope down thinking of what to do….when my other line in my blackberry phone rang.

Who could that be?… Wow…Temmy my girlfriend was on the other line.

‘Hey Boo, wassup?’ I managed to suppress my shaky voice.

‘Is that Dee?’ It was a mature woman’s voice I heard on the other line. I guessed it was Temmy’s Mom and I guessed right.

‘Who is this please?’ I asked

‘Woo….We are on the way to the hospital, and we have called your mom to join us. Temmy is bleeding profusely. She got pregnant for ‘YOU’ and went to abort the baby. Now she is bleeding from complications!’

Temmy? Pregnant? My Mom? Abortion? Pregnancy? I was dazed, now this is serious trouble. I thought I was dreaming, but it was too real to be a joke!

I was so numb and felt sick, why is this happening today!? How am I even sure Temmy was pregnant for ‘me’….So many dumb thoughts in my head, what is this predicament I found myself in.

I was thinking about all these shocking revelations when my Nokia phone rang again! It was my Mom.

Hands shaking, I picked the call and mustered enough words to stifle out Good afternoon.

‘Dee, we lost her! We lost your girlfriend! Did she tell you she was pregnant?’ Mom spoke softly from the other end.

Shocked beyond reasoning, my phone dropped from my hands! What’s happening? I could hear my mom’s voice as it fades out as I sank into total oblivion. What’s happening today!? What have I brought on myself!? Why, Why all this?


I was screaming “Why, Why, why…when I jumped up from my bunk where I was taking a nap in the hostel room!  My bunk mate Richard, who was sleeping as well had to jump up as he heard me scream out.

Apparently I was screaming why, from my sleep till I jumped up awake!…

Richard screamed ‘Dee, What’s wrong with you nah? Were you having a night mare? At quarter past two in the noon?

I was still trying to wrap my head around the stupid and chilling dream I just had when my Nokia phone rang.

“pring pring”…..It was Ope my Ibadan babe on the other line….I picked up the call and the next statement from Ope was…

Dee, Howfar nah? There is something I want to tell you……………………………………….

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