Happy good morning to all readers of deedeesblog – Today I am going to share with you happy good morning messages that you may need to use on your whatsapp or Facebook status. You can also share with family and friends depending on your mood when reading through the happy good morning messages.

Happy Good morning family and friends

1. Your star will shine, you will never lack. The glory of God will be with you and all you do. Whatever you put your hands into to do, will come to success. You will never lack any good thing. Have a happy good morning and great day.

2. Do not try to compete with anyone. You should also not try to defeat anyone. Work hard so that you can win on your own. Work hard so that you can meet your own personal objectives and goals. Work hard so you can be the person you want to be. Have a great morning. Cheers.

3. You can not make everyone happy. This is the most difficult job anyone can do. Concentrate on making yourself happy first of all and then your parents, family and those important to you. Happiness is all but a state of mind. Have a happy morning.

4. Welcome to a new morning where you will smile and be smiled on. Welcome to a good morning where joy and happiness will envelope and embrace you. Welcome to a new morning where your day will be filled with the blessings of God. Welcome to a new morning where everything will be yours. Good morning to you.

5. It is important that you wake up happy so that you can have a happy morning. It is important that you wait on the lord so that his goodness can reach and that his blessings will last forever on you. This morning you will always have all reasons to be grateful. Have a happy morning.


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