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I know you are asleep but text messages for her

Darling, you complete me. Every single day it is you I think about. I thought my life was perfect and complete until you found your way into my life. You came into my world and changed me completely. Right now, I don’t even have an idea what I will do without you. I thought I had found real happiness until you came my way and showed me what real and true happiness was. I am seriously waiting for us to spend the rest of our lives together. Who wouldn’t want that? I am anticipating the big things we will do,  and also the little things that we will do as well. I want to wake up everything with you by my side. I want to cuddle you, hold your hands ad show you what forever means together.

cute message to send to your girlfriend while she’s sleeping

Darling, I know you are asleep right now. You may even be dreaming but you have been on my mind lately and I have been finding it hard to think because you have been in my thoughts. We share something special between us, something I would never take for granted. I may not be the perfect lover. I may not understand what unconditionally loving is. I may even be faulty when it comes to being selfless and being an altruist, but know this that I will love you every day of my life till forever. Sleep safe darling.

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