When you seem lost and everything is bleak, and the one person you love cannot love you right back, then you need to say that one prayer for someone to love you back. Who says prayers don’t work? Sure they work a great deal, but it is left for you to determine whether or not you will pray for that one person to love you right back.

My prayer is that as you go on your knees to pray, your prayers will be answered. Alright?

Relationships are beyond our power, no matter what we do or say, everything is still left to God to take absolute and perfect control of everything. Aside the fact that a God led relationship will culminate into a happy home, going through getting the man/ woman of your dreams through prayers seem to be the right thing to do after passing a lot of messages and you ain’t getting any response. Leave it all to God in prayer, okay?

Prayer for Someone to love you back

1 Dear Lord

There is this friend of mine that I truly cherish. I am not sure if he/ she feels the same way about me and I have been trying so hard to make him/ her realize that I have this special kind of affection in my heart. I think of him/ her every minute and it is difficult getting my mind off him or her. I know you know him/ her more than I do and I leave everything to you oh Lord. Please take control and make him/ her see my love and how I feel. I leave it all to you God, because you know my heart and my intentions. Help me!

2 Dear Lord

You are the God who provides everything according to your riches in glory. Please fill me with your love so I can love this friend of mine more than I do right now. I beg for your guidance and help to explore the depths of my heart to ascertain what I want from what I need. I ask for your assistance dear God, in this decision I am about to take. Release what stands in my way from seeing my true love. Make the one I love see me in the light of love and make every line fall in beautiful places for me. Make me love more oh Lord, and let me be a living testimony of your love. Thank you for everything.


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