Looking for the best prayer text messages for the new week? You will find the best collection of prayer text messages that you need here.

Is prayer important to you? It is to me and since the new week brings new opportunities, then you can be sure that all the prayer text messages for the new week that you need to share with family and friends is what you will find here.

Happy new week to you, and my prayer for you is that you find favour with God and with all men. Did you say Amen to that?

After reading the prayer text messages that I have for you and saying Amen, then share with family, friends and loved ones as well.

10 prayer text messages for the new week

1 Hi Dear, how are you this morning. May the hands of God stay on everything action you take today. May you always remain safe, may the hands of the kidnappers never get to you. May you find this peace not only in this week but all the days of your life. Happy new week.

2 No matter how soft your voice is, God hears and listens. He understands your questions, your fears, sadness, and feeling of despair. All you need to do as you mouth these words is to keep the faith and remain hopeful. He will answer at his time. Do you believe? Happy new week to you.

3 Surrender all your plans to God and he will do everything you need for you. Commit the rest of the week to God and he will provide for you according to his riches in glory. Happy new week to you and your family. The lord will perfect all imperfections today and forever.

4 Walk in faith with God. He will ensure that all enemies walk away from you. Put all your questions at the feet of Jesus, and he will provide all the answers you need. Happy new week.

5 Just before you get on with the activities of the week. Take a minute to commit all into the hands of God. Have your quiet time with him and put all your plans into his hands, he will guide and protect you in the coming week. May your week be the most blissful. Happy new week.

6 Remember that prayer is the safest line of communicating with God. There is no issue of low battery, bad network reception, no talk of charging. Let your prayer be as like a texting habit. Communicate with God all the time and he will bless you beyond what you think.

7 When you have searched for help everywhere on earth to no avail, turn on to God, he is the only friend that can give you help. Just lift your voice to him, he will answer you. The power of prayer is amazing, and that is what you need to do to get the help from God. Happy new week to you.

8 May God be with you this week, and ever other week that follows it. May his voice speak to you and may you listen to him and follow in his footsteps. May you find comfort in the hands of the almighty. Have a happy new week and may God bless you abundantly.

9 The road will always come forward for you. The wind will always support you and push you forward. The sun will shine bright and warm you entire body. May God embrace you and may your comfort in God never stop. Happy new week.

10 May the blessing of the almighty be with you. The face of God will shine on you, and may his countenance be lifted on you and may you find peace in everything you do.

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