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I Miss You Poems For Your Lover

I miss you poems

You miss him or her? You really do miss him. We would know that by the time you are done checking these I miss you poems we have for you Check them out!

I miss you poems

Long Marriage Poems To Share With People

1. This lady I have missed a lot, she appears in my dreams as the brim appears as light. She is a queen, a pearl of ginger beauty. In a star, I saw a start to make my way a day.

2. You are a superstar, your favorite is the rite. You know how I do miss you like an ant missed its dear sugar.

3. Flowers are beautiful, flowers are pure, you are a flower and flowers are the best fragrance makers they make things smell nice. I will be a nice smell when I rub my body against yours

4. I know I miss you, this really touches my heart, it gives me serious concern, it puts a smile on my face because a star is walking away and there will be no light for me to see again.

5. I never want to shy away, I don’t want cry either, but how do I do to make things come in my favor. You are special and it is just the fuel that engulfs my emotions towards you I can do without an angel.

6. She isn’t in my heart to know how much she worth to me. I bargained in the market of love, I was told she is priceless I was nice to her all because she really deserves it. My baby, my love, my face, and my smile. I know I will so much miss you like an idiot does.

7. The fuel of love is pouring, the pigeon is out of the cage and no one to rescue it from the freedom that causes pain to the owner. You may not know that you mean more than mountain diamonds to a person until you are far away from them.

8. Distance is a long rope, if I am patient enough, definitely will meet you one day. You are special, nice, your beauty is coming forth in excess all the time. You don’t know how you have become so important to me. Great lady, wonderful woman.

9. At the glance of you walking away I will never forget the trace of pain you left on my mind. I will try all my best never to die until you are back again to make me smile. If eventually, I died before your arrival, I am sure one kiss from you will wake me up once again. I love you like never before. You are my world.

10. I want to live in a world that accommodates my character, I want to be with you all my life so that you will be free with me. I want to be your security, your guard and the closest man to your heart. How do I become all these when I’m far away from you.

11. Whatever matters should be taken care of with sincere mind. There is light in all we do but we seem to see only darkness all the time. When I fell in love with you, I saw only due angel part of you. Up till this time, you are still the angel I see. I love you, believe me. You are more than just a friend. You are potentially interesting.

12. The most beautiful tears in every had is the one I shed while I saw you walk away. If I have a way to keep you by my side forever, I will accept so that you will always be by my side forever. I love you so much. You are the best for me.

13. I will never forget you even if I am dead, my body will still recognize you. Your passion is the most amazing gift I received so far. It gives me a strong reason to be happy. I wish I could just make you a permanent stage to watch you as cinema forever.

14. Your kind of love is a great fire. It burns my heart and then set me ablaze for the second time through a passion that finds its source from an ocean of mercy. I miss you though.

15. Thinking of you is the most blessed thing that has ever happened to me. You are special, lovely nice and then the best treasure whose light I cannot resist on earth. I love your presence, no wonder I fall sick when you walk away.

16. I told you I can’t withstand your steps as they move up. You are my favorite soup and I love eating you every day and night. You belong to me.

17. When the one you love is nowhere besides you nothing will make you happy except their smile, hugs, and kisses. I have really missed the one I truly love. She has made me went crazy in love with her absence.

18. You don’t know the depth of my love for you. You are so much lovely, your face is a brim of light of beauty but now I am really sad because you are far away from me. I wish you know how I look right now, your presence will have been possible. I love you, dearest.

19. No one understands the way you make me feel. You have taken over my heart as though there will be no space for anything to enter save your thoughts. What I hate most is to see your back while you walk away.

20. The taste of your lips are missed, the smell of your body will no longer be reached for now. I will be patient until you finally find a way to make me happy in the end. I love you like never before. You are my dream comes true.

I miss you poems for Him

Pidgin Love Poems You Should Share

21. Thinking of you is compulsory this day. It is something I cannot possibly forget on a day. Let me confess to you that on a daily basis, I think of you at a countless number of times. Now that I am sick, I want to need your affectionate impact as badly as possible.

22. My heart rejoices at the glance of your powerful smile. I don’t think I can be better seen in an exciting mood whenever you are around. Your face is the most precious thing ever seen in this world. I love you to the core and it has always been so.

23. The most beautiful thing in life is to be with the person who wants a good thing for you in life. That angel that will never want evil to touch you. You don’t know how much you mean to somebody until you are far away from them.

24. Since the day you left, I have been hoping to see you. I have been crying in secret, thinking about you seriously with the hope that I could fly one day to meet you where you are. I cannot stop this overflow of love I have for you. I love you.

25. Never mind what the world is telling you as far as you know it is wrong. So what is right and leave the rest. You can always be the best you want to be but don’t forget someone here is really missing you.

26. I have always been in love with you since the day I set my eyes on you. This great feeling I have for you is a divine gift, an ability to make you happy forever. I love you so much and will always do no matter the situation just find myself.

27. All that concerns me most today is to see your face. Your smile, your sweet voice, and the blessed eyes that are filled with love, irresistible. You are simply the most beloved person in this world. I love you.

28. I never want to shy away from what belongs to me but when you were with me, I did shy away thinking that it was impossible to withstand the presence of the one o deeply love. Today, you are some distance far away, I don’t know how to make you come back to rescue me from loneliness.

29. Sometimes, you feel lonely because that only one guy that can make you happy is not around to make you happy. I love you, believe me, because that’s just the truth. You are my happiness, the true love of my life.

30. There are many reasons why we cannot forget about those that successfully touched our hearts. They are more interested in us than we are to our own selves These kinds of people are very amazing. I hope you understand this fact. I really missed you. You will always be my endless love.

31. I don’t know how to make you happy because distance has closed every chance to see you physically. I don’t want to know any other means to make you happy, but to see you any moment from now. I love you.

32. I wish you the best of luck, think of your day without number because you are very important to me. You are the most beautiful person ever met in life I cherish you more than you can ever imagine. I love you.

33. There is no reason to shy away from you. You are the most precious person in this world. I love you like never before. Thank you for accepting to be the shoulder I lean upon whenever the head is too heavy to carry the load of emotions I go through. I love you.

34. Flowers are fresh when they are newly born, they become more adorable when they are transformed into perfumes and more demanding when they smell nice. You are my flower, the one I love unconditionally.

35. I need your smile, your beautiful songs, and voice that keeps me warm. I am happy because you are the most beloved angel of my life. You are the best fragrance that smells best to me. Loving you has become completely compulsory to me. I really miss you.

36. Loneliness really hurt. It is my pleasure to have met someone as unique as gazelle, your face is light, sunshine brightening up my day. There is no time I am most happy as when I set my eyes on you. I love you.

37. The most precious part of this world is a blessing that promises good love and comfort. You don’t understand my feelings for you. The feelings that get me mad when you are not by my side.

38. Truly, I must confess that I miss you. Living alone without you is very impossible. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. Thinking about you without your presence is really killing me. I want you to be by my side, so I can always keep you warm.

39. To the most beloved angel, I will always love you until eternity. I will not forget how you make me feel whenever I see you. I need you all my life You are the best for me. Thanks for your beloved presence the other day.

40. I still remember every sweet moment we shared, those blessed times we had together having a gist about life. You are the only beauty I have ever missed deeply. The part you take in my life is great.

I miss you my love poems

Amazing Short Love Poems Collection

41. Never you forget about everything we have done together. Don’t Forget about the moments we shared when nothing is good for us. You are the best for me. I am lonely. I need an angel to make me smile.

42. Don’t Forget how much you mean to me, you are more important to me than the entire treasures in the world. You are a tree of joy that grows every microsecond in my heart. Thanks, my dearest love.

43. Every day, I find a new reason to love you more, and every impossibility became possible since the day I met you. However, sometimes, the story has changed because you are absent in my life. I love you.

44. Don’t make me cry. Your absence will surely make me cry. It is my choice to be with you all my life. I love you. You are truly the best Dianne. You are the most beloved person ever met in this world. I love you.

45. You are a great gift for me except if you don’t know. You are the best friend I have whose advice has changed my life. I love you so much and will never forget you all my life. Thanks a lot.

46. Never mind what separates us physically, what really matters to us is the strong feeling that is between us.

47. Believe me, I am in a state of comma called loneliness, only your presence can cure me. I miss you, baby.

48. I just came to confess that I love you. You are to me like seriously pearl of passion that will never end. I love you.

49. If you are not here with me I wonder what will happen to me in the next two minutes. I miss you, darling.

50. The world is spacious and yet I am not satisfied because your absence has taken too much space from my heart.

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