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Where to Buy Wedding Rings in Nigeria?

wedding rings in nigeria

You need wedding rings in Nigeria? Are you planning to wed or you are searching for where to get wedding rings for your relatives or friends, and you don’t know where to go? Don’t worry; we have the ideas intact for you. I am going to provide various means or websites through which you can get your choice. This is not a big deal. It is as simple as reading ABC. Wedding Rings are of various types. It is now your choice to pick the best for your wedding.

What is Wedding Ring symbolizing?

Wedding Rings in Nigeria

Before we accept wearing a wedding ring, at least we need to understand what it really symbolizes. This is because, the human is a creature of reason, and therefore, will need to understand why he must use a particular item for a purpose.

What exactly does wedding ring symbolize?

It is said to symbolize the sign of eternal love – An Eternal love that exists between a man and a woman.  The wedding ring’s tradition has always been there for years. A wedding ring does not only symbolizes love but also stands for devotion, sincerity, sacrifice, kindness, passion, true love and continuous endurance in times of rain and storms.

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What about the Circle, what how important is it?

If you observe very well, most wedding rings are made circular. It is because it is believed by those who use the wedding ring that a circle does not have a beginning or the end. Therefore, marriage should be for better or worse.

What finger is the wedding ring worn?

Wedding Rings in Nigeria

The wedding ring is worn at the fourth finger of the left-hand counting from the thumb. This is because there is a belief that the vein of this finger leads directly to the heart. In contrary to this, many European countries have it in their custom to wear a wedding ring on the right hand.

History of Wedding Ring

We need to know the history of what we are buying in the market. Let us know why people started wearing wedding rings. Let’s know the origin and why some people will never wear it.

Wedding rings have been worn at the ancient Egyptian era.  As at that time, rings were woven from the plants that grew along the side of the River Nile. This means, originally, rings were not made of metals in the beginning. It was with time we began to come up with the idea of modern rings, especially wedding rings.  After this era, wedding rings were adopted into Christian and Jewish wedding ceremonies.  It is now a tradition for the bride to be given a ring when married. However, recently, both the Christian bride and groom are given rings as a symbol of eternal love.

Types of wedding rings

Are there types of wedding rings at all? Yeah, I know what I am saying. I know we have kinds of wedding, which will be mention below. However, I want to classify weddings rings into types based on the materials they are made of.

Nowadays, platinum metal is the most popular element used in making wedding rings. It is selected as a highly prestigious metal due to its naturally hypoallergenic nature, for this reason, does not irritate the skin even if you have sensitive skin.  Yellow or white gold are popularly used for the wedding. So, for their simplicity and practical styles, rings became popular.

Wedding rings sometimes are worn by some people who love the lifestyle. This means they can be worn for social purpose too.

Today, Rose gold is becoming more popularly accepted because it is an attractive metal and therefore will be suited for wedding rings.  Different types of gold represent various meanings. For example, Rose gold represents love; white gold represents friendship while yellow gold represents loyalty.

What do we do with a Wedding Ring?

We already know that wedding is what result in Marriage. Marriage is wedlock.

It is the relationship that occurs between a wife and a husband immediately after the wedding. We have heard of wedding planning and many other rituals that surround Wedding. One of the rites of a wedding is the ‘wedding ring’. It symbolizes the execution of the marriage between a man and a woman. I shall talk more on varieties of wedding rings in Nigeria and where to get them. You will actually love this article. Self-praise right? You think it so, but definitely, I shall try my best to make you enjoy reading this article, and also benefit from the ideas.

We also have Diamond Wedding Rings in Nigeria

Wedding rings are not only made of gold, silver, platinum, bronze or metals normal metals alone, they are also made from diamond, the hardest substance on the surface of the earth. This practice is historic, our forefathers understood the meaning of value, and therefore respected whatever deserved to be respected.

Precious stones have always been a symbol of something highly important and marriage is not left out of them. Diamond rings are known for their excess beauty and significance and therefore are used for weddings. They are in fact the popular types.  They are associated with eternity due to the hard nature and strength. There is an association of diamond with love. This, in fact, makes them the best stone to represent the love of a married couple.

Can we engrave Wedding Rings in Nigeria?

wedding rings in Nigeria

These rings are said to be for weddings. Should we still apply personalized engraving to them? Yes! You can make your wedding bands more personal to both of you as a Christian or Jewish. As for Muslims, they don’t use wedding rings except few.

You can brand your wedding ring with something romantic, sweet or memorable. In fact, nowadays, engraving wedding ring is very popular.  This practice gives you the opportunity to say something short and special to your spouse. You understand what I’m saying? Something meaningful about you and your spouse.

Some people will simply write “I love you”, some may engrave the wedding date and so on.

Where can we get Wedding Rings in Nigeria?

There are lots of markets online where you can get your amiable wedding rings in Nigeria. Come along with me, while I play the tune to dance to.


If you need wedding rings of different types in Nigeria, then you should check Jumia, a multiple product selling company.

There are lots of wedding rings you can get there. What color do you need? What type’ gold, silver. Bronze or just ruby? What type, just mention, and you will find it rightly available for you. You can get wedding rings such as the following at Jumia: Simulation New Diamond Hearts Ring. This is specifically for women, so you will have to get the same product for men in order to balance the purpose. We also have wedding rings such as Silver Plated Wedding Engagement Ring, Indian Gold wedding ring set. They all come in their various prices and sizes. You can get the details about the price, color, and sizes by following the links above.


Konga is another respected market you can get fantastic wedding rings in Nigeria. They are really trying and are also multi-product selling company. Reliable, and accurate in delivering products to their customers. You can get wedding rings such as these ones there: although, the rings are a bit expensive, but are worth it. You are talking about your wedding here. Check on these ones: Women 92 Non Sterling Two Rings, it is nice, in fact, very beautiful. The price is where you can click to see. We also have a fantastic one for you: Women 18k Gold Crystal: this can be used either for wedding or engagement. Last but not the least; we have the special one for you: Kaleido ring. I am sure; these varieties will suit your wedding ceremony.


You may also want to try this market. Jiji, one of the best online stores in Nigeria where you can get wedding rings of your choice. They sell rings such as Proposal Engagement Ring, Italian Gold Wedding Rings, Italian Silver Engagement Proposal Ring. All come in various styles, sizes, prices, and colors. Depending on the type you want, you can order on Jiji.

Hype and Steam

This is another online store based in Nigeria where you can get your wedding ring at low prices. Although, the prices depend on your choice. There are some people whose taste is expensive things while others can only afford cheap products. You can get a variety of Wedding rings at Hype and steam, some of which are: Skandalle Crystal Elasticated rings, Skandalle Oval Glass Bead Adjustable Ring, or Skandalle Oval Shape Elasticated Ring.


This is another fantastic store in Nigeria where you can get beautiful Wedding rings. You actually need the best of rings ever. Why not patronize these great guys; they are experts at this job. I am sure they are going to impress you with the best products so far. You can sign up as a member, search for your product, buy and then they ship it for you.


This is another online store for Nigerians. It may be a bit less popular compared to Jumia, Konga or Jiji but they are very good when it comes to getting expensive rings for your wedding. Their rings prices range from 30,000 Naira and above. You can check these beautiful rings up: Adolph Titanium Wedding Band, Najid 18karats Yellow Gold for Wedding, or Alton Titanium Wedding Band. They are all sold at 30,000 Naira each except the Najid type which is sold at 165,000 Naira.


Azarai is a Nigeria Ring store: it is one of the best stores in Nigeria where you can get various wedding rings. The rings are expensive for both men and women. For instance, you can get Bernice Sterling Silver Bridal Set for 72,000 Naira, Dahlia Silver Sterling Engagement Ring for 29,000 Naira, Britney Sterling Silver Bridal Set for 55,000 Naira.


Zavandi is another place where you can get wedding rings of your types. It is based in Nigeria and specializes at selling rings. You can reach the seller via this number: +2348099500022 on Whatsapp. To be precise, their rings are pretty expensive. They sell these rings for a wedding: Bridal set CZ 351-4R, at 225, 000 Naira, Bridal set CZ 3517W at 231,000 Naira, Bridal set DM-3522R at 235,000 Naira.

How do you keep your wedding rings?

I will like to cheap on these tips or points on how to keep the wedding rings safely. It is necessary these tips are included in this article since the maintenance of the symbol of love really matters.

  • Periodic Clean Up: at least once in a year, take your wedding rings to jeweler to checkup for you. If it warrants that you do some cleanup. The jeweler will help check some loose settings and worn out prongs. This will keep the wedding ring preserved and polished. They will remain shining and new.
  • Clean regularly: Just as a human body and every other thing on earth need regular clean up, wedding rings are not left out of this practice. Regularly clean up will prevent dust and rot from the rings. Package them in box. You can wash the wedding rings with a baby brush and water but should be done softly.
  • Don’t procrastinate: once you notice any loose of prongs, quickly find a way to get them fixed. Failure to do so will lead to a stone missing. You can read further tips on the maintenance of jewelry and how to preserve them properly.
  • Store Properly: store your wedding rings gently to avoid breaking them. Whatever worth being valued—must be valued! So, you are advised to keep out of children.
  • Don’t go rough; diamond may be the hardest substance on earth, but if the ring angles fall may crack. So, you need to be careful about handling the wedding or engagement ring.
  • You can insure your wedding Ring: insure your wedding rings especially the expensive ones. In case of theft, will be able to retrieve them immediately.

For more information about wedding ideas, always revisit our website. We are always there for you.

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