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signs that indicates you are a side chick

Signs that indicates you are a side chick. Rachel my blogger friend complained to me about her boyfriend yesterday. There were certain erratic behavior he has always exhibited.

She was seriously in love with him but the behavior of his confuses her a lot. So, she reached and told me ten things which underscored the signs in my books that plainly allowed me reach the conclusion that indeed Rachel was a side chick.

I stated this to her plainly and bluntly, she was really hurt about this, and further cried out as to why she was so blinded in love and not seeing the signs.

Well for those who may be sympathetic with Rachel with the ‘Awww’, ‘Eeeya’, ‘Pele’ and ‘Ndo’ retorts, wait oh. Come and read this one and confirm if you are the main bae or just a side chick. Just as I told Rachel, you could be the next bae crying right now. Hehe

Let’s get on to the 10 signs that indicates you are a side chick

1. His phone hardly rings

See en, if you are with a hunk of a guy (the one ladies typically call Tall, Dark and Handsome, like Rachel’s boo) and his phone does not even blink through out the day talk less of ringing, then you should be very self aware. You are definitely his side chick.

How can there be such a guy like that and then his phone does not blink, or vibrates, or text messages does not creep into the phone. Some does not even try to reach out for their phone. They switch it off whenever they are around you. My sister, you are so blinded not to see. Wetin him dey hide?

2. He simply dislikes PDA

LOL! This one en, you are a goner. You can not hug him in public, he cannot even share a kiss with you, can’t hold hands. You can’t even snuggle close to him in public. My God, you are so on a long thing. Smart guys like me will always have reason to make excuse for my main chick and say ‘oh, she is just a friend’.

3. He never invites you for family gatherings

LOL! I can’t laugh enough on this one. You have never gone for any of his family events, he does not even ask you to join him when he hangs out with his friends. Whenever you are pushing to follow him out to events that has colleagues, friends and family, he insist that he doesn’t want too much crowd or that it is not a biggie for you to be part. My sister, let the warning signs start to show. You are being tainted as a side chick.

4. He is never angry when you cancel out dates on him

Well, for me though, my babe sure knows she has a lot of apologizing to do if we have planned a date and then she cancels out on me.I always look forward to date because it allows me enjoy romance and revel in the time spent together. If you cancel a well planned date on your boyfriend and he doesn’t seem to be bothered about it like he seemed pretty cool. Men, you are so on a long thing. There is a ‘major’ filling your space already! You say wha??

5. He never gives you a ‘title’

He always has this way of showing that he is single when he doesn’t put a title against your name when you calling you out on social media platforms. It is your birthday and then he says ‘Happy Birthday Rachel’ or ‘Happy Birthday Dear’. You know what that means? His main babe will find it difficult incriminating him. Smart guy, dull babe.

6. There is this particular call he receives

My dear, be aware. You are with him and there is a particular call he receives all the time. You have become acquainted with this number so much that you have even memorized based on the fact that you see that number all the time. Some smart guys do not even save such numbers, but you know that particular line when it rings. Hmmmn! What more can I say? Watch out, she might be the main chick!

7. He promises and fails

This one is really funny. He never honours promises, always makes excuses on dates. If you were the main chick, sweetheart. He will be all over you, making frantic efforts to fulfill his promises and make you happy. If he doesn’t do that, then you need to evaluate and ensure you do your due diligence on him. He is practically making some other person happy.

8. He won’t let you see his phone

You sef, what are you looking for uppandan. Why pry into affairs that concerns you not. Just joking though. Your boyfriend should allow you check his phone at any time, in any day. If you attempt to check his phone and he refuses, then obviously he is keeping some stuff on that phone. You seriously need to investigate. Else, you are side chick with the ‘A Grade’.

9. Sharp guy talks about ‘Netflix and Chill’ all the time

You are definitely his sex object if he mentions this. A correct boyfriend will not be about seeing the movies and having sex every time you are together. He will want to do things that will add value to your togetherness and not just oiling his rod. Hanhan!? What will be left when you are married, huh?

10. He finds it so difficult introducing you to others

If you have a boyfriend and he does not/ cannot introduce you as his babe. Then that is the height of it! You are simply a side chick.

I am sure you have more to add. Bring it, let’s share these with some other side chicks. It is really important they know now, before they end up being hurt and disheveled like my friend Rachel.

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